Sunday, September 30, 2007

October & Change On The Horizon

I want to say a big "thank you" to all my readers and friends for your support over this last month, as well as since January 2006, when I launched Marooned in Marin.

Now with October on the horizon, it is time for me to announce that I will be blogging here for the next week, until about October 6th and will go on a hiatus until around October 25th or so.

No, I'm not quitting blogging, but I will no longer be Marooned in Marin.

Due to the closure of my place of employment, my family and I are leaving the area and "moving right" so to speak, to the East Coast.

But now is not yet the time to say goodbye. And where ever I end up, I'll still be looking out for my fellow conservatives in Marin, as well as the Bay Area.

And to you Marin/Bay Area Liberals, I'll still be keeping my eyes on you!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Oakland Airport Won't Allow Marines In Terminal

It isn't just San Francisco that spits in the face of the U.S. Marines, it's also the Oakland International Airport, according to Michael Ledeen at National Review Online.

Ledeen received this e-mail from a Marine Chaplin who recently returned to America from Iraq. The e-mail reads:

Marines and Soldiers Returning from Iraq not allowed into Oakland terminal

On September 27th 204 Marines and soldiers who were returning from Iraq were not allowed into the passenger terminal at Oakland International Airport. Instead they had to deplane about 400 yards away from the terminal where the extra baggage trailers were located.

This was the last scheduled stop for fuel and food prior to flying to Hawaii where both were based. The trip started in Kuwait on September 26th with a rigorous search of checked and carry on baggage by US Customs. All baggage was x-rayed with a "backscatter"machine AND each bag was completely emptied and hand searched. After being searched, checked bags were marked and immediately placed in a secure container. Carry on bags were then x rayed again to ensure no contraband items were taken on the plane. While waiting for the bus to the airport, all personnel were in quarantined in a fenced area and were not allowed to leave.

The first stop for fuel/food and crew change was in Leipzig Germany. Troops exited the aircraft and took a bus to a reception area in the terminal, where there was a convenience store, phones, Internet and restrooms. As we excited the bus we were given a re-boarding pass. Three troops remained on the plane with the rifles and pistols. There was no ammunition on the plane and the bolts of the rifles had been removed. After about 2 hours troops re-boarded the plane and flew to JFK in NY.

At JFK the procedure was similar to Germany, 3 troops stayed on the plane to guard weapons while the rest deplaned. At the gate we were each given a re-boarding pass and spent about 1.5 hours in the terminal, at which time we re-boarded and flew to Oakland.

As we came in for the final approach to Oakland a Lieutenant who served in Afghanistan with the same unit in 2006 mentioned how when they landed in Oakland they were not allowed in the terminal. He said, "they made us get out by the FED EX building and we had to sit out there for 3 hours". He also indicated he was almost arrested by the TSA for getting belligerent about them not letting the Marines into the terminal.

Well the same thing happened again. This time we did not park by the FED EX building, instead we were offloaded near the grass that separates the active runway from the taxi ramp, about 400 yards from the terminal. When we inquired why they wouldn't allow us in the airport they gave us some lame excuse that we hadn't been screened by TSA. While true, the screening which we did have was much more thorough than any TSA search and was done by US Customs. Additionally, JFK didn't seem to have a problem with our entering their terminal, nor did security in Germany.

It felt like being spit on. Every Marine and soldier felt the message loud and clear, "YOU ARE NOT WELCOME IN OAKLAND!"
And you liberals and Democrats who run the San Francisco Bay Area have the nerve to claim you "support the troops?" You obviously don't. But I'm sure there will be more outrage on Monday about Rush Limbaugh exposing fraudulent Iraq War vets instead of the treatment of real troops by these liberal cities in the Bay Area.

Shame on you, Oakland!

If you want to contact Oakland International Airport and express your displeasure (as always, be civil, please), here is their e-mail form. Or you can call (510)563-3300.

To Self-Righteous Democrats Demanding Limbaugh Apology, I Say "Where's Your Apology For Your Party's Slander of the Troops?"

Democrats, many of whom stood by the slander of General Petraeus, have their knickers in a knot over Rush Limbaugh using the term "phony soldiers."
What these self-righteous Rats refused to acknowledge was that Rush was taken out of context by the partisan George $oro$ funded Media Matters for Democrat America, led by David Crock. Rush was talking about Jesse MacBeth, who claimed to have participated in war atrocities in Iraq. Even the far-Left Seattle Post No-Intellgencier wrote a story about MacBeth headlined "Fake veteran gets 5-month sentence."
But that didn't matter to Democrats like John "I threw my medals away" Kerry, who called the great Maha Rusie "cheerleader for the Chickenhawk wing of the Far Right." It was another phony attempt for these unpatriotic liberals to claim to "support the troops."
John Kerry has experience with "phony soldiers," especially one named Al Hubbard, who claimed to have served in Vietnam for two years and wounded there. An investigation revealed otherwise.

John Kerry and phony Vietnam Vet Al Hubbard

Just like he never apologized for his claims of war crimes by American troops in Vietnam, John Kerry never apologized for the following smears against our military in Iraq.

"And there is no reason, Bob, that young American soldiers need to be going into the homes of Iraqis in the dead of night, terrorizing kids and children, you know, women, breaking sort of the customs of the--of--the historical customs, religious customs." Kerry on SeeBS' Face the Nation, 2005.

“You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, uh, you, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq," Kerry at Phil Angelides fundraiser, fall 2006.

Similarly, Democrats who are quick to attack Limbaugh and demand an apology from him were silent when fellow Democrats "supported the troops (NOT)" with the following smears.

Bill Richardson:

"There's no question there's tribal and ethnic hatreds. But when those tribal and ethnic hatreds are fueled by American policy of hostility, then you make the situation worse."

Tiny Dick Turbin:

"If I read this to you and did not tell you that it was an FBI agent describing what Americans had done to prisoners in their control, you would most certainly believe this must have been done by Nazis, Soviets in their gulags, or some mad regime -- Pol Pot or others -- that had no concern for human beings. Sadly, that is not the case. This was the action of Americans in the treatment of their prisoners."

Barack "Hussein" Obama:

"We've got to get the job done there (in Afghanistan) and that requires us to have enough troops so that we're not just air-raiding villages and killing civilians, which is causing enormous pressure over there."

Earlier this year, Obama also said:

“We ended up launching a war that should have never been authorized and should have never been waged, and to which we now have spent $400 billion and have seen over 3,000 lives of the bravest young Americans wasted,” Obama said.

Upchuck Schumer:

"And let me be clear: the violence in Anbar has gone down despite the surge, not because of the surge. The lack of protection for these tribes from al Qaeda made it clear to these tribes, “We have to fight al Qaeda ourselves.” It wasn’t that the surge brought peace here. It was that the warlords had to create a temporary peace here on their own. And that is because there was no one else there protecting them.

There's more. Jackoff Murtha accused Marines of murdering Iraqi civilians at Haditha "in cold blood" and claimed it was "worse than Abu Ghraib." Now that several of the accused have been cleared, Murtha refuses to apologize. Ted Kennedy (D-Chappaquick) said in January 2005 that "the U.S. military presence (in Iraq) has become part of the problem, not part of the solution."

Just as Democrats were silent and non-apologetic after these direct attacks on our military, Media Matters said nothing critical of the aforementioned Democrat smears on the troops. Just like Media Matters never criticized Randi Rhodes for twice implying that President Bush should be assassinated.

Make no mistake either. Crock and Media Matters are far from being the "watchdog" group it claims to be. It is a Democrat allied group which aims to silence opposing voices by taking comments out of context. This was seen earlier this year in how they went after our friends at KSFO. After his smear of, I haven't been the biggest Bill O'Reilly fan, but what happened to him earlier this week was unfair. His comments were taken way out-of-context to make him appear racist.

Not only do Democrats need to apologize for their party's attack on our men and women in uniform, they owe Rush Limbaugh an apology for attacking him on the basis of an out-of-context claim from Media Matters. In addition, there needs to be an investigation of Media Matters and their not-for-profit 501(c)(3) status. Can Dish It Out, But Can't Take It When It's Dished Back

10/1/07 - Welcome Michelle Malkin readers! M.I.M.

Free speech is a one way street to the George Soros funded smear merchants at They can dish out attacks on the President, a four star General and our troops. However, they can't take it when they're the subject of ridicule.

Michelle Malkin writes how CafePress has been threatened with lawsuits by the Soros funded attack dogs over "trademark infringement."

Here's what doesn't want you to see.

Over at, they're doing a Photoshop contest to mock Here's my submissions.

Hey, take that!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

WoolseyWatch--Sides With Against Gen. Petraeus, Troops

Following the lead of the US Senate, members of the House of Representatives voted to condemn the treasonous General Betray-Us ad by in the New York Times.

Everyone that is, except Lynn Woolsey and 78 other Democrats, who voted against Gen Petraeus and our brave men and women in Iraq.

With this vote, Lynn Woolsey has proven once again not just how unpatriotic she is, but how she is against the troops and victory over Islamic terrorists in Iraq. She continues to side with domestic enemies like, Code Pinko and local groups like the Marin Appeasement & Injustice Coalition who are rooting for America's defeat in Iraq and the War on Terror.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

SFSU Student Rep Says Of 9/11 Memorial Protesters: "I'm Glad They Came"

Two weeks ago, a non-partisan memorial to the victims of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks at San Francisco State University was disrupted by a trio of anti-American protesters from the Communist front group World Can't Wait--Drive Out The Bush Regime.

Surely such an act would be worthy of a swift rebuke from the administration of SFSU. Guess again! According to a replay of FOX News' O'Reilly Factor, it was reported that SFSU Public Affairs Spokesperson Ellen Griffin called what the 9/11 protesters did "free speech" and the university would not take any action.

This is the same Ellen Griffin who stood by the condemnation passed down by the Associated Students Inc. last year on the College Republicans, after they stomped on flags of Islamic terrorist groups Hezbollah and Hamas at an anti-terror rally. Stomping on terrorist flags is unacceptable at SFSU because the name "Allah" is on them. Keep in mind that Hamas and Hezbollah are both terrorist groups which have killed Americans.

This past Thursday, I e-mailed Griffin, plus the entire ASI, about the double standard in condemning the College Republicans but not Leftist extremists who attacked the 9/11 memorial. The sole response I've received as of this writing was from Jesse Bevan, Behavior & Social Science Representative for Associated Students Inc. Here is part of Mr. Bevan's response (M.I.M. Note: I have not edited Mr. Bevan‘s e-mail for spelling, content or grammar).

"I dont (sic) agree with everything the counter demostration (sic) did but I believe all views should be represented. I think it is ridicous (sic) that bill o reily (sic) said students should be punished for showing a differet (sic) point of view. Since the enlightenment era,for (sic) the most part western univeristies (sic) have promoted intellectual discussion and debate on important issues. Especially since the victims of 9/11 were used to justify never ending was (M.I.M note: he meant to say "wars"), I am glad they were there. I would of liked the counter demostration (sic) to be silent durring (sic) 1 minute memorial, but what about all the people around the world that are suffering because of US dominance and globaliZation (sic)? San francisco (sic) is a very liberal city and no one should be surprised what happened."
In case you missed the video, this was the disgraceful scene at SFSU on September 11, 2007, a view Mr. Bevan believes "should be represented."

Notice in Bevan's reply the typical "blame America first" tone of the Left. He uses baseless claims about "US dominance and globalization" and 9/11 being used to "justify never ending wars" to rationalize the hateful vitriol towards the 9/11 victims murdered by Islamic terrorists. Try to explain that one to a child, a wife, husband, mother or father who will never see their loved one again, Mr. Bevan.

Then there's Bevan's final rationalization, that "San Francisco is a very liberal city and no one should be surprised what happened." What about the good taste of putting aside your anti-American venom for one day in respect to the victims of 9/11?

The City of San Francisco has continuously shown how it is anti-military in banning JROTC and military recruiters from schools, not to mention the USS Iowa floating museum and the Marines from filming a commercial. The S.F. Stupidvisors tried unsuccessfully once again today to ground the Blue Angels. Now, at San Francisco State University, 9/11 has become a day to be mocked by hateful, anti-American Leftists, with the school administration serving as their apologists.

Since SFSU gives the impression of being friendly to Islamic terrorists, one wonders if Iranian Dictator Mahmoud Ahamdamnnutjob will give the next commencement speech and receive an honorary degree?

"San Francisco Hates The Military:" The Next Chapter

The U.S. Marines were refused permission recently to film a commerical in San Francisco. According to KGO (linked from Michelle Malkin's blog):
San Francisco is, once again, the center of a controversy over how city leaders treat the U.S. military. This time, it involves an elite group of Marines who wanted to film a recruitment commercial in San Francisco on the anniversary of 9/11.

The tension has been building in the two weeks since the city turned away members of the Silent Drill Platoon, and it boiled over Monday afternoon at a meeting of the San Francisco Film Commission. The U.S. Marine Silent Drill Platoon performed Monday morning in New York’s Times Square. They filmed part of a recruitment commercial through the start of the morning rush hour — something they could not do in San Francisco on the anniversary of 9/11. “It’s insulting, it’s demeaning. This woman is going to insult these young heroes by just arbitrarily saying, ‘no, you’re not going to film any Marines on California Street,” said Captain Greg Corrales of the SFPD Traffic Bureau.

Captain Greg Corrales commands the police traffic bureau that works with crews shooting commercials, TV shows and movies in the city. He’s also a Marine veteran and his son is serving his third tour of duty in Iraq. He says Film Commission Executive Director Stefanie Coyote would only allow the Marine’s production crew to film on California Street if there were no Marines in the picture. They wound up filming the empty street and will have to superimpose the Marines later.

Ms. Coyote’s politics blinded her to her duty as the director of the Film Commission and as a responsible citizen,” said Captain Corrales.

Note: Stefanie Coyote is the wife of Leftist actor Peter Coyote, a Mill Valley resident and signer of the anti-Iraq war statement by the Communist front group "Not In Our Name."

Also today, anti-military City Stupidvisor Chris Daly brought up his resolution to ground the Blue Angels once again. In a rare moment of sanity, it was voted down.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Definition of "Free Speech" At Columbia University: Dictators Welcome, Patriots Not Allowed

At Columbia University, Holocaust-denying, wipe-Israel-off-the-Map, America-hating Islamofascist dictators like Mahoud Amadamnnutjob are allowed to speak to faculty and students on campus.

Hell, if they could, they'd even allow Adolf Hitler to speak on campus! A high ranking Nazi Party member was invited back in 1933.

But if it's, say, the Minutemen Group and their founder, they're not welcome to speak here and will be chased off the stage.

Free speech at Columbia University, as well as most American campuses is a one-way street. America-haters and Holocaust deniers are given an open forum and open minds; while pro-America/Conservative speakers have their microphones turned off, the stage rushed by an angry mob, or receive a pie in the face.

Friday, September 21, 2007

OUTRAGE! Iran's Ahmadinejad Not Only To Speak at Columbia University, But At National Press Club

Iran's Islamofascist dictator Mahmoud Amadamnnutjob will not only speak to Columbia University next week, but also at the National Press Club.

From the NPC website:
"Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will speak and take questions at the National Press Club's first-ever videoconference luncheon at noon on Monday, Sept. 24.

Ahmadinejad will appear in the NPC Ballroom in Washington via videolink from New York, where he will be attending the UN General Assembly. After Ahmadinejad's speech, NPC President Jerry Zremski will ask questions handed up from the audience for a minimum of a half-hour."

Let Columbia University and National Press Club know how you feel about having a Holocaust denier who wants to wipe Israel off the map speak to them:

Contact info for Columbia University: President's Office phone: 212.854.9970, fax: 212.854.9973

National Press Club: Front Desk Phone - 202-662-7500

Honoring A Fallen Hometown Hero--US Army Spc. Nicholas P. Olson

I would like to extend deepest condolences to the family of U.S. Army Spc. Nicholas P. Olson, a hometown soldier who was killed in Iraq as the result of an Improvised Explosive Device (IED).

Two other soldiers died with Olson, a 2003 graduate of Marin Oaks High School in Novato. He was based out of Ft. Lewis, Washington.

He is survived by his wife, Nicole and one year old daughter Melody.

We salute you, Spc. Olson and thank you for your service to our nation. May God Bless and comfort your loved ones.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

25 Democrats Side Against Troops & With

A resolution supporting General David Petraeus and condemning the disgraceful General Betray Us advertisement paid for by (who I've renamed passed today with the approval 72 Senate Members of all Republicans, 20 Democrats and one independent (Joe Lieberman).

However, 25 Senators, all Democrats plus Socialist Bernie Sanders, voted not to condemn the unpatriotic attack on General Petraeus and our military in Iraq.

Who are some of the names sided with

Our own embarrassment as a Senator, "Bouncing" Barbara Boxer, Harry "the war is lost" Reid, Robert "Sheets" Byrd (D-KKK), Ted Kennedy (D-Chappaquiddick), Upchuck Schumer, Patty "Osama Mama" Murray, John F'ing Kerry, Tiny Dick "Our troops are Nazi's" Durbin and Hillary Rotten Clinton, who wants to be the Democrat nominee and next President of the United States (God help us!).

When it has come to Gen. Petraeus (as well as Iraq), the Hildebeast has been talking out both sides of her ass. When she was bloviating in front of a Senate hearing last week with the good General, she had the nerve to state that belief in his testimony would require "the willing suspension of disbelief."

Conversely, this past Wednesday, Hillary said the following about Gen. Petraeus on CNN.
"I have said publicly on numerous occasions, including at the last hearing, how much I respect Gen. Petraeus and his service to our country. I am a very strong admirer of Gen. Petraeus and his record of service for our country and the dedication that he has brought to a very difficult job that many of us think does not have a military solution."

Yet today, she votes against a resolution supporting Petraeus. Sorry Hillary, listening to anything that comes out of your mouth requires "the willing suspension of disbelief. Besides, getting a lecture from Hillary about lying is like getting a lecture on drunk driving from Ted Kennedy.

The Hildebeast is not the only bearer of a double standard when it comes to the Iraq War. At one time, there was a letter to the President from the Senate Armed Services Committee which said in part:
"In light of these developments, we urge you, after consulting with Congress, and consistent with the U.S. Constitution and laws, to take necessary actions (including, if appropriate, air and missile strikes on suspect Iraq sites) to respond effectively to the threat posed by Iraq's refusal to end its weapons of mass destruction programs."
This letter was written October 9, 1998 to then President Bill Clinton. Some of the signers of said letter, (Senators Carl Levin, Frank Lautenberg, Chris Dodd, Daniel Inouye and John F. Kerry) have been vocal opponents of the Iraq War under President Bush and voted against the amendment today supporting Gen. Petreaus and instead sided with

The same goes for Barbara Boxer, a constant critic of the Iraq War under President Bush. Here's what she said in 1998 when then President Clinton launched air strikes on Iraq.
"The president had no choice but to act today. Anyone who questions the timing of his decision ignores the fact that we committed a month ago to act if [chief U.N. weapons inspector] Richard Butler reported that Saddam was not cooperating." Of critics of the US bombing of Iraq, Boxer said, "These critics are blinded by political considerations."
What changed with these Democrats over the last nine years? Obviously, they're the ones who are "blinded by political considerations" when it comes to supporting our military in this War on Terror.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Is Marcher's Sign From Saturday's ANSWER Rally Implying Assassination?

Here's more of the anti-military, anti-America crowd which the liberal mainstream media will not show their viewers.

I found this photo on Move America Forward's website showing their collection of photos from the Gathering of Eagles rally. They also took photos of the vile ANSWER/Code Pinko marchers. As usual, it shows the usual idiotic "Bush = Hitler," "Impeach Bush" signs. But it is the sign in the upper right hand corner which caught my attention.

(source: Move America Forward)

The signs reads "Legalize Regicide." Out of curiosity, I looked up regicide on the web and found that it means: "the deliberate killing of a monarch, or the person responsible for it. In a narrower sense, in the British tradition, it refers to the judicial execution of a king after alleged due process of law."

Is this a veiled assassination threat from a member of the so called "peace crowd?" I wouldn't be surprised. Assassination talk is chic among Leftists who suffer a bad case of BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome). At a 2003 San Francisco rally, I saw with my own eyes a sign which said "Assassinate Bush." Last year at a World Can't Wait rally in Washington D.C. a crowd member held a sign of a beheaded President Bush. Don't forget the so-called "artist" from Alameda who was paid a visit from the Secret Service.

And these Leftists claim to be such "non-violent, peace activists?"

Monday, September 17, 2007

Anti-Military Leftists=Vandals & Saboteurs

The National Park Service confirmed today that the oily substance found on and along the Vietnam War Memorial Wall in Washington D.C. was an act of vandalism.

From The Washington Post:

"Sgt. Robert Lachance, a Park Police spokesman, said that a detective made the conclusion but that officials would provide no more details because the investigation is continuing.

Lachance said the case would involve a long-term investigation. "It's a terrible crime, and we want to solve it," he said.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, which built the Wall, offered a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case.

The oily substance was first reported to police the evening of Sept. 7, National Park Service officials have said. Yesterday, dark blotches remained along a stone curb at the base of the Wall for much of its length, and at least 14 of its 140 inscribed panels, marked with pieces of blue tape, bore what appeared to be stains from something being splashed on them.

While vandalizing war memorials in the dark of night, these Leftists show their hatred for the military during the day in attempts to block military recruitment.

The Post also write how these anti-military activists are spending this week going to government schools and recruiting centers. Michelle Malkin goes further, illustrating in her blog about Veterans groups affiliated with International ANSWER (front group for the World Workers Party) are involved in events like "Befriend A Recruiter."

"Recruitment is essential for the military and politicians to carry out the war and occupation of Iraq. Recruitment levels are low thanks to “truth in recruiting” efforts, but now it is time to shut recruitment down. By flooding recruiters and recruitment centers with phone calls, appointments, questions, and smiling faces, recruiters will waste their time and resources on you. By calling and asking every question you can think off about all the false opportunities the military is offering, you are stealing away recruiters ability to do recruitment."

What these groups are doing is sabotage and it is a federal crime! Where is the Justice Department? Have they forgotten or do they refuse to prosecute Section III of the 1917 Espionage Act?

"Whoever, when the United States is at war, shall wilfully make or convey false reports or false statements with intent to interfere with the operation or success of the military or naval forces of the United States or to promote the success of its enemies and whoever when the United States is at war, shall wilfully cause or attempt to cause insubordination, disloyalty, mutiny, refusal of duty, in the military or naval forces of the United States, or shall wilfully obstruct the recruiting or enlistment service of the United States, to the injury of the service or of the United States, shall be punished by a fine of not more than $10,000 or imprisonment for not more than twenty years, or both."

They used to warn people about it back in World War II.

Iraq Vet To Congressional Defeatists: "Why Are You Resigned To Failure?"

Iraq War Vet Jeff Nuding, who served there with the Military Intelligence Battalion, 42nd Infantry Division of the N.Y. Army National Guard in 2005, wrote the following excellent piece in Sunday's New York Daily News.
Dear Senators and Representatives:

You shared in starting this war, now you want to end it, without regard for our progress, or the consequence of defeat?

I served in Iraq two years ago, at your request. We have a saying in the noncommissioned officer corps, "I get my power from Congress." That's you.

As a first sergeant, I led 160 soldiers from a New York Army National Guard military intelligence battalion. When politicos and pundits talk about a surge, men and women like us serve as the vital fluids that form the waves.

We deployed about two-and-a-half years after the initial invasion, which toppled Saddam Hussein and destroyed and scattered his military. My job was to continue that mission. Prepare convoys. Keep my troops focused. Make sure they ate, drank water, got necessary rest. Keep them safe, get them home.

We ran over a hundred convoys. We withstood mortar attacks, a rocket sailed right over our billets, a nearby vehicle-borne improvised explosive device rained car parts and shrapnel down around us. A rocket hit the dining facility, and mortars hit its parking lot. One sailor attached to us, having a late night smoke, lost his legs when a mortar landed at his feet.

We aggressively identified terrorist cells and local area anti-coalition forces for targeting. Our ground surveillance radar guys ran missions with Army scouts in remote areas, survived IEDs and a complex ambush. We came back home knowing there was more job to be done, but we knew we'd done well.

We did our job. Why are you resigned to failure?

Back in 2003, you — including both of my senators, Charles Schumer and Hillary Clinton — voted to authorize the President to take military action. You voted, and by virtue of your authority, that means the U.S. government went to war.

You approved the appointment of Gen. David Petraeus, who last week sat in front of your committees and explained the progress of the war and the difficulties of the way ahead. It was an honest and forthright assessment from a soldier who thinks the military can achieve our objectives and that the military can create the environment for real change in Iraq.

Critics seemed to tune him out even before he began. They seem to believe that this war has already been too long and too painful to continue. Sen. Clinton, you rejected Gen. Petraeus' testimony as a "positive view of a grim situation," stating that accepting his testimony at face value required a "willing suspension of disbelief."

I wonder if being a politician means knowing how to call your opponent an opportunist and a liar to his face, without ever stating it plain.

I voted for you in 2000. Could I take that vote back, the way you seem to want to take back your vote to authorize force?

My soldiers know about the long and painful costs of war. All of us left our civilian jobs for a year and a half, and left our families and loved ones behind. Some lost their families or their marriages, and some lost their grip on home or health.

Yet none of us in the military serve under any illusion. We know what we signed up for. That's why so many of us reenlist.

Wars take time. They require steady will and determination. They compel commitment.

If fighting Saddam Hussein, and later Al Qaeda, in Iraq was important when earlier in this mission, they should still be important today. Al Qaeda is badly wounded there and elsewhere, but they aren't dead yet. Iraq is making gains as a democratic nation, but they still need help. They still need time.

Dear Senators and Representatives, you criticize President Bush relentlessly — picking apart the speech he gave last week with withering words, looking for any and every chance to bring him down.

But at least he maintains steady attention to this war. At least he seems to grasp the stakes of losing and the danger of giving up. Not so Congress.

Leaders influence the morale of their people, for good or bad. I wish you wanted to lead your constituents toward victory rather than defeat.

Well said!

O.J. Redux--All I Have To Say About This.....

I found this cartoon the other day from Mike Thompson, which I clipped out of the Austin American-Statesman opinion page sometime around late 1994, as the O.J. media circus (a.k.a. The Trial of the Century) was taking place. Seems apropos now.

Other than that, I have nothing else about that disgusting thing who I believe murdered two people and got away with it. I only hope they put him away this time!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Gathering of Eagles in DC Today! (Updates with Links & Photos)

Update 9/16/07 - Watched C-SPAN taping of Gathering of Eagles Rally. To all involved, who participated (Move America Forward, Gathering of Eagles, Eagles Up, and all others) and especially who came to the rally--two thumbs way up! Great job yesterday standing up to the cut, run and surrender crowd.


The difference between us (the Patriots) and them (the hate-America crowd) or "what SeeBS, ABC, NBC, CNN won't show you."

(NOTE: It has been brought to my attention that the photo which was here of Code Pinko with the sign "supporting the murder of our troops" is a photoshopped fake. I apologize to all who were offended by this and hereby remove the photo from this post.)
Leftists don't believe Islamofascist terrorism exists.
(photo from
Patriots fly the flag....
(photo from Wake Up America) show REAL support and respect the men and women fighting to preserve our freedoms overseas.
(two photos from
(photo from Wake Up America)

For more links and photos of today, visit Wake Up America, The Barnyard, NZ Bear at Victory Caucus, Michelle Malkin, This Ain't Hell. One note, C-SPAN will show coverage of the Gathering of Eagles tomorrow (Sunday the 16th) starting at 9:35 a.m. Pacific Time. It will run approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes.
Cat Moy writes on Move America Forward's Daily File that the Gathering of Eagles pro-troop supporters was a:
...7,000-person strong contingent of red-blooded Americans on the Capitol Mall. The respectful gathering contrasted with the anti-war crowd that carried signs saying “f**k Bush” and other enlightening phrases. About 5,000 losers marched from the White House to the Capitol where a group of the held a die-in. They carried names of America’s heroes who gave their lives, despite pleas from the parents and families of those soldiers who asked that they not dishonor the troops.
Like I and many others have said before, the Moonbats don't honor or support the troops. Code Pinkos proved that at the top of the page.
Today is the day! Right now, as I'm writing, patriots from across the country are standing up to the pro-terrorist, anti-American, anti-military cut & run crowd (ANSWER, Code Pinko, WCW, with one message which was summed up best by a priest giving the invocation:

"Surrender is not a word in our vocabulary."

Michelle Malkin is live blogging GOE right now. I'll post more links and photos as they become available.

Our friends from Move America Forward, who left on September 3 have made it to DC after a successful cross country caravan. Yesterday, our friend Melanie Morgan plus Lt. Col. Buzz Patterson, Gold Star Mom Debbie Lee and Blue Star Mom Debbie Johns went to "Dirty Harry" Reid's office to confront him not just for saying the "war is lost," but his slander of Gen. David Petraeus.

But Reid refused to meet with the group, instead sending his spokesperson Jim Manley. Reid's flunky ordered the news cameras out of the office, said “the one thing we all agree on is that we all support our troops,” then said the discussion was over (photo from MAF Daily File).

Well Mr. Not-So-Manley, people who "support our troops" don't declare the war lost, attack their general and their Commander in Chief. I'm sure if Mama Moonbat Cindy Sheehan had gone to visit Reid, the red carpet would have been rolled out for her, Ditry Harry would have come out of hiding and the press invited.

Mr. Reid, how dare you ignore a Gold Star Mother who has lost her son in this war! You are contemptible beyond belief and it's YOU and your treasonous party who is politicizing and dividing this nation.

Quotes from the GOE rally:

Deborah Johns: "Cindy Sheehan doesn’t speak for me. She has never spoken for me. And she will never speak for me! We are winning this war. Now let our troops finish their job."

Debbie Lee (Gold Star Mom "Dirty Harry" refused to meet with): "You can’t ‘take’ someone’s life who gives it…and Mark willingly gave his life….God redeployed Mark to heaven.”

Chris Hill: “All across the country people are yelling at the television sets when they see Code Pink. They are looking for us. Yell loud enough so they can hear us. Yell loud enough so our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan can hear us....It’s time for us to yell back…We’re not taking it anymore."

Pete Hegseth from Vets for Freedom: “I figured I’d seize this opportunity to quote a man best known for his $400 haircut. He claims there are two Americas in this country. For once, he’s right. There are two Americas…on display here today. One America here today to desecrate our war memorials…those who want to retreat from the battlefield teeming with Islamic extremists. On the other hand, there are those who are here to defend our memorials, who understand the threat we face. This America. Our America…We cannot let a bunch of sign-waving, slogan-chanting protesters…speak for us.”

Friday, September 14, 2007

America Haters At SFSU Disrupt 9/11 Memorial

What was supposed to be a "nonpartisan" memorial for the victims of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack at San Francisco State University turned into a target for a trio of Leftists to spew their anti-American, anti-military hatred.

Three members of the "World Can't Wait-Drive Out the Bush Regime" organization arrived dressed in orange jumpsuits and black head wraps (simulating Abu-Ghraib prisoners), while stomping and wiping their feet on the American flag. The trio did this while the Pledge of Allegiance was read. A moment of silence was also broken when the protesters yelled "What is 9/11 really about? Is it about Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay?"

World Can't Wait is a front group for the Revolutionary Communist Party. Endorsers of the group include 9/11 Troofer Ed Asner, Mumia Abu Jamal, former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers, Medea Benjamin and Code Pinko, feminazi Gloria Steinem, Martin Sheen, Jane Fonda, Cindy Sheehan, Cynthia McKinney, plus US Representatives John Conyers, Maxine Waters, Major Owens and Bobby Rush. Progressive Democrats of America, who has Lynn Woolsey on their advisory board, is also a WCW endorser.

From the SFSU XPress:

"The event was held by The Political Science Student Association, the College Democrats and the College Republicans. It was dedicated to the victims and families of Sept. 11.

"We were trying to raise awareness and not start a shouting match, but the people in orange (World Can't Wait) staged an aggressive event, and it all descended into madness," said Sam Johnson, 18, of the unofficially named Temporary 9/11 Coalition, a splinter group of Students Against War.

The stage area was adorned with three American flags, two banners and 47 pages with the names of victims lost in the terrorist attacks. In the middle of the quad the three members of "World Can't Wait: Drive Out the Bush Regime" kneeled on top of an American flag with a black swastika painted on, clearly visible between their bodies."
Now what is the administration of SFSU, as well as the Associated Students Inc. going to do about this? These people did nothing when protesters attacked a pro-Israel rally in 2002. The College Republicans booth was attacked in 2004 by Leftists and Palestinian activists and there was no notable action against the perpetrators. Conversely, they wasted no time going after the College Republicans for stomping on the flag of a terrorist organization, Hezbollah.

Why did that offend them? The Hezbollah flag has "Allah" written on it. I guess terrorist flags get more respect at SFSU than the American flag. Then again, it's San Francisco, a city which hates America, the Bush Administration and the military with a psychotic fervor.

These Leftists who attacked this rally, as well as "9/11 Troofers" who protested at Ground Zero in New York showed hatred not only towards this nation, but to the memories and families of those killed six years ago. In my mind, they are no different from the 19 Islamic terrorist hijackers and their al Queda leaders, who planned and executed the deaths of 3,000 people on 9/11.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Classless James Brolin Says "Happy 9/11" & Laughs On Radio Interview

James Brolin, aka "Mr. Barbra Streisand" appeared this past Tuesday, September 11, 2007, on the Chaz & AJ Show on WPLR in New Haven, Conn, to promote his new movie "The Hunting Party."

Audio link. Rough transcript below:

Brolin: "It's kind of a parody on uh, how come we can't catch war criminals with all of our sophisticated stuff you know.

Chaz or AJ: That's something we've been talking about a lot today on this show for obvious reasons, being the sixth anniversary of the September 11 attacks

Brolin: Right! Oh yeah. Oh Happy 9/11!

Chaz/AJ: Well that's kind of a weird thing to say.

Brolin: (Laughs) I hear silence. Well.

Chaz/AJ: Well we're right outside of New York I mean I know people
(Right!)...who lost family members so we don't say "Happy 9/11" here

Brolin: Celebrate the day, right?

Chaz/AJ: Yeah well, we kind of commemorate the day by remembering those who were lost and the families they left behind

BROLIN: I understand. It's a horrible situation how they've
been left behind even now by anybody who might uh...

Chaz/AJ: I think you'd be better off talking about this movie.

"Since that interview we've gotten hundreds of e-mails, phone calls, and letters about that interview." according to Chaz & AJ's blog.

Brolin, by the way, is a 9/11 "troofer." He promoted a kooky 9/11 conspiracy website on ABC's The View. "Trooferism" appears to a plague in Red Hollywood, as Brolin, David "T.M." Lynch, Ed Asner, Rosie O'Dumbass, Charlie Sheen, Jackson "Spousal Abuser" Browne, Aaron Russo, Gina Belafonte, plus 1960's musicians Michelle Phillips and Graham Nash. I'm assuming these has beens also suffer from extreme cases of BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome).

As a "troofer," Brolin must think 9/11 is some laughing matter and a day to be celebrated, like a birthday or wedding anniversary. Well James, I didn't see any husbands, wives, parents or children laughing on Tuesday, you moron! You owe the 9/11 families and the nation a public apology for his vulgar insult to the memories of their lost loved ones.

By the way, Jim, I'm giving you a new nickname which fits you perfectly: "Jihad" James Brolin.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Vietnam War Memorial in DC Vandalized--This Is Not An Isolated Incident Either


Part 1

Part 2

Sometime this past weekend, some type of oily substance was sprayed on the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington DC (a very moving memorial, I must add.) The above videos were taken by tgslTakoma from Michelle Malkin has more, along with other links.

Remember this past March, when the Wall was threatened by anti-military protesters? In January, the US Navy Memorial was desecrated by Code Pinko and the steps of the Capitol building were spray painted by attendees of the anti-military rally held.
This is how the vile Code Pinko dishonors our war memorials
Cindy Sheehan (aka Mama Moonbat) thought back then this was all "reich wing horse pucky." Someone forgot to tell her these attacks on war memorials aren't isolated incidents.

"A memorial to U.S. troops, part of a collection of vehicles at the Beaver Brook Transportation Museum, has been vandalized twice in the past week, leaving owner Eddie Gilbert heartbroken and disgusted.

The memorial, a military recovery vehicle and mine sweeper used in Operation Desert Storm, was parked on the edge of Gilbert's museum on Brook Road. Inside was a military uniform, and atop the large machine were military flags. Gilbert said the display was his way of honoring soldiers who fought in wars both past and present.

But on Sunday, and again on Monday, someone tried to destroy the memorial, first by stealing the flags and the uniform, then by smashing windows in the vehicle, peeling off the U.S. sticker, and scratching anti-Semitic slurs and the message "Death to America" into the door."

"The lyrics of a 1970s protest song and a reference to Iraq were scrawled on the monument in the Park. 'War, what is it good for, absolutely nothin',' was written in red marker along with a peace sign."

"Vandals have hit the Veterans War Memorial at Sacramento's Capitol Park. Veterans say it is a recurring problem and now they're fighting back."

"Sometime overnight, someone used yellow spray paint to write "Kill Bush" on a section of the memorial where names of local veterans are displayed on a sloping wall. The same slogan, along with others, was repeated on the back of the memorial."
Though there are no suspects in the vandalizing of the DC Vietnam Memorial Wall, I wouldn't be at all surprised if some Code Pinko, ANSWER or type was responsible for it. And these people have the nerve claim they "support the troops, but not the war?" Bulldroppings! These are some of the most vile creatures on the planet and they will stoop to any level to vent their hate towards the United States and the US Military.
That's not "horse pucky" either, Cindy. That's the truth about the freaks you hang out with

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9/11--Video That Liberals Don't Want You To See

On this, the sixth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, here is video footage as well as audio from that day. Too much of this has been either taken off the air and/or hijacked by loony conspiracy freaks. It is important to remember what happened that day. Remember how you felt when you heard and saw the video. This is why our brave men and women in our military are fighting the War on Terror (that includes Iraq too, you libs!).

Phone call from Flight Attendant Betty Ong from American Airlines Flight 11

American Airlines Flight 11 hits North Tower, United 175 Hits South Tower, people jumping from WTC

First Reports: New York & National TV

Fox news footage

United 175 Hits South Tower (Street View)

Witness reactions (video and audio) Pt 1
Witness reactions (video and audio) Pt 2
Witness reactions (video and audio) Pt 3

Kevin Cosgrove in WTC South Tower on phone with 9-11 operator as tower collapses

Another 9-11 Caller from WTC Towers

Very Graphic Footage of People Jumping from WTC

First report of Pentagon hit

Audio between air traffic and United 93

Tribute to the Heroes of United 93

Tribute set to "Have You Forgotten" by Darryl Worley


Monday, September 10, 2007

Democrats Proved Today They DO NOT Support The Troops

If you had any doubt about the above statement, today should have made you a believer.

As I've said here before, today's Democrat Party is a party of treason. They are a party who embrace hate, smear and personal attacks to achieve one thing only-the expansion of their own political power. They do not give a damn about the security of this nation and protecting us from future attacks of terror.

Attacking Gen David Petraeus' as "Gen. Betray Us," as the Left wing hate group did in the New York Times, is not only an insult to him, it is also an insult to all the men and women serving under him. Yet Democrats tell us the "support the troops, but not the war."


The Democrat Party showed its face in full today. It is haters like, Code Pinko and websites like Democrat Underground, with posts like "David Howell Petraeus deserves to be mocked."
"He's not some sort of war hero. He's a liar. He's a crook. He's a hack. He's a warmonger.He's a disgrace to this country, and his uniform.Mocking this joker isn't childish. It isn't stupid. Taking the man seriously is."

That's not the worst of it. A few posts below was the comment: "I don't see him as Flag material,, Maybe FRAG material,,,,,"

All because the good General is doing his job in winning a war.

Six years ago yesterday, could you have imagined this behavior from one of the two political parties? I seem to remember how Democrats stood on the steps of the Capitol on the afternoon of 9/11 and promised unity in fighting Americas enemies.

Like most of their promises, that was another one Democrats never intended to keep.

Democrats owe the General, our military and this nation more than an apology. They should return every red cent to and refuse to participate in any events with that group and similar organizations.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

WoolseyWatch--Strategizing With Leftist Extremists For Defeat In Iraq

Lynn Woolsey and many of her liberal Democrat colleagues are not just voting for and proposing "cut and run from Iraq" legislation. They are openly strategizing with extreme anti-military, anti-American individuals to bring about a defeat for the U.S. military.

Woolsey and fellow Democrat Jim "Moron" Moran from Northern Virgina took part in an August 29th Iraq War Strategy call with Tim Carpenter of Progressive Democrats of America, Susan "Medea" Benjamin of Code Pinko, Rick Ufford chase of the Christian Peace Wtiness for Iraq, Leslie Cagan of United for Peace and Justice, Dot Maver of Dept. of Peace, Rabbi Michael Lerner and Nichola Torbett of Network of Spiritual Progressives (Socialists). A transcript of the call appears on Lerner's blog on the NSP website (thanks to Kristinn at FreeRepublic for finding this). While labeling our military as an occupying force, Woolsey wants to create the illusion that withdrawal is not perceived as "abandoning the troops." She said:
"It’s going to take some courage to not fund continuing the occupation. But we have to make sure that ending the war is not perceived as abandoning the troops. So what the triad (Woolsey, Maxine Waters, and Barbara Lee), are proposing ( H.R. 508 Lee) is that we only fund a safe and orderly redeployment, including bringing the big equipment out of Iraq. So that’s what we’re focusing on. Now, what’s it going to take for the Democratic leadership to do something bold? I don’t know. I promise you that we’re not going to stop pushing. But there’s still a lack of understanding that the reason we’re in the majority is that the people of this country wanted us to lead in bringing our troops home. So your role (organizations in conference call) is to keep on doing what you’re doing. Help people change the conversation from “abandoning the troops” to funding orderly redeployment. I’m telling you, that’s going to take six months to a year. If we don’t get started…and they don’t want it to happen, the Republicans. Then we have Senator John Warner (RINO-VA) saying, “Start [redeploying the troops] by Christmas.” I think we should build on that, by the way, even though he doesn’t mean it with the same intensity we do. But we have to make it look like this is the beginning of something that could happen so that Democrats could get some courage."

Moran takes over for Woolsey halfway through the call, insulting military success in Iraq and the sacrifices of military families. He also claims (without offering proof) that al-Queda in Iraq is a tiny force (abbreviated from transcript):
I’m a member of the Defense Appropriations Committee, and it was in that capacity that we talked with General Petraeus, Oderno, and the rest of them, as well as senior Iraqi leaders. We have weaponized that entire country. There are more jersey barriers than blades of grass, and more weapons than there are people. The military is performing well, and that’s what Petraeus is going to say. The result of the military success is going to be wholly inconsistent with our values, and certainly unworthy of the sacrifice of our military families. You could have the greatest car ever manufactured and drive it at the right speed, but if you don’t have the right map, you’re never going to get to your destination, and that’s the situation we have with the military. I personally think we put too much money into the military, but any way you put it, the end result is going to be Shiite theocracy that is suppressive of woman’s rights, human rights, and is closely aligned with Iran, with the most conservative elements of the Iranian government. ...I’m just saying that the end result, even if we are successful, is not anything we could ever be proud of.We know now that the President is going to recommend an additional 50 billion dollars on top of the 145 billion that he’s already said he’d going to request as supplemental. ...One of the most striking juxtapositions is New Orleans. With the 450 million dollars we are spending everyday now in Iraq, we could transform New Orleans, and rescue it and make it a city we could be proud of. Instead we’re rebuilding Baghdad, and Mosul, and Tikrit and I call tell you that the Iraqi people are not appreciative. ....I hope that we are going to recommend that the money that the President is requesting for Iraq be used solely for withdrawing our troops, weapons, and facilities. And I think it is important for us to withdraw our weapons, because if we don’t take all that sophisticated, lethal weaponry out of that country they’re going to use it to kill each other eventually. Now, one thing about Al Qaeda, since the President continues to mention Al Qaeda—there are only about 100 Al Qaeda in all of Baghdad, and only 1000 in the entire country. Now granted, they will pay people to do their dirty work, but there are very few Al Qaeda, it is hardly a war, and a policing action and [not?] and occupation, if anything. They are not going to be a sustained force in Iraq.

Moran has twice implied, using anti-Semitic overtones, that Israel was the force behind the Iraq War. At a March 2003 forum in Reston, VA, he said "If it were not for the strong support of the Jewish community for this war with Iraq, we would not be doing this." On Friday, the National Jewish Democrat Council asked for Moran to apologize for the following comments made in Leftist Rabbi Lerner's publication Tikkun.
"… AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) is the most powerful lobby and has pushed this war from the beginning … because they are so well organized, and their members are extraordinarily powerful – most of them are quite wealthy – they have been able to exert power."

Consider also the links to extremism in several participants of this conference call.

*Leslie Cagan, leader of United for Appeasement and Injustice, is a pro-Castro Communist and a member of the Communist Left since the 1960's.

*Medea Benjamin, another Castro sympathizer, is co-founder of Code Pinko and Global Exchange. Benjamin's group has given $600,000 to the then-terrorist insurgent friendly town of Fallujah, Iraq in late 2004. Code Pinko has participated in protests outside Walter Reed Medical Center where wounded troops are recovering.

Both Cagan and Benjamin are co-founders of Iraq Occupation Watch (also affiliated with Global Exchange.) Their agenda is to "undermine reconstruction efforts in Iraq through propaganda and dissimulation in the American media; demoralize U.S. troops by relaying tales of wavering public support; and encourage widespread desertion by "conscientious objectors."

Rabbi Michael Lerner, a radical since the 1960, once had a close rapport with Bill and Hillary Clinton. At his wedding ceremony, both he and his wife exchanged rings made from a downed U.S. military aircraft. Their wedding cake had the words "Smash Monogamy" inscribed on it. Like many on the Left, Lerner blamed America for the 9/11 attacks:
"When violence becomes so prevalent throughout the planet, it's too easy to simply talk of 'deranged minds.' We need to ask ourselves, 'What is it in the way that we are living, organizing our societies, and treating each other that makes violence seem plausible to so many people?' And why is it that our immediate response to violence is to use violence ourselves - thus reinforcing the cycle of violence in the world?"

What Lynn Woolsey and Jim Moran are doing has gone far beyond giving "aid and comfort" to our enemies. They are actually taking part in strategy sessions to bring about victory in Iraq for al-Queda. They, as well as their co-conspirators, are nothing short of traitors. Someone in Congress needs to show leadership and bring charges of treason against Woolsey and Moran. Not only should they be expelled from Congress, if found guilty, they should be adequately punished.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Hsu's Attorney Brosnahan Is Big DNC Donor

James Brosnahan, attorney for Hillary Clinton's disgraced sugar daddy Norman Hsu, has not just defended Marin's Taliban warrior John Walker Lindh.

Brosnahan is also a big Democrat party donor.

Contribution records from the Center for Responsive Politics' website show Brosnahan has contributed in excess of $80,000 to Democrat candidates since 1989. $86,550 to be exact.

His most recent contribution was $10,000 to the Democrat Congressional Campaign on June 29th of this year. He also contributed $2,300 to Barack Hussein Obama on March 19, 2007. There are two other big money contributions; another $10,000 to the Democrat Congressional Campaign in April 2006 and a $25,000 donation to DNC Services Corp.

The attorney's sole contribution to Hillary Clinton was a $250 one made in February 2000. He contributed a total $3,000 to Bill Clinton from 1992 to 1995. One $1,000 contribution came on October 29, 1992, one day before he and Independent Counsel Lawrence Walsh brought forward a politically motivated indictment against Reagan's Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger. This was the Friday before the 1992 Presidential Election, and the indictment stymied gains in the polls made against then candidate Bill Clinton by then President George H.W. Bush.

Any coincidence here?

Friday, September 07, 2007

What Do (Hillary's Sugar Daddy) Norman Hsu and John Walker Lindh Have In Common?

Both were represented by San Francisco Attorney James J. Brosnahan (hat

From KPIX Channel 5:
A lawyer for fugitive Democratic Party fundraiser Norman Hsu said today that Hsu has been under "enormous and perhaps unbearable" strain in the past week and that Hsu's attorneys are relieved he is being cared for in a Colorado hospital.

James Brosnahan, a San Francisco lawyer, said the criminal case pending against Hsu in San Mateo County Superior Court "will be handled in its proper course."

Brosnahan said, "The strain he has been under during the last week has been enormous, and perhaps, unbearable. We will be getting him the best medical care available."

Flashback to January 2002, from James Brosnahan:
"John Walker Lindh is presumed innocent until proven guilty...For 54 days the government has held John incommunicado. For 54 days he has been subject to interrogation by the military, the FBI, and other government agents. At no time during this period was John able to talk to his parents or consult a lawyer. In violation of the rules of the Eastern District of Virginia that specifically prohibit comment on cases likely to come to the court, government officials issued or leaked false, misleading, and prejudicial characterizations of the facts and law in this case. It is time finally for this outrageous and unfair situation to change. It's time for John Walker Lindh to have his day in court."

Here's another link to the Clintons. Byron York wrote in a 2002 National Review article how Brosnahan worked with Lawrence Walsh in the politically motivated indictment of Reagan's Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger the weekend before the 1992 election in which George H.W. Bush lost the Presidency to Bill Clinton. York noted that the Clinton campaign received a $1,000 donation from Brosnahan the day before the indictment was made.

Very interesting.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

John Edwards Visits Mill Valley--No Wonder Marin Libs Love Him, He's A Lot Like Them!

John "P.S." Edwards, former senator, vice presidential candidate and candidate for the Democrat nomination for President visited Mill Valley yesterday for a fundraiser held at (surprise!)... a trial lawyer's office.

According to the Marin IJ, Edwards comes a close second (behind Barack Hussein Obama) for donations received from Marin County libs. The Marin IJ also made a donation to Edwards' campaign in the form of Brad Breithrapt's gushing story on the boyish candidate who closely resembles Opie Taylor.

"He definitely swayed me. I was going to vote for Clinton," said Mill Valley resident Liz Williamson.

Edwards speech was the typical socialist rhetoric that makes up the modern Democrat platform: surrender in Iraq, socialized medicine and fight so-called global warming. Proving my theory that global warming is used by liberals to distract the public from the global War on Terror, Edwards equated fighting climate change with "patriotism."

"How about this president asks people to be patriotic about something other than war?" he said.

John Edwards, like Marin liberals, has a warped sense of patriotism. Earlier this year, he urged his supporters to show up at Memorial Day parades with anti-war signs. Marin's left responded in kind. One group even went as far as showing a body bag to children lining the parade route. All on a day when we were supposed to honor our fallen who sacrificed their lives so we can live in freedom.

No wonder Edwards is such a big hit with Marin libs. As far as I'm concerned, Edwards and Marin County Democrats are made for each other because they have one other thing in common: a large dose of hypocrisy.

Edwards cares so much about the "environment" and "global warming." Guess what vehicle he arrived in? A Chrysler van (and the Marin IJ even had the guts to print that)! Though some attendees arrived in "hybrids," some also came in "high-powered Mercedes and BMW sports cars."

In addition, Edwards has made poverty a hallmark of his campaign, babbling about "two Americas." Yet, he has a large estate in North Carolina and makes money off his "poverty" speeches. He has a lot in common with Mill Valley area liberals, whose talk about "compassion for the downtrodden" is mere lip service. Recently, when Habitat for Humanity wanted to build homes in their neighborhood, these wealthy libs signed petitions and hired lawyers to put a stop to it. Why do they deny the American dream to the working class in Marin? Selfishness, that's why! As one resident said, the Habitat for Humanity houses would be "like a housing project. And it diminishes the value of our homes."

Want to talk some more about two Americas, John?

Clinton Appointed Judge Strikes Down Part of Patriot Act

From AP:
NEW YORK - A federal judge struck down parts of the revised USA Patriot Act on Thursday, saying investigators must have a court's approval before they can order Internet providers to turn over records without telling customers.

U.S. District Judge Victor Marrero said the government orders must be subject to meaningful judicial review and that the recently rewritten Patriot Act "offends the fundamental constitutional principles of checks and balances and separation of powers."

Judge Victor Marrero was appointed by none other than Bill "I Tried So Hard To Get Bin Laden" Clinton. The suit against the Patriot Act was brought forward by none other than the Al-Queda Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

These are the kind of judges who will be nominated if the Hildebeast or any of the other Democrats are elected President. They will weaken all attempts and laws making it harder to fight terrorism.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

9/11 "Troofer"--"Is Cheney About To Blow Up The Bay Bridge?"

I'm not kidding.

Right Wing News found this blog from Gypsy Taub, a local 9/11 "Troofer" who has concocted an explanation for this past weekend's closure of the Bay Bridge.
"Having been a 911 truth activist for 5 years, I have serious suspicions about the Bay Bridge being closed for entire 4 days. ... They are also demolishing a section of the bridge, so that gives them a green light to bring in a demolition crew. According to their official website they are doing seismic safety work which can, as far as I understand, involve drilling holes in the structure to test it for safety. Also, the new bridge being close to finished would be a convenient time to blow up the old one. Don’t quote me on this, but I have also heard that the old Bay Bridge is not earthquake stable, so if that is true, then it sounds like the World Trade Center that needed to go because of all the asbestos that it was filled with. The WTC was an environmental disaster because of the asbestos that it was filled with. Cleaning it up would have cost an enormous amount of money that no one was willing to pay. In other words, it sounds like the Bay Bridge is a good candidate for a “terrorist attack” just like the WTC was.

Another thing that raises suspicion is the collapse of highway 880 in Oakland this past April... As far as I am concerned 880 was an inside job. Gas doesn’t melt steel otherwise your engine in your car would have long since melted. Because of 911 it became a well known fact that steel melts at a much higher temperature than gas burns."

Gypsy goes on and on after that, even going as far as calling San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom plus Governor Arnold Schwarzenkennedy "unelected puppets installed by Bush and Co," and that Oakland Police is tied to the Federal Government.
"I’ve seen Oakland police do a terrorist exercise in Oakland with staged public unrest and freaky violent police behavior that was also staged. The public was unaware of the fact that it was staged. I saw it in Alex Jones’s (kooky KLBJ-AM host and leader of "troofer movement") films."

If the threats against this nation didn't exist, this would actually be an amusing joke. But the threat of Islamic terror is real, and these "troofers" are deceiving millions of people with their freaky delusions of government conspiracy.

Here's a song for you, Gypsy, sing along! "They're coming to take me away, Ho Ho! Hee Hee! Ha Ha!"

You know these people have to be sick!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Photos From Move America Forward Rally Outside Nancy Pelosi's Office

--Welcome Move America Forward supporters!(M.I.M.)

Patriots from all over the Bay Area gathered outside Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco office to send her and "Dirty Harry" Reid a loud message: We support our troops and will not accept cut, run and surrender.

A strong crowd showed up at 450 Golden Gate Ave. in San Francisco this afternoon to stand up for our troops and the completion of their mission on the third stop of Move America Forward's "Fight for Victory Tour."

The tour began this morning outside Harry Reid's office in Carson City, NV and is headed to Washington D.C. for a huge pro-troop rally September 15th, with several stops along the way. The rally is in response to the International ANSWER's surrender-to-the-terrorists rally being held that same day, as well as to support Gen. David Petreus' as he gives his report on the progress being made in Iraq by our brave men and women.

Here are some of the sights from Monday afternoon.

Deborah Johns, Blue Star Mother, begins the festivities.
Melanie Morgan speaks to the crowd
Melanie, Deborah Johns, and Debbie Lee, Gold Star Mother
Melanie introduces Kaweah Angel
Showing support for an adopted soldier

T-Shirts send the message to Nancy, Harry and the cut & run crowd: "We Don't Surrender To The Terrorists"

People wrote messages to be sent to the troops

Deborah Johns speaks with some in attendance. The following images are self-explanitory

NBC Channel 11 interviews a pro-troop supporter

There were no counterprotests from San Francisco's Left in the time I was there. I assumed they were still stoned from yesterday's Summer of Love 40th Anniversary concert at Golden Gate Park.

It was a great day in San Francisco among patriots showing support for our troops.

For more on the caravan, go to MAF's website for updates.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Brian De Palma, Mark Cuban & Hollywood Declare War On Military

If there is any similarity between Iraq and Vietnam, it is how the Left, including Hollywood, has become propagandists for the enemy.

As he did about the Vietnam War ("Casualties of War") director Brian De Palma is directing another hit piece on our military. The film is called "Redacted" and according to Reuters, is "...about the real-life rape and killing of a 14-year-old Iraqi girl by U.S. soldiers who also murdered her family stunned the Venice festival, with shocking images that left some viewers in tears."

De Palma is not shy about expressing his motive behind the film. Handing a victory to al-Queda in Iraq.

"The movie is an attempt to bring the reality of what is happening in Iraq to the American people," the treasonous director told the press. "The pictures are what will stop the war. One only hopes that these images will get the public incensed enough to motivate their Congressmen to vote against this war."

The film will be distributed in America by Magnolia Pictures in the fall. Upcoming film festivals showing this hit piece are the American Film Festival of Deauville August 31 – September 9, Toronto International Film Festival, September 4 - 13 and New York Film Festival, September 28 – October 14.

Pat Dollard has more about the owner of Magnolia Pictures and HDNet, Mark Cuban. Cuban is also the owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team. If you'd like to tell Mark Cuban what you think of his hit piece on our troops, drop him a line at his blog here. Or you can e-mail his HDNet films at (Be civil, of course.)