Thursday, April 19, 2007

Under The Weather...Returning Tomorrow

I've been under the weather the last couple of days with a high temperature, but the mercury is falling and I plan to resume posting tomorrow (Friday). I have a lot of thoughts about the treason of Dirty Harry Reid and the Democrat party and the aftermath of the Virginia Tech shooting.


Christi said...

Hi Marooned In Marin

Wow, it was refreshing to stumble upon your blog tonight.

I live In Marin and feel like a loner (sometimes) in this sea of leftist loonies. The Marin IJ is insane!

I have a real beef about ILLEGAL aliens in this State and country, and wish ICE would do more to round them ALL up and deport them all back to their countries of orgin. We're startting to look like a third world country in lower downtown San Rafael, and no, I'm not a racist,(= and detest the racist atmosphere that the Jessie Jackson and Sharpton frauds have injected into our national dialog. He and Sharpton should be behind bars if you ask me. Disgusting people.

Great stuff are doing good!!!

I feel like I'm home looking at your blog. And I'll be back!

Do you know about NumberUSA? Great site.

SaneinMarin-Barely |=
ps--you can drop me an email at

Joann said...

Dirty Harry Reid needs to go.