Thursday, May 31, 2007

Go Green? Someone Tell Mill Valley What A Memorial Day Parade Should Be About

The people on the I Love A Parade committee in Mill Valley need a lesson on just what Memorial Day stands for.

On a day which we are supposed to honor those who have sacrificed their lives in the defense of our nation, the committee decided the theme of the parade would be "Go Green."

Some of the entries in the parade also raise questions. While the U.S. Army Reserve's 91st Division Band marched in the parade, the Mountain Play's cast of the 1960's hippie play "Hair" and members of the Marin Appeasement & Injustice Coalition also marched in the parade. In previous years, the coalition had been refused entry after one sign in the 2004 parade called Ariel Sharon a war criminal and flyers were passed out which read "Jews are responsible for 9/11." According to the May 28, 2005 Marin IJ, parade organizers asked for an apology and instead received a letter saying "we are sorry" followed by "a diatribe about Palestine and that Israel was the aggressor."

So, after such disgusting behavior, why should this group of terrorist apologists be allowed to march in a parade honoring American heroes? According to the entry form, "the committee reserves the right to refuse entrants/floats it deems offensive, inappropriate or contrary to the spirit of the parade or the town of Mill Valley." Well, having actors from a play glorifying the counterculture of the 1960's and the living relics of that era who still spout the same blame America first garbage from 40 years ago is offensive, inappropriate and contrary to the spirit of a Memorial Day Parade.

Andrew Felder of Kentfield felt the same way and wrote the following in a letter to the editor to the IJ.
"...I welcome the effort to encourage environmentalism, but Memorial Day has a theme and it isn't supposed to be about frivolity. Candy throwing and racing bathtubs have their place, but the near-complete marginalization of the fallen soldier was embarrassing.

This Memorial Day in particular - when thousands of families around America, including Marin, are grieving for loved ones lost in the current war - the decision to obscure the solemnity of the occasion is particularly egregious. It's not about whether or not you support the war, but about showing respect for the personal losses of others and the freedoms we on the home front are able to enjoy through those sacrifices.

I hope next year's parade, regardless of our status in Iraq, makes more effort to remind residents of why we gather on Memorial Day in the first place. It's the one day a year we ask ourselves to reflect upon our lost soldiers. One day a year, perhaps the fun and political statements can wait."

The Mill Valley I Love A Parade Committee needs to remember the reason for Memorial Day. If the Appeasement & Injustice Coalition want to participate in a parade, perhaps Mill Valley should consider holding a May Day Parade. Not on Memorial Day, thank you very much.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Memo To Bush, Open Borders Republicans--Insult & Ignore Your Base At Your Electoral Risk

An Open Letter to President Bush, the Republican Party plus all open-borders Republicans and the pundits spewing your talking points:

Yesterday, Mr. President, you accused those who oppose this "Comprehensive Immigration Refom" bill of using "empty political rhetoric" to "frighten people" and not do what (in your mind) is best for America. Recently, your Homeland Security secretary said "Maybe they (opponents of amnesty) want people thrown in jail for 10 years or they want people executed."

It's not limited to politicians either, conservative columnist Linda Chavez wrote recently that "Some people just don't like Mexicans — or anyone else from south of the border." Others have called the bill's opponents, "nativists" and "racists."

Who are you talking about? It's your political base.

Remember us, Mr. President? We're the ones, despite some reservations, who voted for you in 2000. When Al Gore tried to litigate his way to the White House in Florida, it was us who were in the streets across the nation, supporting you and protesting the rulings by activist judges who were trying to rewrite election law from the bench after the fact. We have been the ones over the last few years who have supported you as Commander in Chief of our military, against the hate-America Left and Democrat party who have opposed every common sense method to fight terrorism after September 11, 2001. We're the ones who have defended the decision you made to go into Iraq, even though you've refused to defend yourself and your administration against the slanderous lies by the Left. When you asked to be re-elected in 2004, we came out and supported you plus other Republican candidates against terrorist appeasers like John Kerry, John Edwards and the rest of the Democrat party.

And what has been our thanks for all we conservatives have done for you? You've gone out of your way to make nice to your liberal enemies while you've given us the back of your hand. You have called us names. When we opposed the nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court, you implied we were sexist. Now, we conservatives who stand for border security are called "racists," "nativists," "fearmongers." I'd expect this rhetoric from liberal Democrats, not the President we have stood by even with our disagreements.

November 2006 should have been a wake up call to you, the Boy Wonder Karl Rove and the Republican Party. Obviously, you haven't learned your lesson. We would put up with the spending binges, compromises on judges and watered down conservatism for so long. While many of us still went to the polls, others had enough and decided to stay at home on Election Day. Abandoning conservative principles cost you control of Congress, as many Republican incumbents lost by small margins. You only have yourselves to blame. With this amnesty bill, you are setting yourselves up for even bigger losses in Congress in 2008, plus the possibility that (God help us) a radical Leftist like Hillary Rotten Clinton may become President.

There's a difference between us conservatives and liberals. We don't goosestep to the drumbeat of whatever the party leaders tell us, unlike most liberal Democrats. We are independent thinkers who want what best for the country before what's best for the party. This "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" is not in the best interest of the country. It is not right to give people who've broken our immigration law temporary legal status that can be renewed indefinitely. It will be impossible for our bureaucracy to check the backgrounds of these prospective newcomers, the same agencies who sent visas to several of the 9/11 hijackers six months after they killed 3,000 of our fellow citizens. We've been down this road before. We were promised enforcement of our immigration laws after the 1986 amnesty and the problem only got worse. What makes us think this "comprehensive bill" will make it any better?

"Just trust us" is not an answer.

What we want you, Mr. President and the Congress to do, is enforce our current immigration laws. Crack down on those who hire illegal aliens. Take away federal funding from cities that refuse to aid in their enforcement (Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, San Rafael). Social security benefits should not be given to illegal aliens. You don't need to deport all 12 million or more of them. They will deport themselves if they can't get jobs or suck off the teet of government entitlements.

Furthermore, we want Republicans in Congress and running for President to stand for conservative principles, not water them down for the sake of "moderation." We don't need another RINO like Arnold Schwarzenkennedy. It has been proven time and time again that conservatism works every time it's tried.

Our patience has reached the limit. Whether or not Republicans will regain control of Congress and keep the White House depends upon whether or not you decide to pay attention to us or keep calling us names.

Monday, May 28, 2007

WoolseyWatch--Spending Memorial Day Weekend Fundraising & Attacking The War

One might hope that on a sacred holiday like Memorial Day, Lynn Woolsey could stop her cheerleading for America's surrender in the War on Terror for just this one day.

Guess again. Not only did Woolsey spend Memorial Day weekend dishonoring the troops, their mission and the Commander in Chief, she held a pre-event reception fundraiser.

Woolsey attended a Memorial Day Weekend Special Event at Point Reyes Books in the hippie town of Pt. Reyes Station on Sunday. Appearing with her was with left-wing author Norman Solomon of Inverness, author of the book War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death and Target Iraq. The 7:30 p.m. event was free, however a $50 pre-event fundraising reception was held for Woolsey at Toby's Feed Barn from 6 to 7 p.m.

On their website, Pt. Reyes Books said:
"Memorial Day reminds us how fortunate we are to have Lynn Woolsey representing us in Congress. Her bold leadership on seeking to bring our troops home from Iraq is unique in this country. Strong support for this conversation gives us a chance to celebrate her efforts and will encourage other leaders like Lynn to stand up for our values and do the right thing on the national stage."

No words of thanks to our veterans or remembering the fallen from Point Reyes Books. Instead, they're grateful for Lynn Woolsey and her legacy of supporting the enemies of America.

The author Solomon once led the left-wing watchdog group Fairness & Accuracy in Media and is Executive Director of Institute for Public Accuracy, another leftist, tax exempt group. Solomon helped actor & Ross, CA resident Sean "Jeff Spicoli" Penn and others on trips to Iraq before the war for anti-American propaganda.

In 2004, Solomon said "There are ways that the U.S. government could legitimately reduce the negative coverage it gets on al-Jazeera. For instance, if President Bush wants al-Jazeera to stop airing grisly footage of dead Iraqi civilians, as commander in chief he could order U.S. troops to stop killing them."

So, instead of spending Memorial Day meeting with local soldiers who've returned from Iraq, Lynn Woolsey hosts a fundraising reception and an event with an author who accused our military of killing Iraqi civilians.

Veterans in Marin County and families of fallen soldiers deserve better than the lack of leadership Woolsey is providing the North Bay.

Memorial Day 2007

Remembering on this day those who served our nation and gave their lives (including a grandfather I would never know) so that we might enjoy the blessings of freedom. Especially now to those who've given their lives in the War on Terrorism and their families. We salute you and thank you for your service and sacrifice so that the rest of us might live in freedom.

Thank you also to all veterans still with us for your service to our nation.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Happy 100th Birthday John Wayne

Tomorrow, May 26th would have been the 100th birthday of John Wayne, a man who became more than just a Hollywood actor. He was a patriot who came to symbolize America to the world and proudly stood up for this nation.

Though he died in June 1979, he is still alive through his movies and in the memories of those he came in touch with. In the Orange County Register, many residents of that Southern California county remember their local run-ins with Wayne.

"America, Why I Love Her," John Wayne explains why.

Ronald Reagan wrote this tribute to The Duke in October 1979 for Reader's Digest, an excerpt appears below.
"I saw his loyalty in action many times. I remember that when Duke and Jimmy Stewart were on their way to my second inauguration as governor of California they encountered a crowd of demonstrators under the banner of the Vietcong flag. Jimmy had just lost a son in Vietnam. Duke excused himself for a moment and walked into the crowd. In a moment there was no Vietcong flag.

Happy Birthday Duke! How we wish you were still with us today.

Chicken Little Crowd Blames Global Warming for 2005 Marin Floods

So-called experts at a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association briefing point to so-called global warming as the culprit for the New Years Eve 2005 floods that washed through the Fairfax and San Anselmo area.

"As the atmosphere warms, it can hold more moisture and you can get higher rain rates. The whole western Pacific Ocean has been warmer since the mid-1990s and that has provided the fuel for the tropical (storms) that feed this moisture into the atmosphere and ends up hitting the California coast. We are seeing more of those occur. The New Year's Eve flood of 2005 was one of those types of events." ," David Reynolds, senior meteorologist with the National Weather Service, was quoted in Thursday's Marin IJ.

OK, so what about the 1982 flood that some have recalled? There was also the heavy rains I recall back in 1998, along with flooding and landslides up at the Russian River. No one screamed "global warming" then.

But a large part of the blame also goes to the lack of action by Ross Valley local governments for flood control, even after the 1982 flood.

One more thought to ponder for the "Sky is Falling" crowd. I seem to recall stories recently about the area being at near drought levels for water. So, where are the higher rain rates this Reynolds guy mentions?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Marin County Stupidvisors Attack Gay Marriage Ban

Doesn't the Marin County Board of Stupidvisors have any legitimate county business to take care of?

According to the IJ's All About Marin, the board voted 5-0 to join in San Francisco's legal fight against Proposition 22 which limits marriage between a man and a woman. The proposition passed in 2000 with 61 percent of the vote.

Thus, in typical liberal fashion, Marin County and San Francisco governments will, via lawsuit, attempt to disenfranchise the votes of a majority of Californians and defeat a measure that they could not defeat at the ballot box. All the while, these five elected officials will stand up for illegal aliens who've broken our nation's immigration laws and attack those who were sworn to enforce immigration law. One, Charles McGlashan, even compared federal officials to Nazis and has not apologized for his demagoguery.

Marin County desperately needs adults to move it forward, not five buffoons who kowtow to liberal whims like gay marriage, illegal aliens, banning plastic bags and eliminating affordable housing.

Al Gore's Assualt On Reason Comes To Marin

Al Gore, the perpetual crybaby who still cannot get over his loss of the 2000 Presidential Election, came back to Marin County yesterday and spoke to a sold out crowd at Marin Veterans Memorial Auditorium.

For photos of the event, Bay Area photojournalist extraordinaire Zombie was there and managed to get in. He got great shots of his Close Encounter with Gore, as well as the gas gussling vehicles driven by the Marin County liberals who attended the speech.

The Marin IJ's Richard Halstead wrote a gushing article about Gore's appearance.

Gore's new book is called "The Assault on Reason" but should have been called "My Assault on Reason." Ever since losing the razor thin 2000 election, Gore has become mentally unstable, going on screaming rampages against the Bush Administration, thus making even the worst two year old look mature.

In the Marin speech, Gore, according to the IJ, "compared the Bush administration's position on torture to George Washington's prohibition against it during the Revolutionary War, and he scolded Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney for leading the American public to believe that Saddam Hussein was responsible for the 9/11 attacks."

Funny, but I never remember Bush or Cheney implying Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9/11.

"But pacing the stage and perspiring like a tortured Hamlet, Gore said there was something more troubling than the perfidy demonstrated by Bush and Cheney - 'why was our beloved country so vulnerable to such crass manipulation?' "

That's what I've been asking myself, and that's why I said earlier Gore should title his book "My Assault on Reason." Here is an individual who has gone around the world like Chicken Little, screaming "The sky is falling, The sky is falling!" about so-called global warming. His crockumentary "An Inconvenient Lie" is shown religiously to schoolchildren, frightening many of them about the polar bears drowning. At the same time, when it comes to a serious matter like the War on Terror, he screams how the Bush Administration "played on our fears" about terrorism. Of course, Islamic terrorism was a low priority on the Clinton/Gore agenda in the 1990's. Chasing interns and large fundraisers at Buddhist temples were more important than protecting America from bin Laden.

Al Gore reminds me of that commerical of the guy on the street corner with a big sign "The End is Near." Then again, he's also like the slimiest used car salesman, waiting to sell another lemon to his next customer.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sissy-Boy John Edwards Thinks War On Terror Isn't Real

John Edwards, aka "The Breck Girl" thinks the War on Terror is just a bumper sticker term that is being used for political purposes.

"We need a post-Bush, post-9/11, post-Iraq military that is mission focused on protecting Americans from 21st century threats, not misused for discredited ideological purposes. By framing this as a war, we have walked right into the trap the terrorists have set—that we are engaged in some kind of clash of civilizations and a war on Islam." the little sissy-boy told the Council on Foreign Relations.

However, it is Edwards who is using the war and the military to make political and ideological puroposes. On his website, Edwards has asked his kook-fringe, Leftist supporters to observe Memorial Day by doing the following:
“Buy a bunch of poster-board and markers. At a picnic or with family and friends, make signs that say ‘SUPPORT THE TROOPS - END THE WAR.’ Bring them to your local Memorial Day parade. Then take a digital photo of yourself and your family or friends holding up the poster and tell us about it. We’ll include it in a ‘Democracy Photo Album’ on our site.”

National Commander of the American Legion Paul A. Morin took Edwards to task, writing that Memorial Day should be "a hallowed day that should be about honoring the more than one million men and women who died in the service of this nation in wars and conflicts dating back to 1775. It should be above politics. Period."

Morin also wrote:
"The families of those killed in war should not be led to believe that their loved ones died for a less-than-worthy cause. They died because they took an oath to defend this nation and its Constitution. The sacrifice is the same whether it’s for a “popular war” or an unpopular one. Memorial Day should be an occasion to bring Americans together to honor these heroes.

...If you want to honor these heroes, visit a veterans cemetery on Memorial Day. Attend a parade without the divisive political signs. Make cards for the comrades of the fallen that are recuperating in military and VA hospitals. Lay a wreath at the stone of a departed hero.

We Americans need to remember why Memorial Day is special. It’s not about picnics or trips to the beach. It’s not about making pro- or anti-war statements. It’s not about supporting political candidates. It’s about honor, duty and the ultimate sacrifice. It’s about people who have decided that the United States is worth dying for.

At one time, Edwards pledged unity throughout the War on Terror. Like most other Democrats, that was a pledge they gave lip service to, only when it was politically expedient. Today, it is liberal Democrats like Edwards who divide this nation on an issue we should all be united on.

John Edwards doesn't think there's a War on Terror? Someone tell that jerk to go to Lower Manhattan and visit a hole in the ground where the World Trade Center once stood. Why don't you tell that to New York firefighters or a child who lost a parent that day, you little girlie-man.

As far as I'm concerned, it's people like John Edwards and their rhetoric that inspire attacks on our troops and embolden the terrorists he believes doesn't exist. Edwards is not only unpatriotic, he's unAmerican.

ABC Commits Treason--When Will Administration Punish Leakers?

A covert CIA program to destabilize the Islamofacist government of Iran is covert no more, thanks to ABC News.

Last night, Brian Ross broke a story based on anonymous sources (ie: leakers in the CIA) that:

The CIA has received secret presidential approval to mount a covert "black" operation to destabilize the Iranian government, current and former officials in the intelligence community tell the Blotter on

The sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the subject, say President Bush has signed a "nonlethal presidential finding" that puts into motion a CIA plan that reportedly includes a coordinated campaign of propaganda, disinformation and manipulation of Iran's currency and international financial transactions.

How many Americans have to die because of liberals/Clintonoids in the CIA, Defense Department, etc who leak classified material that damages not just the security of this nation, but the War on Terror?

When is the Bush Administration going to get tough and go after these leakers? It would be great if the Democrats in Congress would get as angry about this as they did about the Valerie Plame non-story. No, instead they're waging their war against the Bush Administration by going after Alberto Gonzalez.

ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, The New York Times--Fifth Columnists.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Court Rules Novato High School Violated Free Speech of Student Who Wrote Against Illegal Immigration

Andrew Smith, a former Novato High School student who was censored by school officials for writing an opinion piece against illegal immigration, won a major court victory this week.

The California First District Court of Appeal ruled that Smith had his free speech rights violated by the school in 2001, in response to a protest by 150 students and parents the day after his column against illegal immigration was published. School officials actually apologized to the protesters and, like modern day brownshirts, seized all remaining copies of The Buzz student newspaper. Letters were even sent to parents saying the article should have never been published. Smith was allegedly threatened by some students and the District did not punish any of the students who left classes to protest.

According to a press release from the Pacific Legal Foundation, the court ruled that California law “mandates that a school may not prohibit student speech simply because it presents controversial ideas and opponents of the speech are likely to cause disruption.” Smith's attorney, Paul J. Beard II of PLF, said “This is a resounding victory for the speech rights of public high schools students up and down California. California school districts are now on notice that they can’t enforce a code of political correctness on their students.”

Smith and his father, Dale, filed the suit in Marin County Superior Court back in 2002. A 2005 decision by the superior court (oxymoron) took the side of the district and even had the gall to rule that the Smith's pay the court costs for the Novato Unified School District.

Smith told Fox News, “The only reason why I wrote the article and the way I wrote it ... was to get people to read it and to think about the topic I was presenting.” Also, the article was approved for publication in the student newspaper by both the principal and the journalism faculty adviser.

Smith is now a corporal in the Marine Corps Reserves. God Bless You, sir, for your service to this country and for standing up to the politically correct mob at the Novato Unified School District.

Democrats Drop Surrender Date From Iraq Supplimental Funding Bill

Today was a victory for our military as the Democrat Leadership in Congress dropped the "surrender in Iraq" dates from the supplemental spending bill for funding our troops overseas.

From the New York Times:

Congressional Democrats relented today on their insistence that a war spending measure sought by President Bush also set a date for withdrawing troops from Iraq. The decision to back down, described by senior lawmakers and aides, was a wrenching reversal for some Democrats, who saw their election triumph as a call to force an end to the war. A Democratic effort to include timelines prompted Mr. Bush’s veto of the original bill last month, producing a political impasse.

“We don’t have a veto-proof Congress,” said Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the majority leader.

Representative Steny H. Hoyer of Maryland, the House Democratic majority leader, said the new bill was still being assembled, but he acknowledged the political reality facing Democrats. “The president has made it very clear that he is not going to sign timelines,” said Mr. Hoyer. “We can’t pass timelines over his veto.”

So much for the lie these Democrats have spread about their majority is a mandate from the American people to surrender in Iraq. Most polls do not support that fallacy, because real Americans, like the great Gen. George S. Patton said, "will not tolerate a loser."

Good job to President Bush for standing behind our troops and insisting they be funded without strings (or pork) attached. This isn't just a defeat for the Democrats, it's also a major defeat for the al-Queda terrorists in Iraq as well.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Clinton Appointed Judge Throws Out Anti-Illegal Alien Rental Ordinance

Recently, the citizens of Farmers Branch, Texas (near Dallas) voted overwhelmingly on a law that would prohibit landlords to rent their property to illegal aliens.

Today, in an illustration of how the courts have become too powerful, a U.S. District Court threw out the law.

"The court recognizes that illegal immigration is a major problem in this country, and one who asserts otherwise ignores reality. The court also fully understands the frustration of cities attempting to address a national problem that the federal government should handle; however, such frustration, no matter how great, cannot serve as a basis to pass an ordinance that conflicts with federal law," wrote District Judge Sam A. Lindsay in his decision.

Lindsay was appointed to the U.S. District Court of the Northern District of Texas in 1998 by President Bill Clinton.

IJ Watch--Mountain Play Production Of "Hair" Given Front Page Coverage

Usually, front pages of newspapers are reserved for hard-hitting, breaking news. Not at the Marin Independent Journal, a newspaper which panders to people who still cannot let go of the 1960's.

On the front page of the May 21 edition, an article about the hippie play "Hair," which is this year's Mount Tam Mountain Play, was headline news ("Sun shines on 'Hair' debut on Mt. Tam").

"JERRY MERGA of Santa Rosa didn't have to look far for an outfit to wear to the debut of "Hair," at the 94th Mountain Play on Sunday. The first and only place he had to look was his closet.

...Many in the crowd did as Merga, donning clothing reminiscent of the era of "Hair," the Summer of Love generation from the 1960s when anti-war sentiment was growing and the anthem of the period was, "Make Love Not War."

That same mentality came across the 4,000-seat Cushing Memorial Amphitheatre stage perfectly Sunday as fans clapped in unison and sang the songs of another place and time. The crowd reveled in bright sunshine and live music from an 18-piece band as the show kept a quick pace with 33 songs.

..."Some of these lyrics could have been written last week," said Corte Madera resident Diana Dring, 58, who was taking in the production with her friend from Sausalito, Holly Bacuzzi. "I'm really surprised it took them this long to do this play. I remember I was a sophomore in college when the original play opened on Broadway. Man, it was way out. I think I still have two copies of the album."

Far out, dude! I wonder how many people may have been smoking the wacky weed or anything else, just to recapture the youth these aging hippies have spent the last 40 years trying to relive.

Part of the evenings entertainment was Griffin Stoller, a 12 year old violinist who was joined by Country Joe McDonald of the 1960's band Country Joe & The Fish. According to his own website, Country Joe was a "red diaper baby" whose parents named him after Communist Dictator (and mass murderer) Joseph Stalin. Stalin was nicknamed "Country Joe" during World War II.

Leave it to the Marin IJ, a paper which caters to the spirit of treason spawned by the 1960's counterculture, to feature this play on their front page.

Makes you wonder what they're smoking at the "budget meetings" when the IJ editors decide what goes on the front page.

Senate Putting Off Action on Amnesty Bill Until June

It looks like the voices of the American people are being heard.

The Amnesty for Illegal Aliens bill (a.k.a. The Comprehensive Destruction of America Legislation), which the Senate hoped to pass quickly before going on Memorial Day break, will not have action taken until June. At the same time, many pro-illegal groups are opposed to this bill.

If you want to know more about what's in the bill, N.Z. Bear at The Truth Laid Bear has posted a copy of the bill.

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff tells CNN's Wolf Blitzer, "You know, Wolf, first, I understand there's some people who expect anything other than capital punishment is an amnesty." Add to that John McLame's lapdog, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, telling the racist group La Raza back in March, "We're gonna tell the bigots to shut up."

What part of "illegal" don't these so-called public servants understand? The only bigotry I see is from people like Kennedy, Graham, McLame and (I'm sorry to say) President Bush against law abiding, tax paying, American citizens.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Comprehensive Sell-Out of America Legislation, Masquerading As "Immigration Reform"

What does our government think we are, stupid?

This supposed immigration reform is amnesty, any way you slice it, with no promise of securing our borders. Basically, Ted Kennedy is writing legislation that, if passed, would be akin to driving America off a bridge, and George W. Bush is giving him the keys to the car!

Kennedy has a history of lying to America on other "immigration reform acts" over the last 41 years, according to Mark Krikorian at National Review Online. Here's Teddy's quotes.

1965: "The bill will not flood our cities with immigrants. It will not upset the ethnic mix of our society. It will not relax the standards of admission. It will not cause American workers to lose their jobs."

1986: "This amnesty will give citizenship to only 1.1 to 1.3 million illegal aliens. We will secure the borders henceforth. We will never again bring forward another amnesty bill like this." (M.I.M note: Maybe Ted was drunk at the time and forgot he said this?)

2007: "Now it is time for action. 2007 is the year we must fix our broken system."

Liberals have continuously attacked the Bush Administration of "secrecy" when it comes to fighting the War on Terror (one of the few areas these days where the administration is right). However, these same libs will work in secret with racist groups like La Raza (translated - "The Race") to craft this amnesty bill. Where is the open government and open debate?

For all the constant pandering by Bush and the RINO's to "make nice" with liberals, this amnesty still doesn't satisfy the Left. See today's IJ for reaction closer to home.

Right Wing News lists 22 Problems With The Senate's Illegal Immigration Bill.

It's not just Mexicans and Central Americans who will be given amnesty. The doors to this nation will be open to millions of Muslims, according to the American Thinker.

The new immigration bill will allow hundreds of thousands and perhaps millions of Muslims to come into the United States over the next decade. Many of them have been indoctrinated all their lives to hate the United States, but that's not on the immigration qualifications. Nobody asks newcomers "have you been taught to hate the United States?" But that is exactly how France and Britain created their domestic terrorist threat: By importing hundreds of thousands of unassimilated people under the guise of multicultural love and peace. Almost all vote for the Left.

Socialists are the same all over. They don't believe in the nation-state, and sincerely try to bring about a more perfect world in which nations would not exist. They therefore knock holes in the bottom of our little lifeboat, in the belief that they're doing us all a big favor. They're nice saboteurs.

This immigration bill needs to be stopped. Will the Republican Leadership in the Senate stand up like men and filibuster this or will they just roll over like girlie-men?

It's time to make our voices heard.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

MAF Rallies Against Surrender Monkeys Reid & Pelosi. Widow of Fort Hood Soldier Has Words For Congress

Two Thumbs Way Up to Melanie Morgan, Move America Forward and all who showed up in San Francisco, Las Vegas and Carson City to support our troops against the cut, run and surrender strategy of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid Please go to Move America Forward's website for several articles, film clips and photos of the three rallies.

At one of "Dirty Harry" Reid's offices, one of his aides closed the door on the pro-troop supporters (see clip below, from MAF website)

See also this new MAF ad which takes on Reid and Pelosi.

While on the subject of supporting our troops, I found this article from KEYE Channel 42 in Austin, TX about the funeral for Army Staff Sergeant Chris Kiernan, 37, who was killed by a sniper on May 6 ("Fort Hood Widow Has Message For Congress"). He was on his second tour of duty with the 1st Cavalry Division and two years away from retirement from the Army.

Donna Kiernan says her husband died as he lived, always the hero.

“There's nobody that will forget that man,” Donna said. “When he put that uniform on, he was a soldier.”

He spent his days working with the Iraqi people to rebuild their lives.

“That was what their main goal was,” Donna said. “It wasn't sitting on a building trying to shoot people all day. He went house to house, he tried to gain the confidence and the respect of the Iraqi people.”

He felt that was the key to winning the war.

“He said we have to build their respect and we have to build a relationship with them,” Donna said. “Once we have that, they will want to get their country back in order, they will want to be responsible.”

She says Washington politics isn't helping.

He said telling Iraqis that Americans are leaving them will make them mad,” Donna said. “He said it just made his job harder.”

She says Chris’ unit was one man short. He was killed, she says, doing the job of two people.

How many soldiers have to die trying to do the work of three or four soldiers before the government steps up? They need to wake up. They need to stop taking vacations,” Donna said. “This is no time to take a vacation when a war is going on. More than 3,600 soldiers are dead.”

Donna Kiernan says she wants Congress to fully support the troops, both in what they say and what they do.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hillary Clinton Needs A Campaign Theme Song--Here's Some Suggestions

Hillary Clinton is in need of some assistance and has posted a YouTube video for our help.

"Hi, I'm Hillary Clinton:

And I need some advice from everyone out there who's watching this. I want to know what your thinking is on one of the most important questions of the campaign.

It's something we've been struggling with, debating, agonizing over for months. So now..I'm turning to you, the American people. Here's the issue:

What do you think our campaign song should be?

There are so many great choices. We want and need your help. Please go to and vote for your favorite choice or send us your ideas. Whatever song you choose though..I make you this solemn and sacred promise...(Hillary CLIP Singing National Anthem). I won't sing it in public....UNLESS I WIN!"

In looking over her choices, it's obvious that none of the songs are appropriate for her campaign. But never fear, that's where we come in and it looks like many of our friends at have a head start. I've picked ten of their selections which I think best fit the Hildebeast's campaign (in no particular order).

1. Cold As Ice - Foreigner
2. Evil Woman - Electric Light Orchestra
3. The Bitch Is Back - Elton John
4. Little Lies - Fleetwood Mac
5. Witchy Woman - The Eagles
6. Cult of Personality - Living Colour
7. Stand By Your Man- Tammy Wynette
8. Highway to Hell - AC/DC
9. Taxman - The Beatles (or also, by honorable mention, "Back in the USSR")
10. Maneater - Hall & Oates

Immigration Proposal Would Give Amnesty to Illegals Plus Their Parents, Spouses & Children

Bad news. From - "Immigration Deal Would Grant Amnesty to Parents, Spouses and Children."

Senate Democrats and Republicans are working feverishly with the White House to put the finishing touches on an immigration proposal that could be announced later today or tomorrow. The deal would give illegal aliens living in the United States amnesty, according to confidential sources. It would also allow illegal aliens to bring their parents, spouses and children into the United States.

Multiple sources on Capitol Hill with knowledge of the proposal said Sen. Teddy Kennedy (D.-Mass.) has been able to extract significant concessions from Republicans. The critical part of the deal is a lengthy section that spells out the provisions related to “Z” visas -- or what my sources described as the “Amnesty Title” of the bill.

....The burden of proof would be low for illegal aliens to prove that they were continually illegally present in United States. This provision would reward the illegal alien for proving continual illegal presence and illegal employment in the United States with a “Z” visa. This provision in the Kennedy deal, approved by some Republicans, is clearly amnesty under any definition, according to immigration experts whom I consulted.

The proposal would require illegal immigrants to pay a fine to apply for the “Z” visa, but despite that penalty, conservatives are likely characterize this deal as a major sell out to Kennedy and his pro-amnesty allies."

And Republicans want to know why they lost in '06? It's because they continously acted like psuedo-Democrats. If they don't wise up and fight this amnesty, they will flush '08 down the toilet.

No Condemnation of Falwell "Anti-Memorial" Yet from Newsom, Pelosi

This morning, I called the press offices of both San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and Speaker of the House (who represents San Francisco) Nancy Pelosi asking if they have or will condemn the "anti-memorial" for The Rev. Jerry Falwell yesterday in San Francisco's gay Castro District.

Not surprisingly, I've received no response.

This was the scene in San Francisco yesterday, as a dozen creeps showed up to mock the death of Rev. Falwell, complete with a mock grave site, inviting the protesters to "Dance on my Gave. Images courtesy of NBC6 in South Florida.

It's interesting to note the double standard in San Francisco. Remember a couple of years ago when some S.F. Police Officers make a politically incorrect video for a private holiday party? The mayor will immediately come out and call the police "racist," "sexist," "homophobic." When a Christian minister dies, there is no condemnation from the same mayor toward those in the gay community who exhibit such hatred and bigotry towards Christians.

San Francisco Values. Hatred for the military, police, the Catholic Church as well as evangelical Christians.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jerry Falwell Dies While Gays in San Francisco's Castro Hold "Anti-Memorial"

In an episode that can only be described by a sane person as disgusting, homosexuals in the Castro District of San Francisco held an "anti-memorial" for The Rev. Jerry Falwell, who died today in Lynchburg VA at the age of 73.

From SFGate:
"Michael Petrelis, a blogger, longtime HIV survivor and organizer of the 5 p.m. event, said that the founder of the Moral Majority needed to be remembered for his legacy of hatred.

"I remember Falwell's hatred of people with AIDS and gay people at the height of the AIDS epidemic," Petrelis said. "It was so un-religious. I feel it's important that we speak out as gay people on the day that Falwell has died. We have to remind people of the hatred he spewed against gays and people with AIDS."

Guess again, Michael. Because tonight you and everyone who showed up to your deplorable little event are the ones spewing hatred. You have, like many on the Left, become what you claim to condemn. People who do what you've done tonight are not even human, in my book, and I didn't always agree with Reverend Falwell. Just because you disagree with someone doesn't give you the right to celebrate their death.

To San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and Speaker of the House Nancy Bella-Pelosi an official condemnation of this event would be appropriate and appreciated.

We're waiting.

Oh, one more thought, Michael. I've never actually heard or read Falwell express the hatred of homosexuals you spoke of. Consider this. There are, and have been, places where homosexuals are killed like sport. No, it wasn't at Falwell's Liberty University. It was in the fundamentalist Islamic government of the Taliban. In Iran, homosexuals are punished by beheading with a sword, being chopped in two with a sword, stoning to death, burning alive at the stake or being thrown alive from a mountain top or high building.

There's your hatred of homosexuals, as practiced by Islam, the Religion of Peace.

Monday, May 14, 2007

This Thursday is "Surrender Is Not An Option" Day. Fight Back Against Surrender Monkeys Pelosi & Reid

Since taking the majority in Congress, Nancy Pelosi, "The Queen of Mean" and "Dirty Harry" Reid have done nothing but stab our troops in the back and give aid and comfort to the terrorist enemy in Iraq.

Now, it is time to show them that we, the silent majority of the American people, support our trooops and will no longer allow them to be stabbed in the back by these treasnous Democrats.

This Thursday, May 17th, at 10:30 a.m. PST, Move America Forward will hold three rallies outside the offices of Nancy Pelosi at 450 Golden Gate Ave., 14th Floor in San Francisco, CA, and Harry Reid's offices in Las Vegas and at 600 East William St., Carson City NV.

"We're sick and tired of watching Congressional leaders like Pelosi and Reid deliberately undermining support for the missions of our troops serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom & Operation Enduring Freedom. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

We are asking all of our members and supporters and the general public to show up for these mass rallies. Please bring a “white flag” as a symbol to show our disgust with the “Surrender” policies being advocated by Congress against our troops.

If you cannot make it to San Francisco or Las Vegas on May 17th for these giant rallies, then please send a protest “surrender” feather and post card package to the offices of Pelosi & Reid."

For you, Harry & Nancy (you too, Lynn)!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Thuggish DNC Lawyers Threaten & Talk Show With Cease & Desist Order

Howard "the Scream" Dean and his Democrat Party, who never cease launch a vicious partisan attack or promote one conspiracy theory after another about Republicans and President Bush, apparently cannot take what they regularly dish out.

After the devastating tornadoes which hit Greensburg, Kansas last week, the state's Democrat Governor, Kathleen Sebelius, used the storm to launch an attack against President Bush and the Iraq War. She apologized after being proven wrong after being set straight by Sen. Sam Brownback, a Republican, but the story does not end there.

On May 10th, the XM Satellite Radio Show Quinn & Rose broke the following:
"...According to our source; during her (the Governor) phone conversation with the Senator (San Brownback), she offered an excuse for her words to the media. She explained that because everything is so political right now -- she was told not to allow an opportunity like this pass. She went on to say that "Howard" (Dean) called her around 5:00 am and told her not to ask the White House for any help, or make any statements until she heard back from him. Then "Dick" (Durbin ?) called her an hour or two later and told her to use the excuse of the Guard being at war. Hoping Brownback would understand, she apparently went on to say that he had to understand that with everyone feeling the heat about the war, they needed to get press on something else. She said she didn't think it was right to use it like this, but she didn't feel she had much of a choice with current climate. She also promised that she'd try to move away from the comment when she and Brownback were to meet up later and tour the damage.

This certainly sheds a lot of light on Katrina -- and confirms the suspicions that many of us had at that time. Katrina was engineered in much the same way.

If they are going to read from the same script every time something like this happens, the least they could do is mix it up a little. The are just so darn predictable. They will do anything for political gain."

Now, Quinn & Rose, as well as have been slapped with "cease & desist" letters from attorney Joseph Sandler representing the DNC. Dean, Sebelius and (astonishingly) Brownback have denied the conversation existed. So far, the posts as well as the breaking story on Quinn & Rose's website are still up.

Though all the parties deny this call took place and until concrete proof is presented that the call never happened, I don't doubt that Howard Dean made the call to politicize the storm. I've long suspected that Dean acted in a similar manner during Hurricane Katrina. Louisiana has a Democrat governor and New Orleans Mayor Ray "School Bus" Nagin is also a Democrat. Democrats have proven time and time again they'd put the lives of US citizens and soldiers at risk just for partisan advantage in an effort to gain more power. In other words, "in order to make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs."

The folks over at Powerline blog say "(attorney) Sandler is a thug representing a bunch of reprobates and bullies." They're right. It was Democrats who sent lawyers after Sinclair Broadcasting for playing the "Stolen Valor" documentary that questioned John Kerry's brief military service. It was "Dirty Harry" Reid and several other Democrats who threatened ABC's broadcasting license over scenes in "The Path to 9/11" that illustrated the Clinton Administration's lack of interest in Osama bin Laden. Ever since 2000, it's Democrats who are always threatening legal action if things don't go their way at the ballot box. By their actions, it's safe to say that the Democrats of today were the playground bullies in elementary school, or kicked sand in the faces people at the beach.

Democrats and the Left are always the ones who lecture the rest of us about "free speech" and the "right to dissent." Once again, they're the ones acting like hypocrites.

This needs to be seriously investigated and the denials should not be taken at face value.

Happy Mother's Day!

I'm officially back from a one week vacation. To all mothers who read my blog, I wish you a Happy Mother's Day.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

On Break For Rest of Week

I'll be away for the rest of the week for a little R & R and recharge the batteries. I plan to be back here by Saturday the 12th. Until then, have a good week!

"Barack The Magic Negro" Parody Attacked By Media Matters for Stalinist America

The Stalinist tactics of liar David Crock and Media Matters continue, this time targeting the parody "Barack the Magic Negro" done by Paul Shanklin and played on Rush Limbaugh's radio show.

"We take these things seriously because there's a consistent pattern of them making their way into the mainstream media and then the mainstream consciousness. It's important to shoot these things down." said Karl Frisch of Media Matters said in a Chicago Tribune story by Christi Parsons.

Parsons called Media Matters "a non-profit media watchdog group that has been monitoring the broadcasts." She did not point out that Media Matters is a liberal group funded in part by George Soros with backing from allies of Hillary Clinton who monitor only conservative media. As a non-profit group, they are essentially the thought police against conservative media, funded by taxpayers.

Parsons story goes one step further, trying to imply a link between the Limbaugh parody and threats against Obama which have caused him to seek Secret Service protection.
"Obama's status as the first African-American with a realistic chance of winning the presidency highlights the ambivalent state of racial tolerance in the country: Even as he attracts massive and adulatory crowds, he also inspires hateful remarks and threats that carry distinct racial undertones."

Give me a break! Not once has Rush or any caller on his show threatened Obama. This whole thing was started by a liberal writer, David Ehrenstein, who wrote an article in the Los Angeles Times on March 19 entitled "Obama the Magic Negro." The subhead for the LA Times column read: "The Illinois senator lends himself to white America's idealized, less-than-real black man." The parody was done to, as Rush says, "Illustrate absurdity by being absurd," as it is the liberals who are the first to notice skin color or whether a person is "black enough."

I'll go a step further and prove how Rush is Right! Here is a clip from YouTube by a Pastor James David Manning of ATLAH World Ministries (note: a black man) attacking blacks for supporting Obama, as well as attacking the candidate for being mixed race.

(partial transcript of clip) "The way the Negro people are turning against Bill & Hillary Clinton these days for Obama is unprecedented. Good enough for you Bill...and Hillary? You see how unreliable and unfaithful the Negro people are? They left you for that half white boy. They left you in a heartbeat." The pastor later tells his flock "...but I told you Obama got a white mama."

U.S Friendly Nicolas Sarkozy Wins French Election

An American Friendly president elected in France.

Rioting is going on. LGF notes that Daily Kosers are despondent.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Illegal Alien May Day Rallies: What The MSM Didn't Show You

Americans for Legal Immigration, has compiled several items from various pro-illegal alien rallies on May Day which were ignored by the mainstream media.

Here are some of the examples they've illustrated.

From the Chicago Rally, May 1, 2007, Lady Liberty is tied to a pole. More photos from Jake Jacobsen here.

Video taken by Jacobsen, being harassed by pro-illegal Leftists.

Video taken from bus in Los Angeles near MacArthur Park. You can hear sounds of objects being thrown at the bus by the protesters.

Police band transmissions from L.A. Police on 5/1/07.

Houston NBC2 Cameraman with Mexican flag on camera.

Despite Veto, Defeatist Democrats Continue War on Troops in Iraq

As he rightfully should have, President Bush earlier this week vetoed the Iraq Surrender Bill, which was also stuffed with billions of dollars in pork bribes by the Democrat leadership to squeak passage.

The Democrat's attempt to override the veto failed, but their war on America's fighting forces in Iraq continues.

On Thursday, the Hildebeast, Hillary Rotten Clinton called for a repeal of the Iraq War Authorization effective October 11, 2007, the fifth anniversary of the authorization. Joining her in this political stunt was the porkmaster of West Virginia, Robert "Sheets" Byrd (D-KKK). How some views will change when they run for President, as Clinton originally voted for the 2002 resolution authorizing use of force if Iraq did not disarm. Here is some of what she said on the floor of the senate in 2002:
"In the four years since the inspectors left, intelligence reports show that Saddam Hussein has worked to rebuild his chemical and biological weapons stock, his missile delivery capability, and his nuclear program. He has also given aid, comfort, and sanctuary to terrorists, including Al Qaeda members, though there is apparently no evidence of his involvement in the terrible events of September 11, 2001.

It is clear, however, that if left unchecked, Saddam Hussein will continue to increase his capacity to wage biological and chemical warfare, and will keep trying to develop nuclear weapons. Should he succeed in that endeavor, he could alter the political and security landscape of the Middle East, which as we know all too well affects American security.

...This is a very difficult vote. This is probably the hardest decision I have ever had to make -- any vote that may lead to war should be hard -- but I cast it with conviction.

And perhaps my decision is influenced by my eight years of experience on the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue in the White House watching my husband deal with serious challenges to our nation. I want this President, or any future President, to be in the strongest possible position to lead our country in the United Nations or in war. Secondly, I want to insure that Saddam Hussein makes no mistake about our national unity and for our support for the President's efforts to wage America's war against terrorists and weapons of mass destruction. And thirdly, I want the men and women in our Armed Forces to know that if they should be called upon to act against Iraq, our country will stand resolutely behind them."

After her approval of the Iraq resolution, she still made the case for supporting the vote she made with conviction. She did it in front of the group Code Pinko in 2003 (see YouTube video here). However, because she is in a heated race for her party's nomination for President, her views on Iraq have changed like the direction of the wind. Now some fools want to aid in her election by comparing her to Margaret Thatcher, a comparison that is so far removed from reality. As Melanie Morgan said so brilliantly yesterday in her WND column "Democrats: Dangerous not Dumb":

"Sorry, but Margaret Thatcher was a woman of convictions who fought for what she believed in, no matter how popular or unpopular her stance on an issue may have been.

During the Cold War, Thatcher remained steadfast in the fight against communism even in the face of mass protests from British leftists who felt that her policies would provoke a nuclear war.

Hillary Clinton is no Margaret Thatcher; she doesn't even do a good job at playing dress up as Margaret Thatcher."

Byrd is another matter. An vocal opponent of the war from day one, Byrd castigated the President's carrier landing aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln and wrote a drooling tome about Bush's "arrogant" Presidency, in his mind. What is so hypocritical is the Left's support and love for this former Kleagle & "Exalted Cyclops" of the Ku Klux Klan, who as recently as six years ago said on Fox News how he'd "seen a lot of white niggers in my time. I'm going to use that word." It is interesting to note that Byrd's participation in the Klan was in the early 1940s. At a time when most men his age were going off to defend America from the Axis Powers, Robert Byrd was defending Jim Crow and burning crosses with his band of night riders. When the issue of desegregating the military was raised in the mid 1940's, Byrd wrote to Senator Theodore Bilbo of Mississippi, that he'd never fight "with a Negro by my side. Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds."

Though he portrays himself as a Constitutional scholar, Byrd doesn't realize that such an attempt to withdraw a declaration of war is an unconstitutional power grab by the Congress. In changing her view of Iraq for her electoral chances as President, Clinton, like her party, is turning her back on the same military she pledged on the Senate floor in 2002 to stand behind.

Terrorists & America's Founding Fathers Similar, says Cindy Sheehan

On August 6, 2005, Cindy Sheehan (a.k.a. Mama Moonbat) said the following to CBS reporter Mark Knoller (see Sweetness & Light).
"...Iraq was no threat to the United States of America until we invaded. Iraq was not involved in 9/11. Iraq was not a terrorist state. But now that we have decimated the country, the borders are open. Freedom Fighters from other countries are going in. And they have created more terrorism by going into an Islamic country, devastating the country and killing innocent people in that country."

LGF points out how Sheehan accused Fox News host Bill O'Reilly of "character assassination" for using her "freedom fighters" quote, in a post she wrote on the far-Left Daily Kos. However, in the same post, Sheehan digs herself in a deeper hole, comparing Islamic terrorists to America's Founding Fathers.
"...when I recently received an email from a person with the email address of “G.I. Joe” who claimed to be an Iraq war vet accusing me of calling terrorists “freedom fighters” because he had just heard it on the “news,” was when I decided The O’Reilly Factor had to go.

I know for a fact the evening G.I. Joe wrote me, O’Reilly brought that old lie back up. He can’t think of anything new and he can’t defend an indefensible criminal regime, so he has to rehash old lies and character assassinations of me and other “liberals” to keep his program afloat. I answered the soldier and explained carefully to him the distinction between a “terrorist” and an occupied person in a sovereign country who is fighting for his/her freedom from an oppressive foreign country. I tried to get G.I Joe to recall his lessons about the American Revolution when our founding fathers and mothers did the same thing. I mourn that G.I. Joe watches Fox News and is so abysmally misinformed and immorally manipulated.

The person who isn’t misinformed though, is Mr. Bill O’Reilly. If he had a conscious, he should be ashamed of leading 22% of this country astray."

Character assassination Cindy? I think you just proved in one paragraph how right your critics are of you.

Oh, by the way, the word is conscience! Here's the definition.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Upcoming Rallies To Free the Texas Three in Santa Rosa & Campbell

Two rallies in support of the Texas Three (US Border Patrol Agents Ramos & Compean) and Edwards County Texas Deputy Sheriff Gilmer Hernandez will be held in the next few days.

The first is in Santa Rosa this Saturday, May 5th, rain or shine, at John F. Shea Federal Building, 777 Sonoma Avenue, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

The second will be held in Campbell a week later, May 12th (also rain or shine) at the corner of Hamilton & Bascom Avenues (Hamilton Plaza Corner from 12 to 2 p.m.

The focus of these rallies is these three law enforcement officers who have been imprisoned. In the case of Ramos and Compean for three months. Deputy Hernandez has been imprisoned for one month. For more information, read this about Deputy Hernandez at as well as You can also sign a petition here at calling for the release of the border agents.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Immigration Rally Round Up

Rallies in support of amnesty for illegal aliens were held today (May Day) in cities across the nation. In reviewing stories from across the Internet, the numbers were down from the marches held last year.

There was violence in L.A. at a pro-illegal rally, as bottles and rocks were thrown by protesters at police in MacArthur Park.

Round up of Bay Area events.

Marin"May Day actions draw hundreds to support immigrants, protest Iraq"

"A midday march and rally from Pickleweed Park to Albert Park and a separate student march to the downtown plaza on Fourth Street were part of a daylong protest on May Day, historically a holiday of the labor movement and now a beacon for the campaign for immigrants' rights." Note to Jennifer Upshaw of the Marin IJ, May Day is a communist holiday which, according to Wikipedia, "commemorate(s) the Haymarket martyrs of 1886 and the international socialist movement generally. The latter event is an important holiday in Communist and Socialist countries."

Students from Marin Academy walked out of classes to protest on behalf of illegal immigrants, as well as in favor of surrender in Iraq to al-Queda. Mark Stefanski, an "instructor" at the Academy, told the IJ, "I'm just here to help facilitate the process. I am proud of them for stepping up and acting on their beliefs."

Stefanski is one example of so-called "teachers" who use their classrooms as indoctrination facilities, feeding leftist, anti-American drivel into young minds. I'm familiar with him, especially after hearing him speak at a so called "peace" rally in San Rafael this past March.

One San Rafael resident, Darryl Browne, a legal alien from Australia, eloquently said of the marchers, "These people aren't coming here to be Americans. They use and abuse the system ... and are not really contributing anything to American society."

In Santa Rosa, according to our friends at ReportandDeport, "25 Americans protested against approximately 5,000 illegal aliens demanding citizenship in Santa Rosa, CA." ReportandDeport does a great job of illustrating how Santa Rosa and Sonoma County has become a de facto sanctuary county for illegal aliens. See their website for more details and photos about today's counter-protest. They also conduct observations of illegal alien hiring in Fulton, CA, and illustrated how officials using county property gave illegals free STD testing and condoms at the Fulton site.

One further note, I found out that Santa Rosa Schools, on their teacher job vacancy listings, state under credentials/desirables for all positions "Bilingual/Spanish highly desired." San Rafael schools, also on their certificated teacher applications ask, "Are You Bilingual? Yes or No"

San Jose Mercury News: "Thousands march to immigration reform rally in San Jose."

"The turnout was a far cry from the 125,000 people who turned out to last year's demonstration - a dropoff organizers chalk up to immigrants' fears following a series of federal raids locally and nationally against illegal immigrants."

The Mercury News also said:
"Meanwhile, across the Bay Area, illegal immigration opponents organized counter rallies, where they stood on street corners holding signs that, among other things, called for tougher borders.

"We are totally in favor of legal immigration," said Roberta Allen (our friend Roberta the Flag Lady) of Illegal Immigrant Protests and an organizer of the counter rallies in Fremont, Hayward Palo Alto, Pleasanton and Santa Rosa.

She said the opponents are specifically targeting illegal immigration and "there are legal ways to become a citizen and to enter into this country. Are we not a country of laws?"

Bush Vetoes Iraq Surrender Bill, Stands By Troops...

....while "Dirty" Harry Reid, Nancy Bella-Pelosi and the Democrats stand on the side of al-Queda by vowing to fight the President's veto. They're also being lobbied by radical lawyers who want freedom for al-Queda terrorists at Guantanamo Bay and fighting wiretap proposals by the administration.

Now, according to the Prowler in the American Spectator, Nancy the Queen of Mean is planning a trip to Venezuela to meet with anti-American dictator Hugo Chavez and has also asked her staff to apply for a visa for visit to Tehran, Iran. Amazing! The Democrat leader in the House has no time to meet with the General in charge in Iraq, but has all the time in the world for anti-American dictators and Holocaust deniers.

Democrats are also politicizing the President's May 1, 2003 on the USS Abraham Lincoln with the "Mission Accomplished" banner. However, there are key elements of that speech which they've forgotten (transcript).

" fellow Americans: Major combat operations in Iraq have ended. In the battle of Iraq, the United States and our allies have prevailed. And now our coalition is engaged in securing and reconstructing that country."

"...We have difficult work to do in Iraq. We're bringing order to parts of that country that remain dangerous. We're pursuing and finding leaders of the old regime, who will be held to account for their crimes. We've begun the search for hidden chemical and biological weapons and already know of hundreds of sites that will be investigated. We're helping to rebuild Iraq, where the dictator built palaces for himself, instead of hospitals and schools. And we will stand with the new leaders of Iraq as they establish a government of, by, and for the Iraqi people. The transition from dictatorship to democracy will take time, but it is worth every effort. Our coalition will stay until our work is done. Then we will leave, and we will leave behind a free Iraq.

As for the "Mission Accomplished" banner, Doug from Upland on did some investigative work and found that the Navy, not the White House, ordered the banner.

Captain Conrad Chun of the US Navy told Doug:
"When something of such high level is planned, such as the landing of the commander in chief on the ship, there are several planning meetings. At one of the meetings was the idea for a banner that said MISSION ACCOMPLISHED." The mission in this case, was the mission of the USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN. The men and women aboard the nuclear-powered carrier accomplished their mission and stayed out for a record time -- 290 days. It was a very long cruise for them.

The banner specifically was designed to celebrate and memorialize the ship's successful deployment. According to Chun, they had no way to make the banner aboard the ship, so the White House was asked to have it made for them.

"There are still those who will doubt the story," said Chun, "but after speaking to those on the ship, I have no doubt that is how it happened."

But that still doesn't keep the Party of Treason from twisting it for political purposes.

Media Ignoring Corruption of Dianne Feinstein

David Keene of the American Conservative Union wrote an excellent analysis in The Hill of Dianne Feinstein's Culture of Corruption. While serving on the Military Construction (Milcon) Subcommittee, she "may have directed more than $1 billion to companies controlled by her husband."

Keane continues:
"If the inferences finally coming out about what she did while on Milcon prove true, she may be on the way to morphing from a respected senior Democrat into another poster child for congressional corruption. ...In other words, it appears Sen. Feinstein was up to her ears in the same sort of shenanigans that landed California Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham (R) in the slammer. Indeed, it may be that the primary difference between the two is basically that Cunningham was a minor leaguer and a lot dumber than his state’s senior senator.

Additionally, Keane notes that still no major news outlet has picked up on the story of Feinstein's apparent corruption. Even worse, says Keane "...the Senate Ethics Committee has reportedly let her slip by, and she is now chairing the Senate Rules Committee, which puts her in charge of making sure her colleagues act ethically and avoid the sorts of conflicts of interest with which she is personally and so obviously familiar."

Bay Area Media outlets, where are you?

Counter-Protests for May Day Illegal Immigrant Rallies Planned

Per Steve, the Hayward counter-protest from 5 to 7 p.m. today has been cancelled. Steve suggested those interested in countering the pro-illegal crowd support either the Fremont and/or Pleasanton rallies instead. Thanks Steve for the updated info.

I'm interested in hearing any after action reports. E-mail me at address below and I'll post this evening.

***As they did last year, illegal immigrants and their advocates will march Tuesday on the Communist holiday of May 1st (May Day) protesting immigration enforcement while demanding blanket amnesty for breaking immigration law.

From Roberta the Flag Lady, via our friends at, several counter-demonstrations are being planned for these pro-illegal alien rallies. They will be held in Santa Rosa, from 10 am-12 noon at 3rd & Santa Rosa Ave., sponsored by Save Our State. In Pleasanton, from 5-7pm at Bernal Ave. & First St., sponsored by Golden Gate Minutemen. In Hayward, from 5-7pm at Foothill Rd. & Mission Blvd., sponsored by Castro Valley Minutemen. In Fremont, from 5-7pm at Mowry Ave. & Fremont Blvd. In Palo Alto, from 5-7pm at Embarcadero & El Camino Real, sponsored by Golden Gate Minutemen.

Closer to home, a pro illegal alien march from Pickleweed Park Community Center to Albert Park in San Rafael is planned at 9 am. I cannot find any counter-protest for the San Rafael illegal rally planned. If you're a Marin County Patriot and want to put something together, contact me at and I'll be glad to post the information here.