Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Leftist "Patriotism" in Marin County: Body Bags in Memorial Day Parade, Blame America 1st Editorial on July 4th

How is "patriotism" defined by Marin County liberals?

Going to any extreme necessary to demonstrate opposition to America's military who is defending us from our foreign enemies, as well as blame America First editorials from the local newspaper.

A reader sent me a link to this story about Mill Valley's Memorial Day Parade, from a fellow blogger Cadillac Bob at The Rumpus Ranch.

"We were guests of the Mill Valley Mole and his family, who are by necessity stealth Republicans in that seditious enclave. They have to live there, and so do their children -- wouldn’t do to provoke the locals. Liberals can be vindictive.

True to form, at least half the parade constituted antiwar displays, and some of them were incredibly offensive. The worst comprised four Vietnam-era veterans -- paunchy ex-conscripts wearing tattered Navy uniforms -- who were carrying a body bag.

Along the route, these grotesque ghouls kept approaching little children, demanding, “Have you ever seen a body bag?” It took every bit of my self-control not to snap, “Would you like to see the inside of a body bag?”

Asking small children, of all things, if they've seen a body bag?! See previous coverage of this year's parade, which also shows other outrageous acts these anti-war groups have committed on a day when our fallen heroes are supposed to be remembered. I must note also that the entry form for Mill Valley's parade states that "the committee reserves the right to refuse entrants/floats it deems offensive, inappropriate or contrary to the spirit of the parade or the town of Mill Valley." Does anti-war, anti-military types showing a body bag to young children not offend you; Mill Valley I Love A Parade committee?

That brings me to the Marin IJ's July 4th editorial, which started innocently enough by noting that "this is a day that should unite us, not divide us." A few paragraphs later, the IJ editors used the occasion of this nation's birthday to issue a backhanded slap to her, writing their laundry list of America's mistakes--slavery, internment of Japanese in World War II, denial of same-sex marriage, etc. In other words, the same grievances used by America haters to illustrate what a rotten country they think the United States of America is.

Oh, but the IJ Editors had to admit a few good points.

"At our best - fighting to liberate Europe during the dark days of Nazism, ending slavery in our own country with a bloody civil war, creating and enshrining new freedoms and equalities through legislation and our legal system - we are an awesome and inspiring moral force imbued with tolerance and a faith in something larger and more important than ourselves.

Hey IJ, what about the defeat of Imperial Japan? What about how the United States, thanks to the leadership of Ronald Reagan, ended the Cold War, which ushered the collapse of Communism? The "Evil Empire" of the Soviet Union was no more, and the former Iron Curtain nations of Eastern Europe had the opportunity to live in freedom. What about how America's military has liberated Afghanistan and Iraq from brutal regimes? That's no thanks to liberal Democrats and Leftist rags like the Marin IJ.

Are we a perfect nation? Of course not. However, our greatness lies in our ability to right our wrongs. Look at how the United States made reparations to the Japanese interned during World War II. This despite the fact that Japan has refused to apologize for the Pearl Harbor attack, the brutal treatment of American POWs in the Bataan Death March, the beheadings and torture of other POW's. What about Japan's brutal treatment of the Chinese in the Rape of Nanking?

For people who spend their time blaming America first, it's interesting to note how these Leftists refuse to take responsibility for their actions. Their anti-war activism in the 1960's led to the slaughter of millions of Vietnamese and Cambodians from 1975 to 1978. Their "counterculture" has led to a moral decay in this nation.

No, we don't need a lecture about shortcomings from such Leftists who will stoop to the lowest level of street theatre to shock people into their twisted worldview.

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