Saturday, February 24, 2007

Hanging Soldier Effigy “Artist” Says Soldiers Should Be Tried For War Crimes

Stephen Pearcy of Sacramento (responsible for the sick display above) hates the military so much he wants them tried for war crimes.

Remember Stephen Pearcy? He’s the “artist” and attorney who hung an American soldier in effigy with a sign “Bush Lied, I Died.” He’s also one of Cindy “I wouldn’t spit on the troops” Sheehan’s friends.

He took his hatred of the military to another level. Pearcy scribbled an anti-troop screed in Sacramento News & Review last Thursday implying that soldiers serving in Iraq should be charged with war crimes.

“In addition to holding President George W. Bush and the U.S. Congress accountable for the illegal occupation of Iraq, American troops must also be prepared to accept responsibility. We’re all presumed to know the law. If we accept that fundamental legal presumption, then those of us who claim that the war is illegal must also acknowledge that the troops are unexcused aiders and abettors.

Lt. Ehren Watada’s case is a good example. Watada’s position is that he has a duty to refuse orders to deploy to Iraq because those orders effectively command him to pursue an illegal war. Watada correctly understands that obeying those orders could subject him to war-crime charges under a more just administration (which should try George W. Bush first).

Publicly available information about the Iraq invasion has become so plentiful over the last several years that reasonable people contemplating service in the U.S. military should know that people throughout the world regard participation in the occupation as tantamount to aiding and abetting in mass murder, fraud, human-rights violations, and international war crimes. By now, all of the troops should recognize this, and ignorance is no excuse.”

Pearcy goes further. Echoing Democrat Senator Dick Turbin, he compares the men and women in the military to Nazis who followed the orders of their commanders.

“From a legal standpoint, obeying Bush’s orders is akin to the Nazi soldiers who obeyed Hitler’s orders. And we know from the Nuremberg Trials that the “just following orders” excuse is invalid. Watada’s case suggests that we should question all troops’ willingness to follow their illegal orders.

Suggesting troop-responsibility for the illegal war is unpopular, but it also would have been unpopular during World War II for a German citizen to suggest that Nazi troops be held accountable for obeying their illegal orders. At the end of the day, it’s really no different.”

First, Lt. Watada has no excuse in disobeying orders. You don’t pick and choose what orders you obey in the military. If he didn’t realize that, then he had no business signing up. He should have signed up for the Peace Corps instead.

Second, the Iraq war is not “illegal” as Pearcy claims. It is only “illegal” in the minds of Leftists who are always the first to attack America and act as apologists for our enemies.

Finally, the Sacramento News & Review calls Mr. Pearcy a “peace activist.” He is anything but a “peace activist.” He is a stone-hearted, anti-American that hates the men and women of the military who fight and die for his right to spout treasonous garbage like the aforementioned piece, as well as hang them in effigy.

And these people have the nerve to claim they “support the troops.”

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The Gentle Cricket said...

"“In addition to holding President George W. Bush and the U.S. Congress accountable for the illegal occupation of Iraq"

This is a serious question: Why do leftists even believe that what we are doing is illegal? I cannot fathom their reason. With 17 UN resolutions authorizing force, with bipartisan support, with strong international support, and with common sense on the side supporting the initial invasion, what reason could there be to suppose that this is an illegal occupation?