Thursday, June 12, 2008

Democrat Congressman Assaults Blogger

Remember Congressman Paul Kanjorski? He was the Democrat who told an audience recently that the Democrats stretched the truth about ending the war in Iraq in order to win back Congress.

Gateway Pundit, JammieWearingFool and Conservative Punk have linked to a YouTube photoblogger named truthaboutkanjo asked Kanjorski about his statement and the Congressman became arrogant, then at around 1:45, a physical confrontation occurred.

I wonder if Congressman Kanjorski has been taking bully lessons from Northern Virginia's Jim "I like to hit people" Moron.

So much for the "most ethical Congress" that "Do Nothing" Nancy Pelosi promised. They lie to their constituents in order to win back Congress and assault people without fear of reprisal.

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