Sunday, July 29, 2007

Marin Minutemen Hold Organizational Meeting--Open Border Advocates Protest

The Marin County Chapter of the Minutemen Project held their first organizational meeting yesterday in Larkspur. While they met in peace, open borders advocates and Socialists of Marin County protested outside, using slander as an intimidation tool against the group.

This past March, Minutemen members and Marin County residents of different political persuasions rallied to show support for Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, while protesting the aiding and abetting of illegal aliens by San Rafael Mayor Al "We Won't Enforce Immigration Laws" Boro and the Marin County Board of Stupidvisors. ICE agents acted on warrants to round up illegals in Novato and the Canal area of San Rafael who had ignored deportation orders. For their efforts, ICE was attacked in community forums and local liberal media by illegal alien advocacy groups and the elected officials who pander to them.

Showing their ignorance and lack of intellectual argument, the open borders crowd held signs saying "Racists Go Home." They had promoted their counter-protest online using the typical, race-baiting smear tactics the Left is known for. On the website for the Marin Appeasement & Injustice Coalition, the following slander appeared.

"Marin Border Patrol" call to action. Stop the racist assault on our community. We are being invaded by racist carpetbaggers. They are intent on bringing their diluted and well concealed KKK brand of racist actions to Marin. Join us in Saying NO, we don't want your intolerant fascist tactics and wacko conspiracy theorist (sic) in our community."

As long as the Appeasement & Injustice Coalition wants to talk about racism, hate and conspiracy theories, lets look at the facts.

Conveniently missed by the MPJC is the following note on the website of Golden Gate Minutemen/East Bay Coalition for Border Security.

The East Bay Coalition has NO ROOM for Racists, Socialists or Communists. We welcome Legal Immigrants! We treat people on the basis of what they say and what they do, not by how they look, appear or the color of their skin! We also want people to assimilate to our constitution, our laws and our moral Republic, yet we also respect the cultures of other people, their languages and their right to preserve their own traditions.

When it comes to racism, what about the open borders types who look at illegal immigrants as "doing the jobs Americans won't do?" How demeaning to look down upon illegal immigrants as mere toilet cleaners and lawn mowers.

Then there’s the anti-Semitism of the Marin County Left. During the Mill Valley Memorial Day Parade in 2004, a sign was carried by the Appeasement & Injustice Coalition calling Ariel Sharon a war criminal. The Marin IJ reported in May 2005 that fliers were passed out stating "Jews are responsible for 9/11." The MPJC's letter of apology to the parade committee consisted of a diatribe about how Israel was the aggressor. More recently, a Marin Voice column by a MPJC member defended Iran seeking nuclear weapons "since Israel is bristling with them" and used the term "neo-con;" a politically correct slur used by the Left against Jews.

And when it comes to "wacko conspiracy theories, " the MPJC website is full of them. They claim "the Bush administration is colluding with Israel for Tel Aviv to launch a pre-emptive attack against Iran's nuclear facilities." There's also the "Osama bin Laden Book Club," 9/11 conspiracy material (more here), and so-called 9/11 truthers have marched with the group.

And the MPJC/open borders advocates dare to call the Minutemen, “racists” and “conspiracy theorists?”

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