Saturday, March 31, 2007

Minutemen & Supporters Outnumber Open Borders Advocates in San Rafael Rally

It was a great day to be a patriot in San Rafael.

The Golden Gate chapter of the Minutemen, plus residents who support legal immigration and the enforcement of America's immigration laws outnumbered by two to one open borders advocates in dueling rallies. Pro-border enforcement supporters also came out to support federal immigration authorities, who've been under attack by the local liberal media, elected officials and groups in the Canal area who aid and abet illegal aliens.

There was at least one arrest, as a Hispanic man threw peanuts at one of the Minutemen. San Rafael Police saw the assault and chased the vehicle. According to one account, the same occupants had driven by earlier in a separate vehicle and spit at another of the Minutemen.

San Rafael Police question a passenger (later arrested) who'd thrown peanuts at one of the Minutemen. The same occupants had earlier spit at another on the Minutemen side.

Another man from the Appeasement & Injustice Coalition side was confronted and pointed out to police after he was spotted taking down license plate numbers of the Minutemen and supporters.

At its peak, 85 to 90 patriots of different political persuasions were on the Minutemen side. Some had come from as far away as the East Bay and San Jose. Many were Marin residents as well. There were 45 people who stood as supporters of open borders, yelling third grade chants like "Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Racism Has Got To Go," "Racists Out of Marin," and "Minutemen Go Home."

Here's what it looked like. First our side, as Red, White & Blue lined up Second Street.

Then, there was the socialist, pro-open borders side, seen below.

Sign at left reads "This is a Land of Immigrants, Stolen from Native Peoples and Mexico. Give It Back or At Least Let Then In." The guy holding the sign wore an "I Hate Wal Mart" T-shirt.

The man above on the right was spotted later taking down license plate numbers of Minutemen and their supporters.

The flimsy "terror" accusation was used against ICE in the two photos above.

Sign at right reads, "Who's The Illegal Alien, Pilgrim."

Friday, March 30, 2007

Marin Anti-War Marxists Plan Counter to Minutemen Rally

Showing the hand-in-hand relationship between the open-borders lobby and the supposed "anti-war" movement, the Marin Appeasement & Injustice Coalition is planning a counter demonstration against the Minutemen Rally tomorrow afternoon.

In true blame America first fashion, the MPJC claims the immigration problem is due to "foreign and economic policy failures. As long as US foreign and economic policies drive them from their homelands we will support our immigrant community’s need to be where they can support their families."

It doesn't register to these aging 1960's hippies that it is the socialist economic policies (like the ones MPJC endorses), as well as political corruption in Latin American nations which causes people to risk their lives to cross into America illegally. Groups like MPJC only exist to blame every problem in the world - real or imagined - on America and capitalism.

Don't let these Leftists intimidate you and suppress your right to support those who enforce our immigration laws and legal immigration. They don't have a monopoly on political speech in this county. Come on out tomorrow and let your voice be heard!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

WoolseyWatch--Votes Against Motion Protecting "John Does" on Flights

A motion to send the Rail & Public Transportation Security Act of 2007 back to committee with language protecting passengers from lawsuits for reporting suspicious activity passed the House of Representatives despite the no vote of Lynn Woolsey and 120 other Democrats.

The amendment was added as a result of six Muslim imams who were removed from a US Airways flight last fall after passengers reported their suspicious behavior. The imams have since filed a lawsuit against the "John Doe" passengers, as well as US Airways. Republican lawmakers added the protective language so passengers would not fear reprisal for reporting suspicious activity which could prevent a terrorist attack.

"All of our lives changed after September 11, and one of the most important things we have done is ask local citizens to do what they can to avoid another terrorist attack, if you see something, say something," said Rep. Peter King. "We have to stand by our people and report suspicious activity. I cannot imagine anyone would be opposed to this."

Unfortunately for the country, Lynn Woolsey and her Democrat allies put security for possible terrorists ahead of security for the American people. In addition to voting against the Patriot Act, she's voted against authorizing the NSA terrorist surveillance program and participated in a "friend of the court" brief to stop the program She also voted against military tribunals for al-Qaeda terrorists held in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
To Lynn Woolsey, CAIR and those who wish to intimidate the reporting of suspicious activity, I echo what Michelle Malkin wrote in her column, The John Doe Manifesto.

Dear Muslim Terrorist Plotter/Planner/Funder/Enabler/Apologist,

You do not know me. But I am on the lookout for you. You are my enemy. And I am yours.

I am John Doe.

I am traveling on your plane. I am riding on your train. I am at your bus stop. I am on your street. I am in your subway car. I am on your lift.

I am your neighbor. I am your customer. I am your classmate. I am your boss.

I am John Doe.

I will never forget the example of the passengers of United Airlines Flight 93 who refused to sit back on 9/11 and let themselves be murdered in the name of Islam without a fight.

I will never forget the passengers and crew members who tackled al Qaeda shoe-bomber Richard Reid on American Airlines Flight 63 before he had a chance to blow up the plane over the Atlantic Ocean.

I will never forget the alertness of actor James Woods, who notified a stewardess that several Arab men sitting in his first-class cabin on an August 2001 flight were behaving strangely. The men turned out to be 9/11 hijackers on a test run.

I will act when homeland security officials ask me to “report suspicious activity.”

I will embrace my local police department’s admonition: “If you see something, say something.”

I am John Doe.

I will protest your Jew-hating, America-bashing “scholars.”

I will petition against your hate-mongering mosque leaders.

I will raise my voice against your subjugation of women and religious minorities.

I will challenge your attempts to indoctrinate my children in our schools.

I will combat your violent propaganda on the Internet.

I am John Doe.

I will support law enforcement initiatives to spy on your operatives, cut off your funding, and disrupt your murderous conspiracies.

I will oppose all attempts to undermine our borders and immigration laws.

I will resist the imposition of sharia principles and sharia law in my taxi cab, my restaurant, my community pool, the halls of Congress, our national monuments, the radio and television airwaves, and all public spaces.

I will not be censored in the name of tolerance.

I will not be cowed by your Beltway lobbying groups in moderate clothing. I will not cringe when you shriek about “profiling” or “Islamophobia.”

I will put my family’s safety above sensitivity. I will put my country above multiculturalism.

I will not submit to your will. I will not be intimidated.

I am John Doe.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Minutemen To Rally Saturday in San Rafael

This Saturday afternoon, citizens of San Rafael and Marin County have a golden opportunity to show support for enforcement of America's immigration laws. The Golden Gate Minutemen Project, as well as other local chapters, will rally in opposition to the City of San Rafael's stated refusal to enforce immigration law. The rally will be held at the corner of Second and Lindaro streets in San Rafael from 1 to 2:30 p.m.

Though San Rafael City Officials say the town is not a "sanctuary city," the Mayor, Al Boro, told a crowd protesting the recent Immigration and Customs Enforcement sweeps, "The City of San Rafael will not enforce immigration laws." San Rafael is also listed on a Canadian immigration flyer as a city which does not use its funds to enforce immigration law.

Raids by ICE earlier this month in the Canal area of San Rafael and Novato sparked an outcry among a vocal group of open borders advocates, a supposed "anti-war" group and local interfaith organizations. Though many Marin residents have written letters supporting the raids to the IJ and their local elected officials, these officials have sided with the shrill Leftist groups supporting illegal aliens and joined in their vitriolic attacks against ICE. (see previous coverage here)

I plan to attend the rally to show support for those who enforce our immigration laws and to cover this event. I'll provide updates as I get them.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

WoolseyWatch--CoSponsors Bill Reviving the Equal Rights Amendment

The Equal Rights Amendment, which fell three states short of being ratified in 1982, was reintroduced in both the House and Senate. One of the co-sponsors of the House bill is none other than Lynn Woolsey.

She is one of 180 co-sponsors of H.J. 137, introduced by Reps. Carolyn Maloney & James A. Leach. The Senate version of the amendment was introduced by "Chappaquddick Ted" Kennedy, with Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein among the 18 co-sponsors. Woolsey, Kennedy and Feminist Majority President Eleanor Smeal were part of a formal announcement of the bill's revival today in Washington D.C.

Though women have made tremendous strides in equality ever since the ERA fell short of becoming law, some still claim women "have no guarantee of equal rights in the Constitution." On the contrary, Concerned Women of America President Wendy Wright said women not only have equal opportunity, but access to remedies should discrimination occur.

"Federal and state laws already exist to protect women, but without the harmful consequences of the naïve language of the ERA," Wright said. "The Fourteenth amendment protects women against discrimination by the government and Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act protects women against discrimination in the private sector. The ERA would be used to do far more harm than good. State-passed ERAs were used by courts to declare same-sex marriage in Hawaii and force taxpayers to subsidize abortions in New Mexico."

What is interesting to note is the hypocrisy of several who participated in this announcement. As mentioned before, Woolsey wrote a letter asking for leniency for the rapist of a 17 year old Terra Linda girl in 2004. No protest was raised by so-called "feminists" when Woolsey sided with the rapist.

Much the same could be said for Eleanor Smeal, who wanted to reopen the Anita Hill affair in 2001 and continue the political lynching of Justice Clarance Thomas. However, she was one of Bill Clinton's staunchest defenders during the Paula Jones scandal and the allegations that Clinton raped Juanita Broaddrick. Smeal obviously had no problem appearing today with Sen. Kennedy, who could write "how to" books on sexual harassment. Besides leaving Mary Jo Kopechne to drown at Chappaquiddick in 1969, Kennedy was one half of a "waitress sandwich" with Sen. Chris Dodd at a Washington restaurant in the 1980's.

Interesting to note also is while these liberal legislators pontificate about "equal rights" for women in America, they turned their backs on women in Iraq who were repressed by Saddam Hussein. It was our military and their allies who liberated that nation, which was (and still is) opposed by these liberals who supposedly champion women.

Reintroducing the ERA, along with their continued emboldening of America's enemies, shows how the Democrat party continues to be stuck in the 1960s and 1970s with no new ideas.

Suicide Bombers Attempt to Attack U.S. Base in Iraq

From Retuers.

"A U.S. combat post was attacked by two suicide lorry bombs and about 30 gunmen west of Baghdad on Monday, but American soldiers succeeded in repelling them and killed 15, the U.S. military said on Tuesday.

The attack on the combat post in the Garma area, near Fallujah, was unusual given that insurgents do not typically launch such large-scale military assaults. Eight U.S. soldiers were wounded in the fighting."

First of all, great job to our soldiers for repelling this attack, which could have had similar consequences as Beirut in 1983. Can it be assumed that the terrorists launched this "unusual" "large-scale" assault because they were emboldened by the House Democrats passage of the "Surrender By 2008 in Iraq with Pork Act" last Friday?"

I think the answer is Yes.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Sean Penn--A Shining Example of Marin County Leftist Idiocy

Actor Sean Penn of Ross California appeared at another anti-Iraq war town hall meeting in Oakland this past Saturday, along with Barbara Lee, who is a member of the Treason Caucus in Congress.

Penn's rant, which also appears on the Huffington Post, is a moronic, childish regurgitation of Leftist talking points against the war.

"....Well, you and the smarmy pundits in your pocket, those who bathe in the moisture of your soiled and bloodstained underwear (what????), can take that noise and shove it. We will be snowed no more. Let's make this crystal clear. We do support our troops in our stand, while you exploit them and their families. The verdict is in. You lied, connived, and exploited your own countrymen and most of all, our troops.

You Misters Bush and Cheney; you Ms. Rice are villainously and criminally obscene people, obscene human beings, incompetent even to fulfill your own self-serving agenda, while tragically neglectful and destructive of ours and our country's. And I got a question for your daughters Mr. Bush. They're not children anymore. Do they support your policy in Iraq? If they do, how dare they not be in uniform, while the children of the poor; black, white, Asian, Hispanic, and all the other American working men and women are slaughtered, maimed and flown back into this country under cover of darkness."

Did anyone bother to inform Penn that these people volunteered to join the military and fight in Iraq. No one made them go. They volunteer because they love their country, a fact lost on Leftists like Sean Penn. He just spouts the Leftist lies that only minorities and the poor are forced to join the military, because he isn't intelligent enough to research on his own the truth about who joins the military. He's just a script reader.

Sean Penn isn't "anti-war." He is just another example of anti-Americanism in Hollywood, who happens to have a documented history of violence. Here's a little Penn history.

Sean's father, Leo Penn, was a blacklisted Hollywood actor and director. Daddy Penn was a Red, he supported Soviet Dictator Joseph Stalin and opposed intervention in World War II, up until the time Germany broke their pact with the Soviet Union. So, anti-Americanism runs in the Penn family. That might be why Sean told a Guardian reporter, "You guys misprinted me. You had me talking about some kind of cultural revolution, and I was talking about taking arms against the government.... I don’t know if revolution is practical because the technology is such that we’d lose. But I think there’s an enormous amount of room for an activism that I, shamefully, am not yet enough of a participant in. But it’s starting to come. You see these kids now.... Nothing like Seattle (WTO riots) happened in 20 years. It is a very hopeful thing.”

In 1987, Penn was given a prison sentence for assaulting a photographer. His then wife, Madonna, filed assault charges against him in December 1988, but withdrew the charges and filed for divorce the next month. According to Wikipedia, the assault allegations against Penn included tying Madonna to a chair for several hours and raping her. Real peaceful guy, huh?

In 2003, the Man of Peace had a loaded 9mm Glock handgun and unloaded .38-caliber Smith & Wesson stolen from his car in Berkeley, CA. Despite his arrests for assault, reckless driving and also admitting to have smoked marijuana 20 years earlier, he had been given permission to carry a concealed weapon. In 2005, Penn was photographed with a shotgun in New Orleans. Maybe that's why his boat sprung a leak?

So while Sean Penn makes headlines in Washington D.C., New Orleans, or Oakland spouting anti-Americanism wrapped as "anti-war" rhetoric, he retires to his wealthy hamlet of Ross CA a little less guilty for the fame and wealth which this nation and its freedom defended by our military has afforded him.

Despite his statement to the contrary, Sean Penn does not support the troops and he does not support this country. He's just another Hollywood Leftist with a severe case of Bush Derangement Syndrome.

By the way, Jeff Spicoli made more sense stoned than Sean Penn does without a script.

Photo of Flag Defication in Portland: WARNING-Graphic Material Below

Michelle Malkin has the link to the blog of Victoria Taft in Portland Oregon, who has a photo of the creep defecating on the American flag at a so-called "peace rally" in Portland.

I'm posting the photo in its entirety below because this needs to be seen as an example of who and what the Left really is. They aren't, as Alan Colmes absurdly said last week, just "a few fringe actors."

Notice also that this was done in front of a child.

Victoria asks, "Where's Portland's Apology to the Troops? Where's Portland's Apology to the Nation? Where's Portland's Apology to Schumachers?" She also left a link to contact Portland Mayor Tom Potter.

My questions. Has this scum been identified? Where's the Portland Police in id'ing this creep? Will he be arrested for exposing himself and public indecency?

Here's the complete photo of the sickening display.

Note To Nebraska: Dump Schmuck Hagel!

I wish Schmuck Hagel, the RINO senator from Nebraska would just become a Democrat.

Why? Besides being for the elimination of America's southern border, he's on the side of the defeatists in the War on Terror. Where elected Democrats give aid and comfort to al-Qaeda with their Bush Derangement Syndrome, Hagel the alleged Republican gives aid and comfort to liberals who want to stab our troops in the back and surrender to the terrorists.

Example: At the San Rafael hate-America rally last weekend, Mark "Protector of Child Molesters" Leno singled out Hagel (or "Nagel" as he first called him) as an example of how opposition to the Iraq war is supposedly "not a partisan issue."

Now, because President Bush won't give in to the Surrender Caucus, Hagel thinks that warrants impeachment.

Has Hagel ever taken the time to actually read the Constitution? Not listening to an egotistical Senator who thinks he's God Almighty doesn't rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors, at least I don't believe that's what the Founding Fathers had in mind. Neither did they have in mind a government where there were 535 additional commanders-in chief.

Hagel, like John McLame, is nothing but a media darling who continuously stabs his party in the back so the media and liberals will suck up to him. Schmuck Hagel isn't for the troops or this nation winning the war on terror, he is only out for himself.

Note to Nebraskans. Get a strong conservative candidate to run against Hagel in the primary and vote his ass out! He is an embarrassment to your state and emboldening the cut and run crowd at the same time.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

San Rafael Asks For Online Feedback on Immigration Raids--Show Support for ICE

In Saturday's All About Marin section of the IJ, it was mentioned that the City of San Rafael is seeking feedback online about the ICE raids in the Canal area.

According to the paper, 2/3rds of the respondents support the ICE raids.

Lets continue to show our support for those who are enforcing our immigration laws. Give your feedback to the City of San Rafael here that your support ICE.

Here is the link. Immigration Action Feedback

Friday, March 23, 2007

Sickening Video of Portland Scum Burning Soldier in Effigy

I found this on LGF, which had a link to Portland indymedia. If you thought the photos of the soldier being burned in effigy was sickening, here's the video.

Even worse was the chants.

"Bye bye G.I.
In Iraq you're gonna die."

"Build a bonfire
Build a bonfire
Put the soldiers on the top
Put the fascists in the middle
and we'll burn the f**kin lot."

A female voice near the end said, "Why don't we recruit the mentally disabled? They're already brainwashed."

Another example Portland pond scum defecated on a burning American flag, yet Alan Colmes and his Democrat comrades want to pass this off as just "a few fringe actors."

Hey Alan, time for a real Inconvenient Truth, it's the whole damn movement! It's organized by communists/socialists and made up of 9/11 conspiracy freaks, anti-Semites, America haters, people who call for the death of the President, 1960's retreads on a 40 year acid trip and assorted other nut jobs. On top of that, too many people with a "D" by their name are willing to speak at their rallies.

Bribed Dems Vote To Stab Troops in the Back

What a disgrace!

By a six vote margin, the House voted to stab the troops in Iraq in the back and award victory to the terrorists. The Queen of Mean, Nancy Bella-Pelosi accomplished this by bribing many House members with several pork projects to get their vote.

These 218 Judases who voted for this bill have shown they can be bought like the cheapest trick on the street. Michelle Malkin lists how many of those who voted for this pork laden bill campaigned against earmark spending.

President Bush needs to not only veto this act of treason, but stop pussyfooting these treasonous Dems and fight them. The time has come, Mr. President, to start questioning the patriotism of elected Democrats.

Congratulations Democrats, you've shown America and the world that you're more interested in securing victory for Islamic terrorists in Iraq, instead of defeating them.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

WoolseyWatch--Joining "Hip Hop" Tour Against Iraq War

Lynn Woolsey is continuing her calls for the immediate surrender of our forces in Iraq to the terrorists. In addition to her plans to vote against the supplemental appropriations bill that would end the war in 2008 (because it's not soon enough for her), she is a participating member of Congress in the "Make Hip Hop, Not War" tour.

According to, the "Make Hip Hop, Not War" tour consists of 15 cities and is "designed to galvanize young people on college campuses and in urban communities to call for an immediate end to the war in Iraq. Hip Hop artists, peace activists, Iraq veterans, national leaders and Members of Congress will speak and make appearances at various tour stops."

The tour would consist of rallies, "Hip Hop town hall meetings," and stops at community locations like basketball courts and shopping malls. Speakers would brainwash youths at these events with their Leftist slant on Iraq, as well as "Surrender to the Terrorists" legislation.

The tour will come to Berkeley on April 11th for a rally in Sproul Plaza. Some of the "artists" include Papoose, Killer Mike, A Alikes, Akir, Hasan Salaam, Son of Nun, Bedouin, DJ Chela, Will B, Head-Roc, La Paz, ReadNex Poetry Squad (I've never heard of any of them). Jim Hightower and Cindy "Mama Moonbat" Sheehan are listed as two participants in the tour. Others besides Woolsey in the Congressional delegation include Raúl Grijalva, Barbara Lee, Maxine Waters, Steve Cohen and John Lewis.

These people just don't understand that it ain't cool to side with terrorist apperasers. Because if we retreat from Iraq before finishing the job, the terrorists will sho nuff be coming here to the hood to cause more trouble.

Can ya dig it, Lynn?

Media Swallows Canal Alliance's Pro-Illegal Alien Propaganda

Yesterday, the pro-illegal alien group Canal Alliance held a press conference to express outrage that the federal government is enforcing immigration law.

And the liberal media in the Bay Area is there to soak up their propaganda like a sponge.

"This is a huge civil rights issue," Tom Wilson, executive director of Canal Alliance, said in an SFGate article. "This is a story of federal officers coming into people's homes without a search warrant, taking people into custody without an arrest warrant. They use intimidation."

The group also held a type of mock theatre depicting how the raids supposedly affected members of the community. Some appeared under pseudonyms and behind a screen. According to the Marin IJ, which covered the spectacle, a 14 year old boy claimed he was punched in the jaw after arguing with officers. One woman, arrested along with her husband, claimed the authorities wouldn't give them the phone number to the consulate of their country in San Francisco.

The IJ should have known better to cover this circus, since they initially reported a lie spread by one resident that his seven year old nephew was handcuffed by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials. That lie was repeated in two different opinion pieces in the IJ as well as by community activists.

That didn't prevent the IJ from running another Marin Voice from a member of Canal Alliance (Wilson had written one last week). Today, it was from Judy Sherman of Mill Valley, president of the Canal Alliance board. Sherman continued the anti-ICE rhetoric in her piece.

"...federal immigration teams stormed through homes, often without warrants, taking people into custody for deportation, using tactics that include intimidation and misrepresentation. Neighborhoods were left paralyzed with fear, parents have been humiliated, children have been left without parents and families have been afraid to leave their homes for school, work or food in anticipation of the next raid."

Boo hoo! Am I supposed to feel sorry for the "fear, humiliation" that these people brought on themselves because they broke our immigration laws?

Obviously, the next big lie being spread by these open borders liberals is that ICE operated without search warrants. That is untrue. When the first raid happened, news accounts stated the agents had at least thirty arrest warrants.

These bleeding hearts like Wilson and Sherman love to lecture the rest of us about showing "compassion" to these illegal immigrants, but they are the ones who look down their noses at the people they claim to represent.

From Sherman's piece:
"As many of us head off to work, school and play, often these are the people who build and clean our homes, care for our children and provide so many other services that make our lives easier."

Sherman's statement, as well as similar ones by other open-borders advocates ("They do the jobs Americans won't do"), is not only demeaning, it is racist, because they imply that illegal immigrants from mostly Latin nations are only good for cleaning toilets, mowing lawns, gardening and construction. It would be like listening to someone in the 1850's arguing against abolishing slavery. "Who is going to pick our cotton," they would say.

That's the real reason why these people are against enforcement of our immigration laws. They want cheap manual labor. God forbid poor Judy has to clean her own toilet or mow the lawn in her upscale Mill Valley neighborhood.

Holocaust Survivor Blasts Supervisor Charles McGlashan

"The historical analogy I'd make is to 1930s Nazi Germany. Xenophobia in Germany led to the death camps. We need to stop that at its earliest instance."

Those were the words spoken last Tuesday by Marin County Stupervisor Charles McGlashan. A week later, he has yet to utter an apology, and has not been condemned by either his fellow supervisors or the Marin Independent Journal.

Could that be because the Marin IJ has endorsed McGlashan for re-election in the past?

Jack Illes of San Rafael, a Holocaust survivor, had some strong words for McGlashan in a Letter to the Editor in Wednesday's IJ, which I will share here.

"I am a Holocaust survivor who endured the "1930s Nazi Germany" described by Supervisor Charles McGlashan in his reference to the immigration raids in San Rafael and Novato.

I survived the Matthausen Concentration Camp, relocated to Hungary and escaped to America as the Russians were invading in 1956.

I recently moved to San Rafael to be near my daughter, who was carried across the Hungarian border in her mother's arms in the snow at night in another escape.

I immigrated legally as a refugee at Camp Kilmer, N.J., and waited five years for citizenship. We never got anything, and we never asked for anything from the U.S. government.

I am in favor of immigration enforcement raids and insulted by McGlashan's comparison to the Holocaust. He should be embarrassed by his ignorance. The Nazis did not arrest the Jews and deport them. Usually they were shot. Those who weren't were tortured and then killed. I pay taxes and I'm proud to be an American citizen. I am in favor of more raids."

God Bless you, sir!

If you haven't yet and would like to tell Charles McGhashan he should apologize, here is the contact info. Be civil, of course

Phone Phone: (415)499-7331 Fax: (415)499-3645

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New Move America Forward Ad: "Win In Iraq"

After this past weekend's successful participation in the "Gathering of Eagles" in Washington D.C., Move America Forward followed up yesterday with a powerful advertisement that sends an important message, either We Win in Iraq or Face the Terrorists in America.

View the ad here:

For more information, visit Move America Forward.

Watch "The Great Global Warming Swindle"

This program appeared on British television recently and combats the wild claims of the "Chicken Little" crowd that man is causing the earth to warm.

From Channel 4's websiste:

"Are you green? How many flights have you taken in the last year? Feeling guilty about all those unnecessary car journeys? Well, maybe there's no need to feel bad.

According to a group of scientists brought together by documentary-maker Martin Durkin, if the planet is heating up, it isn't your fault and there's nothing you can do about it.

We've almost begun to take it for granted that climate change is a man-made phenomenon. But just as the environmental lobby think they've got our attention, a group of naysayers have emerged to slay the whole premise of global warming."

Monday, March 19, 2007

Zombie's Photos From S.F. Hate Fest Yesterday

Zombie, Bay Area photojournalist extraordinare, was at the so-called anti-war march in San Francisco yesterday. Here's a link to his photos from yesterday. Apparently from these two photos, death threats against the President of the United States must not be considered a crime in the City by the Bay.

Hopefully, the Secret Service may get a good face ID on this creep.

Photos from Portland Hate America Protest: "F-- The Troops" Sign & Soldier Burned in Effigy

From Little Green Footballs, How the hate-America Left in Portland Oregon "supports the troops." This will sicken and anger any real red blooded American.


Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hate America Rally Masquerades as "Peace Rally" In San Rafael

Earlier today, Marin moonbats took to the streets of San Rafael to march against the war in Iraq. Advertised a few days earlier in the Marin IJ as a "Peace Rally" it was, in reality, a hate America rally, judging from the signs and rhetoric of several speakers.

I infiltrated the crowd as the marchers left San Rafael Plaza on 4th Street on their way to City Hall. See photos below, with more text to follow.

9/11 Truthers were prevalent in this crowd. Here's one

This is on the t-shirt of the man photographed above. The shirt read "Uncontrolled Demolition"

This was a small sticker (I found this on the sidewalk) worn by several of the moonbats, including young children.

"Progressive" Child Abuse (wearing sticker shown above on hat)

The "Hate Israel" crowd was in attendance also.

"Dude, I'm so wasted! Where's more dope!"

Seated behind this lady was.....

...this woman, whose buttons read "End War" and "No Migra" (no deportation of illegal aliens)

I've herd Jr. High drum corps sound much better than this group of cross dressing drummers (check out the guy at the front)!
The Giant Ghandi was in attendance
Of course, no rally would be complete without the obligatory "Che Guevara" t-shirt

San Rafael City Council Member Cyl Miller, Assemblyman Mark Leno were two of the speakers. Both praddled on about the "immoral war" in Iraq (while the City of San Rafael sides with illegal aliens against ICE). Leno, a homosexual activist who pushed for gay marriage in California, took issue with Gen. Peter Pace's comments about homosexuality being "immoral." Instead, Leno said President Bush and Vice President Cheney, the illegal alien round ups in Marin County, and not giving al-Queda terrorists held at Club Gitmo rights were "immoral."

Well Mr. Leno, having sympathy for terrorists who want to kill Americans is immoral. The fact that you killed legislation which would have handed tough punishment to child-molesters is also immoral.

Mark Stefanski, a biology teacher at Marin Academy spoke and said he'd brought many of his students to the rally. I'll be willing to bet he's using his biology class to also teach "Hate America 101." Eva Orbuch, a student at the Marin Academy who has organized so-called "peace rallies" at the school, also spoke. Interestingly, Orbuch wrote M.I.M last fall, taking issue with my comments about Marin Academy's Leftist indoctrination after Angela Davis' spoke at the school. She said she was "fortunate" to have Davis, a communist who aided the assassins of a Marin County judge in 1970, speak to her and her fellow students.

Despite the IJ notice saying she would speak, Lynn Woolsey was not at the San Rafael City Hall gathering. I didn't stick around to see if she made any of the other events.

I did not see any patriots counterprotesting at City Hall. I did see a military style truck drive up and down Fourth Street with American flags, but they didn't drive by City Hall.

We will see tomorrow how much of the Left's extremism at the rally will be ignored by the IJ in their coverage.


UPDATE 11:50 A.M.

The IJ, as usual, whitewashed the extremism that went on yesterday in their coverage. Only one of their photos showed one of the 9/11 truther signs, and you'd have to really focus on it to read the sign. They called it a "festive war protest" ignoring the hatred shown towards the Bush Administration, America and Israel and the coddling of terrorists by the so-called "peace crowd."

Two Thumbs Way Up To MAF & Gathering of Eagles For Job Well Done

UPDATE: 11:40 A.M. 3/18/2007
Gathering of Eagles website says park officials estimated a 30,000 turnout for the pro-troop side. Congratulations to all involved for a job well done!

Pelosi, Reid and the rest of you treasonous Democrats pay attention, the silent majority has spoken with a loud voice. We WILL NOT allow you to do to our troops today what you did back in Vietnam. Either you get on board with supporting the troops and their mission or get the hell out of the way!


I've been following via the Internet the job well done by the patriots gathered in Washington D.C., showing support for our troops and standing up to the anti-America crowd. To the Gathering of Eagles, Move America Forward,, Rolling Thunder and everyone else in D.C. who showed up, I want to say "Way to go" and "Great job!" I wished I could have been there.

C-Span gave exclusive coverage of the ANSWER moonbats and ignored the Gathering of Eagles. To them, I say, "Shame on you!" Contact C-Span and express your outrage.

For more coverage, check Michelle Malkin,, This Ain't Hell for on the spot coverage and photos.

For a taste of the sights from D.C., here's a few photos I gathered from various sites.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Express Your Displeasure To Elected Officials For Siding With Illegal Immigrants

Tell your elected officials to quit pandering to people who have broken our immigration laws and also the Leftist agitators who aid and abet their law breaking. As always, please be civil.

City of San Rafael
Mayor Al Boro - Phone: (415) 485-3074

Marin County Superintendent of Schools
Mary Jane Burke - (415) 472-4110

Supervisors County of Marin
Susan Adams - Phone: (415) 499-7331 Fax: (415) 499-3645 E-mail:
Harold C. Brown - Phone: (415) 499-7331 Fax: (415) 499-3645
Charles McGlashan (used Nazi Germany comparison against ICE agents) - Phone: (415) 499-7331 Fax: (415) 499-3645, E-mail:
Steve Kinsey - Phone (415) 499-7331 Fax: (415) 499-3645, E-mail:
Judy Arnold - Phone: (415) 499-7331 Fax: (415) 499-3645, E-mail:

Assemblyman Jared Huffman (Sacramento office), Phone: (916) 319-2006, Fax: (916) 319-2106. (Marin office) Phone: (415) 479-4920 Fax: (415) 479-2123

WoolseyWatch--Addressing Marin's Terrorist Appeasers Protesting Iraq War

Lynn Woolsey, a member of the treason lobby in Washington D.C., will address so-called "peace activists" at San Rafael City Hall this Saturday as they protest the fourth anniversary of the War in Iraq (source Marin IJ).

County Supervisor Susan Adams, who is also part of the "pander to illegal aliens" crowd, will also speak.

The rally for America's enemies will begin at 11 a.m. in San Rafael City Plaza, with a march to City Hall from 1 to 2 p.m. Other events are taking place nationwide, including Washington D.C., where a Gathering of Eagles and Move America Forward will be there to counterprotest the appeasers and protect the Vietnam Wall from threatened vandalism by the "peace" crowd.

Two sponsors of the event include Next Generation of San Anselmo, a group involved in brainwashing youth with anti-war propaganda, as well as the Marin Appeasement & Injustice Coalition (or MPJC).

Are Woolsey and Adams aware of the extremism on MPJC's website, which has been chronicled here? There is an Osama bin Laden book club, links to 9/11 conspiracy videos and an expression of how they like anarchist, Marxist and Leninist periodicals "because they directly challenge or reject the assumption that the evils of capitalism and empire are inevitable or necessary. We like the fact that they freely use analytical tools like Marxism or anarchism or anarcho-primitivism to criticize everything the mainstream media takes for granted."

While they're protesting what they call "an illegal war," will they also express support for illegal aliens?

IJ Watch--Spreading Fallacy About ICE Handcuffing 7 Year Old in Canal Raid

In their initial story on the ICE raids in the Canal area of San Rafael, the Marin IJ reported that a 7 year old citizen was handcuffed by ICE officers.

"They put handcuffs on him, he is only 7," the boy's uncle told the IJ through an interpreter.
This fallacy was picked up and repeated in the Marin Voice by Alan Miller and also an editorial by the Marin IJ's editorial board which condemned the ICE raids.

I say fallacy because Mayor Al "We Won't Enforce Immigration Law" Boro admitted that the agents did not arrest or handcuff the youngster.

Did the editors and writers of the Marin IJ learn about checking sources in journalism school? I guess not, since the false accusation fit their open-borders agenda.

I'm not holding my breath for an official retraction by the IJ editors and Mr. Miller.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

"The City of San Rafael Will Not Enforce Immigration Laws," Mayor Tells Protesters

Elected officials in Marin County continue their attacks on Immigration & Customs Enforcement for apprehending illegal aliens during raids in the Canal area of San Rafael and Novato last week. In the process, many of these “leaders” are using the most extreme and outrageous language in their criticism of federal immigration officials.

State Assemblyman Jared Huffman picked up the "terrorizing our community" mantra used by open borders advocates at a community rally on Monday at Pickeleed Park Community Center in San Rafael‘s Canal area.

"I've just driven almost 100 miles from Sacramento to be with you. I would have driven another 100 miles to show my support for this community and my outrage at the tactics being used to enforce our immigration laws. You don't enforce the laws by sending armed agents into our homes to terrorize our community," Huffman told the protesters.

Others attending this rally were San Rafael Mayor Al Boro, who assured the crowd "The city of San Rafael has no control over what (ICE) does. The city of San Rafael will not enforce immigration laws." Also attending were Marin County Superintendent of Schools Mary Jane Burke, Marin County Supervisor Steve Kinsey. Protesters marched to the rally from the Mission in San Rafael, many chanting slogans in Spanish, as reported in the Marin IJ.

Marin County Supervisors earlier today took action of their own, vowing to send letters to federal officials condemning the raids, plus asking Lynn Woolsey & Barbara Boxer to review immigration agency policy.

One Supervisor, Charles McGlashan, had the audacity to compare the raids to Nazi Germany.

"The historical analogy I'd make is to 1930s Nazi Germany. Xenophobia in Germany led to the death camps. We need to stop that at its earliest instance." McGlashan said.

Enforcing immigration laws is not "xenophobia," Mr. McGlashan. Unfortunately, this is typical race-baiting rhetoric employed continuously by liberals like you.

None of these officials have offered any constructive ideas on how immigration laws should be enforced. And, contrary to Mayor Boro's claim, local officials do have the authority to arrest illegal immigrants.

In 1998, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals decreed that "federal law and Congressional policy encourages cooperation between the INS and local police." The Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal of the ruling. According to a Federation of American Immigration Reform (FAIR) press release, "the Supreme Court confirmed that whenever state law gives police the authority to enforce federal law, local and state law police officers with 'probable cause' can investigate and arrest aliens suspected of federal immigration crimes."

The problem is, these officials do not have the will to help enforce immigration laws. Neither will they enforce No Loitering laws in several areas around the Bellam and East Francisco area of San Rafael. Never mind that over the last year in San Rafael, a 15 year old high school student was raped and another woman murdered, both crimes committed by illegal aliens.

By pandering to a small but vocal minority who advocate for illegal immigrants, these so-called "leaders" in San Rafael and Marin County are aiding and abetting the violation of immigration law and intimidating federal immigration officials in the process.

And that acts as a magnet, attracting more illegals to the area.

Monday, March 12, 2007

IJ Watch--Code Pinko Protesters, Anti-Iraq War Movie Covered; MAF Caravan Ignored

Monday's Marin IJ was another testament to their anti-war bias.

In the Marin section of the paper, there was an AP wire story on page 3 about the Code Pinko protest on the Golden Gate Bridge and at the "Queen of Mean" Nancy Bella-Pelosi's palatial mansion in San Francisco. Apparently, Nancy's plan to surrender Iraq to the terrorists by 2008 is not fast enough for the Castro lover Medea Benjamin and her bunch.

Then there was Paul Liberatore's interview with actress Connie Nielsen, who is also the significant other of Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich. Nielsen acted in a movie about the Iraq War, "The Situation," which Liberatore wrote as being billed, "the first feature-length fiction film to deal with the U.S. occupation of Iraq." Of course Liberatore never ceases to throw in his editorial digs at the war or the military in news stories or entertainment features he writes. He lives up to expectation in the interview with Nielsen, calling her a "citizen of the world" and stating, "In her desire for an end to the war and the ceaseless bloodshed in Iraq, she is remarkably articulate, informed and passionate."

Nowhere in Friday or Saturday's Marin IJ appeared a story about the patriots in the Move America Forward caravan. They left San Francisco last Thursday headed to Washington D.C. to guard our war memorials and stand up to the hate-America Left who will gather this Saturday. One of their first stops was a mock graveyard in Lafayette, CA set up by a couple of cheerleaders for the terrorists who list the number of Americans killed in Iraq. Their "display" does not honor those killed in Iraq, it demeans and exploits their sacrifice for political purposes. The City of Lafayette needs to have it removed because, by all explanation, it is a violation of city zoning laws.

According to their schedule, the group was in Dallas this evening for a rally and will be in Little Rock, Arkansas tomorrow. For more on the Move America Forward caravan, go to this page for several articles covering their journey.

Dick Cheney Kicks Ass!

On Monday, Vice President Dick Cheney hit a bullseye in criticizing Congressional sabateurs of the War in Iraq (ie Democrats), in a speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

"The most common myth is that Iraq has nothing to do with the global war on terror. Opponents of our military action there have called Iraq a diversion from the real conflict, a distraction from the business offighting and defeating bin Laden and the al Qaeda network. We hear this over and over again, not as an argument but as an assertion meant to close off argument.

"...The second myth is the most transparent. And that is the notion that one can support the troops without giving them the tools and reinforcements needed to
carry out their mission. ...When members of Congress pursue an anti-war strategy that's been called slow bleed, they're not supporting the troops, they are undermining them. And when members of Congress speak not of victory, but of time limits -- (applause) -- when members speak not of victory but of time limits, deadlines or other arbitrary measures, they're telling the enemy simply to watch the clock and wait us out."

Way to go Mr. Vice President for telling it like it is! This needs to happen more often.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Marin "Peace" Group Issues Veiled Threat To Immigration Officials

On Friday afternoon, a protest in support of illegal immigrants (targeted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement or I.C.E.) was held and covered by the Marin IJ.

What the IJ failed to mention was how the rally was organized and promoted by their friends known as Marin Appeasement and Injustice Coalition. This so-called "peace group" of 1960's retreads has held rallies in support of America’s enemies every Friday at the corner of 3rd and Irwin streets in San Rafael, immediately following the 9/11 attacks. Their website also has an "Osama bin Laden Book Club" and expresses how they like anarchist, Marxist and Leninist periodicals "because they directly challenge or reject the assumption that the evils of capitalism and empire are inevitable or necessary. We like the fact that they freely use analytical tools like Marxism or anarchism or anarcho-primitivism to criticize everything the mainstream media takes for granted."

The posting on their website for the Friday rally included in the last line what could be interpreted as a veiled threat to immigration officials:

This notice of Friday's pro-illegal immigrant rally was posted on the Marin Appeasement & Injustice Coalition's website

Fri., March 9, 4 - 6 pm
Emergency Rally/Vigil
Support the MARIN Immigrant Community
3rd and Irwin, San Rafael
Bring signs, instruments, banners and your friends. Come support your neighbors. Tell Homeland Security that we are secure in the Canal. I.C.E. can go away we don’t need your interference in our neighborhoods. Don’t call on us, we’ll call you.
Keep out, stay away. We’re not kidding!

It's interesting to note (my wife made this brilliant observation) that these people protest what they call an "illegal war" in Iraq, yet they rally support for people who reside in America illegally.

If I were with the Feds, I'd keep a sharp eye on this group.

Shame On IJ, Clergy, Local Leaders For Aiding and Abetting Illegal Immigrants

The anger in Marin County towards Immigration and Customs Enforcement carrying out their authority to enforce America's immigration laws continues.

On a national and state level, there's plenty of blame to go around, starting from Jorge Arbusto (George Bush), RINOs like John McLame and the entire Democratic party. At the state level, we have Gov. Arnold Schwarzenkennedy, who's proposing health care for all citizens-legal and illegal. What an enticement for people to cross our border illegally!

Now, it's time to name and shame those locally who are attacking the I.C.E. for enforcing the law, not those who have broken the law.

The Marin Independent Journal, an shining example of liberal bias in the print media, picked up the "terrorizing the community" mantra used by local illegal alien activists in Friday's editorial, "Immigration Raids Handled Poorly"

"We simply don't think it was necessary to deliberately terrorize an entire neighborhood and disrupt the lives of so many Marin families to arrest a small number of people, including a small boy who happens to be an American citizen," said the IJ editors. "Illegal immigration is a difficult and divisive issue facing this country. These kinds of raids do nothing to create any consensus."

If they're scared, tough! These people broke the law by entering the country illegally and ignoring deportation orders. I can't wait to see what will be in Sunday's IJ, probably a weepy column in the Lifestyles section by Beth "Why be so nasty" Ashley.

The news coverage by the IJ has been just as biased. The stories on the immigration round up only focus on blame towards ICE. Not once was the fact that No Loitering laws in that area of San Rafael are ignored, or how customers or workers (especially women) are harassed by many of the so-called "day laborers." One dentist in Novato told the Novato Advance how he's lost customers who were intimidated by illegals waiting along Redwood Blvd for work. The Advance also interviewed a couple of the "laborers" who state they send most of their wages to relavites in their home country.

Next to blame are several clergy. There's The Rev. Ronald Rentner of All Saints Lutheran Church in Novato, who passed out "Know Your Rights" pamphlets to businesses frequented by Latinos. The Marin Interfaith Council, who have begun what will be daily vigils in the Canal neighborhood in support of the illegal aliens. Sister Marion Irvine, of the Dominican Convent in San Rafael, told the IJ, "We're going to be here until ICE decides this is not the place to be."

Then there's city, county and state elected leaders who are bowing to political correctness and are willing to turn a blind eye to illegal immigrants. They include San Rafael Mayor Al Boro, who said, "I still don't like how they (ICE) are going about it. We worked a long time to build trust in that community, which helps the city with law enforcement. We don't want to see that erode." There's Marin County Supervisor Steve Kinsey, who earlier called ICE's actions "reckless." State Assemblyman Jared Huffman, State Senator Carole Migden (both are Democrats) wrote a letter stating, "The manner in which ICE agents conducted their business does not reflect the values and priorities of civilized society. We demand that you immediately cease these heavy handed tactics and work with local authorities on strategies to achieve your enforcement objectives (in a) more humane, reasonable manner." Last year, Huffman took part in a Latino voters' forum on Novato Public Access TV where flags from Latin American nations were displayed prominently.

A letter signed by Marin County Superintendent of Schools Mary Jane Burke, as well as school superintendents from around the county, appeared in the Marin IJ on Saturday. It read in part, "What we can do is to work together with our governmental leaders and agencies to insure that our children do not become pawns in an issue that adults either are unable or unwilling to address. In a Kindergarten classroom, the eager eyes and the smiling face of a child anticipating the excitement of learning something new or gaining a new skill do not betray the residency status the child holds... Let's all put the education of our children first."

Give me a break! They don't care about "putting education of our children first." All they care about is keeping kids in school because for every child absent, that's more money the district could lose in funding.

Shame on all of you! You are aiding and abetting people who have broken our nation's immigration laws because you put political correctness, cheap manual labor, funding for schools and votes ahead of the rule of law. You don't deserve the public trust.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

IJ Watch--Round Up of Illegals Extends to Novato, Marin IJ Continues Pro-Illegal Spin Job

Yesterday marked a second day of raids by federal immigration officers in rounding up suspected illegal immigrants in San Rafael. The round up also extended to Novato. The raids, part of Operation Return to Sender, began Tuesday in the Canal area and started an uproar among community activists.

In Novato, it is common to see many "day laborers" during the morning and afternoon lining the sidewalk along Redwood Blvd, beginning from Grant Avenue north to the Trader Joe's Shopping Center. On Thursday afternoon at approximately 1 p.m., I counted only six in the entire area.

The outrage about the raids continues among illegal immigration advocates, clergy and elected officials. The Marin IJ, sympathetic to the open borders lobby, was there to make their voices heard. Not surprisingly, federal immigration officials, not the people who had broken immigration laws, received the blame.

Marin Supervisor Steve Kinsey told the IJ, "I'm distressed by the reckless manner in which the federal government is pursuing its legitimate law enforcement duties. The collateral damage is showing up everywhere." Fellow Supervisor Judy Arnold contacted Dianne Feinstein to ascertain, "what protocol if any there is for these raids." San Rafael Al Boro disagreed with the early morning searches and the fear created among the community, according to the IJ.

In an effort similar to Canal Community Alliance noted here yesterday, two pastors at Novato's All Saints Lutheran Church passed out pamphlets to Novato restaurants patronized by Latinos, informing them of their "rights." This is an obvious attempt by both groups to aid and abet illegal immigrants by claiming to be the "good Samaritan."

The IJ kept up the pro-illegal immigrant spin on their editorial page in a Marin Voice by former UC Berkeley professor Alan Miller and a letter by Ruth Ann Spike of Sausalito. Spike's letter was basically a snotty, "thanks for keeping me safe from people who clean our houses and watch our kids." Miller continued the attacks on immigration officials.

"But agents misrepresenting themselves as "police," intimidating children and catching in their net hard-working people whose lives contribute to the welfare of the larger community is another matter."

What else are we to expect from a former UC Berkeley professor? His previous IJ appearance was a bash-America piece claiming every war (except World War II) America has fought was a mistake and threatened to take part in civil disobedience if America went to war with Iran.

Unfortunately, it’s the lax attitude towards illegal immigration typified not just by Marin liberals, but also by Governor Arnold Schwarzenkennedy (promising free health care), President Jorge Arbusto (George W. Bush) and the new Democrat congress promising quasi amnesty is a magnet for more illegal migration. Come to America and if we can't catch you, stick around because we will eventually reward you with amnesty. That was tried once before and was one of the worst mistakes of Ronald Reagan‘s otherwise great Presidency.

No one is against immigrants, but our immigration laws must be obeyed and, if people want to become citizens, they must wait in line with everyone else who wants to become a citizen. We must know who is coming into this nation, especially after 9/11. Because not everyone crosses the border for "a job." We've seen recently how one was convicted of raping a 15 year old San Rafael High School student, and another man suspected of a San Rafael murder was also held on a no-bond immigration hold.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Move America Forward Caravan Heads To D.C. Tomorrow

The caravan of patriots headed to Washington D.C. to protect our war memorials and support our troops leaves San Francisco tommorrow morning. It begins at KSFO Radio at 8:30 a.m. at 900 Front Street, San Francisco. There will also be rallies in Lafayette and Sacramento. Check Move America Forward's website for more details.

I wish those in the caravan "Godspeed" and a safe trip across our great nation in support of our troops. Thank you for all that you are doing to take a stand against the anti-war, anti-America crowd.

Illegal Immigrants Nabbed in Canal Raid, Liberal Activists Scream "Terrorism"

Federal Immigration officials made a sweep through San Rafael's Canal neighborhood on Tuesday morning, searching for 30 illegals who had ignored deportation orders. An unknown number were arrested.

The crackdown was part of Operation Return to Sender, in effect since June 2006, which is an effort by Homeland Security to secure America's borders and discourage the breaking of our immigration laws.

Some neighbors and liberal activist groups were not happy with the raids, as reported in Wednesday's liberal Marin IJ, who showed their bias on immigration once again.

Edgar Hernandez, a Canal resident, said "They went right into buildings and pulled people from their homes. These are just working people, not criminals. Everyone in the Canal is now afraid."

Juan Rodriguez, principal of Bahia Vista Elementary School, called the raids "an emotional type of terror."

"This is horrible and inhumane treatment," said Tom Wilson, director of the Canal Community Alliance, an activist group in the area. The alliance publishes a "Know Your Rights" pamphlet in English and Spanish for the residents and is available on the website.

Wilson went further in a hysterical letter posted on group's website (excerpts below)

"We want the federal government to stop terrorizing our immigrant communities...ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) officers went to homes, knocked on the door, identified themselves as "Police," pushed their way into living rooms, questioned everyone in the home, and took a number of people into custody who were not named on any warrants. Today in the local elementary school, 77 children are absent, mostly kept home by their parents out of fear....Men were removed from their beds and taken in handcuffs in boxer shorts – not even afforded the dignity of being allowed to put on their pants.

People are up in arms and outraged; they feel terrorized by their own government. Local officials are powerless to protect their community from the inhumane actions of federal agents."

What part of "illegal" does Wilson not understand and what proof does he have of people taken out in boxer shorts? We are supposed to be a nation of laws and these people whom the Canal Alliance defends ignored deportation orders. They, as well as other residents here illegally broke our laws, so the federal government had every right to look for them. If the agents find and arrest people in the search who are here illegally, well, they already had probable cause to make the arrest.

A nation has a right and a responsibility to secure it’s borders, regardless if it offends the liberal sensitivities of people like Mr. Wilson, as well as other open borders activists.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Peace Protesters Threaten Vandalism of Memorial Wall on March 17

Just saw this link on Michelle Malkin's blog, to The Indepundit, who found the following on DC Indymedia.

"About the demo on March 17th:

People who are planning a black bloc, youth bloc, SDS bloc or something like that should announce it so more than 10 people can join in and make it worthwhile."

One poster, "dylan," wrote the following

"bring some paint so we can spray the wall."

The Wall is a reference to the Vietnam Memorial.

Libby Verdict A Travesty

The political show trial which convicted "Scooter" Libby is over, and the nation is none the better for it.

The whole episode was sickening. A trial which should have never happened, as there was no crime to begin with in leaking this CIA agent's name. The real leaker was known by the prosecutor. The lies by Joe Wilson and his wife echoed by their allies in the MSM and the Democratic party. Then there was the masturbatory excitement over the verdict by the MSM, as well as snide comments I heard from fellow co-workers. One called the Bush Administration "a steaming pile of shit."

Then there were the absurd comments by Democrats like "Dirty" Harry Reid and the Queen of Mean, Nancy Bella-Pelosi, all trying to tie this non-crime to supposed "deceptions" which led to the Iraq War.

The fact that this supposed "leak" was prosecuted to the extent it was when more serious leaks (the NSA program, etc) were exposed to the media and not punished is a disgrace and a waste of taxpayer money. Remember how the libs complained about "$40 million wasted by Ken Starr" during Monicagate? Well how much taxpayer money was wasted prosecuting this political show trial over the last four years?

At a time when we're at war with a vicious and determined enemy, liberal Democrats, their supporters and the media show they hate the Bush administration more than Osama bin Laden or al-Queda. I'm convinced if they wanted to they'd destroy America, if it meant getting rid of George Bush and Dick Cheney.

Hopefully, this travesty will be overturned on appeal. If not, President Bush should pardon "Scooter" Libby.

Examples of Liberal Hate Speech Not Condemned By The Left

Though I'm not excusing the "f-bomb" dropped at CPAC last Friday, it's amazing the examples of liberal hate speech not condemned by people like John Edwards, Howard the Duck Dean and the liberal MSM.

How about this one from the Leftist site Daily Kos? "Democrats and the Faggot Problem." Last year, "Dirty" Harry Reid & Barbara "Check Bouncer" Boxer spoke at the "Yearly Kos" conference. They never condemned the "screw them" comment by Kos founder Markos Zuniga about the four Americans burned to death in Fallujah, nor the several anti-Semitic posts on Kos.

Patterico lists other examples in "No Hate Speech By Prominent Leftists?"

There's a few other examples I'd like to throw into the mix which I remember.

Al Sharpton, who referred once to a white tenant in Harlem as a "white interloper" and Jews as "diamond merchants," said the following in 1992 at Kean University in New Jersey.

"White folks was in the cave when we had built empires. . .We taught philosophy and astrology and mathematics before Socrates and them Greek homos ever got around to it.”

Craig Livingstone, former White House security chief during the Clinton Administration, had a near car crash in 1996 with black Democrat Congressman Floyd Flake. According to the New York Daily News, Livingstone shouted to Flake's driver (also black) "Move out of the way you dumb ass nigger!"

Bill Clinton, the "first black president" never condemned Livingstone for his comments. Neither did Clinton disavow words used by his half-brother Roger, who in 1984 said the following on a surveillance tape:

"Some junior high nigger kicked Steve's ass while he was trying to help his brothers out; junior high or sophomore in high school. Whatever it was, Steve had the nigger down. However it was, it was Steve's fault. He had the nigger down, he let him up. The nigger blindsided him."

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Will Howard Dean Condemn Stark, Maher?

Howard Dean, who has said (among other thingss) how he "hates Republicans" and that America can't win in Iraq, is now on his self-righteous high horse about Ann Coulter's stupid comments.

I said my piece about Coulter in the last post. Now, will Howard the Duck condemn the stalking of conservatives by the psychotic Mike Stark. How about Stark's racism on the Huffington Post?

"Let's try this: CPAC didn't want to be embarrassed when pictures were released that showed recruiters standing around looking lonely. Similarly, recruiters know it's a better investment of their time to troll 'the other malls' rather than to recruit these nice white college boys."

LGF posted a similar observation about the Left-wing blogosphere.

Hey Mikey. When was the last time you liberals had recruiters at one of your events? You jerk!

Likewise, will Dean also condemn the comments of Bill Maher? He implied on his HBO show last night that had terrorists succeeded in assassinating Vice President Dick Cheney in Afghanistan, the world would be a safer place. For that matter, why didn't Barney Frank, a Democrat who was one of the panelists on the show, express outrage at Maher for the following statements below.

Maher: "But I have zero doubt that if Dick Cheney was not in power, people wouldn’t be dying needlessly tomorrow. (applause)... I’m justsaying if he did die, other people, more people would live. That’s a fact."

We're waiting, Howard.

Ann Coulter Owes An Apology

Ann Coulter is someone whom hasn't always been my cup of tea. I've enjoyed some of her work, and at other times thought she's come too close to pushing the envelope.

Yesteday, at the CPAC convention in Washington D.C., she jumped the shark, when she said, "“I’d say something about John Edwards, but if you say ‘faggot’ you have to go to rehab.”

I don't care for John Edwards and I can think of other words to describe him. "Breck Girl," "Opie Cunningham," "Scum sucking bottom dweller," "ambulance chaser." Using a gay slur is going too far, especially at a conservative conference. What's next? At next year's CPAC (if she's allowed to speak) is Ann going to use the word "nigger" to describe Barak Obama? Her remark is as stupid as what Michael Weiner said on MSNBC a few years ago.

Conservatives are regularly trashed by liberals as "racists, sexists, bigots and homophobes." To an ousider, Ann Coulter's idiotic statement makes conservatives appear to be all those things.

You should apologize Ann, not just to America, but especially to conservatives.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Alameda "Artist" Creates Assassination Photo, Town Newspaper Defends Him

An Alameda resident, Michael McDonald (not the singer), was recently paid a necessary visit by the Secret Service.

Reason? McDonald, an opponent of the War on Terrorism, created a piece of "artwork" in his yard showing President Bush with a knife stuck in his forehead (see below). It wasn't his first visit from the agency sworn to protect the President. The agency also questioned him once before about an e-mail in which he told Bush he "kick his backside" if Bush visited Alameda.
"Peace Loving" Liberal in Alameda Shows Violent Artwork in his yard (photo source Alameda Sun)
Those anti-war liberals are real peaceful people aren't they? Carrying a painting of a decapitated Bush at an "anti-war" rally last year, as well as a hanging Bush figure at another rally. There was also the "Kill Bush" T-shirts, bags and the postage stamp of the President with a gun to his head. At Santa Rosa Jr. College, a professor asked his students to put "Kill The President" in an e-mail.

Don't forget the movie "Death of A President," which depicted the assassination of President Bush in Oct. 2007.

But the local liberal rag, The Alameda Sun, loves McDonald. They called him a "Patriotic Artist" and ran an editorial defending him (excerpt below).

"What alarmed us was that the three residents who called in the tips chose to report McDonald to the Secret Service rather than first talk to him. McDonald is not an aggressive man, he proved himself to be quite literate, amenable and engaging during his interview with the Sun. The fact that the Secret Service’s visit comes on the heels of a six month long campaign of vandalism against McDonald’s artwork in front of his home is unjustifiable. If a connection exists — and there is no supportive evidence — where are we headed if this is how members of our community choose to act out upon compatriots with differing political views — however extreme? We cannot allow divisive behavior to pervade in our community."

Not an aggressive man? What kind of crap is that? He sent an e-mail to the President threatening him with violence.

Contrast that to Marin County, where a real patriot like Pat LaTray makes a symbol of a Muslim terrorist with an American flag stuck in his chest, depicting America's defeat of radical Islamic terrorism. What happens? In an editorial, the liberal Marin IJ lectured LaTray that he should "take into account how his neighbors feel about his actions- and be more sensitive to issues of race and religion." According to the liberal Bay Area media, we're supposed to be "tolerant" of the terrorist enemy and their liberal apologists who threaten violence against the President of the United States.

LaTray was right when he told the IJ if he'd made a hanging effigy of Bush, people would have applauded. The anti-war types on the Marin Human Rights Commission, which made LaTray's effigy an agenda item in January, probably would name Michael McDonald as Citizen of the Year for his "artwork," if he lived in Marin instead of Alameda.