Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"Breasts Not Bombs" Invades Hillary's San Francisco Headquaters

Last night's grand opening of Hillary Rotten Clinton's San Francisco campaign headquarters received some unwelcome visitors--members of Code Pinko and Breasts Not Bombs.

Photojournalist extraordinaire Zombie got word of their plans and was there to cover the party crashing, in all it's...well...debauchery. If you're brave, click here for Zombie's photo essay. Be forewarned, I will not be held responsible for any sickness that may occur from viewing this photo essay.

I will publish one of Zombie's photos, though.

This is the "peace activists" van (or breastmobile????), a Freightliner Sprinter 2500 SHC (year unknown). Some owners of the Sprinter state the van gets anywhere from 20 to 24 miles per gallon.

And these are some of the same liberals who scream "No Blood For Oil?"

UPDATE: I stand corrected on the Sprinter 2500. A reader with knowledge in the automobile industry informed me that the Spinter is actually the most efficient vehicle of its size and is fueled by "the latest, cleanest diesel fuel." Thank you for the tip!

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