Monday, February 26, 2007

IJ Watch--Anti-American Venom Passes as "Peace" in "Marin Voice"

Still not convinced the anti-war movement is nothing but anti-Americanism disguised as pacifism? Then check out today's Marin Voice, "Want Peace? Then Get Involved" by Buff (is that his real name?) Whitman-Bradley.

The author is an active participant in a group called the Marin Peace & Justice Coalition, known affectionately on this blog as the Marin Appeasement & Injustice Coalition. Why? The group always acts as apologists for the enemies of America and Israel. Additionally, Whitman-Bradley and several of his ilk also go to San Quentin to protest executions of some of the state's most brutal murderers. In other words, America is always wrong and the criminal, instead of the victim, should be protected.

Buffy proves my point with his first sentence, "So you think the situation in Iraq is horrible? Just wait until we bomb Iran." The rest of his piece is a venomous diatribe (written at fifth grade writing level) towards the United States & President Bush. Nowhere does Whitman-Bradley condemn Islamic terrorism or the Holocaust denial of Iran's president and his threats to annihilate Israel.

Here's some snippets:

"Even now the evil elves in the White House toy shop and right-wing think tanks are working overtime to fabricate apocryphal stories about the current version of yellow-cake uranium and aluminum tubes."

"...But of course, that won't stop Bush and his neo-con handlers, because they are a murder of megalomaniacs (????) who, like other megalomaniacs before them, believe that they can remake and dominate the world by the force of their wills and the might of their armies. (And speaking of armies, I've always found it telling to note that almost none of the neo-con hyper hawks served in the military. I doubt that any of their kids do, either.)"
So, when did you serve in the military Buffy? I'm sure you were too busy burning your draft card on the way to catch The Grateful Dead at Winterland. Amusing how those who support the military but haven't served are supposed to shut up. That rule never applies to those who hate the troops.

"...if our government were genuinely interested in assuring a nuclear-weapons-free Iran (not, of course, a nuke-free Middle East, since Israel is bristling with them), that (diplomacy) is the path we would follow. But what our demonic and delusional government really wants is to destroy Iran, as it has destroyed Iraq, and from the rubble and ashes and boneyards bring a 'new Middle East' into being."

Did I say that Buffy and his group also attacks Israel? Notice also his use of the phrase "neo-con" which, like the term "Zionist," is nothing but a politically correct slur on Jews. Which brings to mind a couple of incidents involving Buffy's Appeasement & Injustice group.

In July 2004, the MPJC sponsored a "Palestine/Israel Film Festival" at Mill Valley's Throckmorton Theater, where most of the speakers and films had a pro-Palestine/anti-Israel point of view.

On May 28, 2005, The Marin IJ wrote how the MPJC was (rightfully) kept out of Mill Valley's Memorial Day Parade. When the group participated in the 2004 parade, one sign stated Ariel Sharon should be tried as a war criminal. Leaflets were also handed out during the parade saying "Jews are responsible for 9/11, " though the group denied passing them out. When the parade chairperson asked for an apology, the letter consisted of "we are sorry" and "a diatribe about Palestine and that Israel was the aggressor."

The only way real peace is achieved is by supporting the men and women of our military, as they hunt down and kill the terrorists who want to bring tyranny back to Iraq. That also includes the possible use of force against the Iranian regime that suppresses its own citizens and funds terrorist organizations (Hamas and Hezbollah) which have killed Americans and Israelis.

Also, you can take a stand locally by counter protesting these supposed peace groups and exposing their allies like Code Pinko, who’ve aided and abetted the terrorists in Iraq.

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