Sunday, January 28, 2007

WoolseyWatch--Speaks To Anti-American Crowd in Washington D.C.

Some Applaud When Marin's Taliban Mentioned By Former Justice Dept. Attorney

As mentioned on Wednesday, Lynn Woolsey spoke at a supposed anti-war rally yesterday in Washington D.C., along with Hanoi Jane Fonda, plus other washed-up celebrities and rabble-rousers. The rally was sponsored by United for Peace & Justice, a group led by pro-Castro socialist Leslie Cagan.

Woolsey said, “We are not going to stop until we end George Bush’s immoral Iraqi War. Americans do not want to send their children into the middle of a civil war.” She did not have to answer her support of Democrat Bill Clinton's 1998 bombing of Iraq, as well as voting for the 1998 Iraq Liberation Act (previously documented here).

I say "supposed anti-war" rally because the crowd which Woolsey, et al spoke to was more of an anti-American rally than a "peace rally." There were signs in the crowd stating "9/11 Was An Inside Job" and others equating George W. Bush with Adolf Hitler. (see photos below)

Note "9-11 Was An Inside Job" sign behind unknown speaker

Sign in Back Reads "Worst Tyrants Ever: Hitler & Bush." Hey Lynn, are you proud to hang out with this group?

Additionally, one of Woolsey's former constituents, John Walker Lindh (a.k.a "Ratboy" or "The Marin Taliban") received some applause when Josselyn Radock, a former Justice Dept attorney, told of how she worked on his case. Little Green Footballs has a link to video highlights of the Washington rally, which includes the spattering of applause when Johnny Jihad's name was mentioned, as well as a crapper named Bedouin telling the crowd "Islam means peace."

Some applauded when Jesselyn Radack mentioned Marin Taliban John Walker Lindh

Other speakers included Susan Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Code Pinko Women for Appeasement. In late 2004, the group gave $600,000 in aid to Iraqi terrorist insurgents holed p in Fallujah, Iraq. Benjamin once lived in Cuba and stated she felt like she'd "died and gone to heaven." Benjamin shrieked to the crowd, "Women say, 'pull out!'"

Another speaker was Woolsey constituent, Sean Penn, who lives in the wealthy Marin hamlet of Ross, CA with wife Robin Wright. Penn once advocated in 2001 to a London Guardian reporter "taking arms against the government." Penn also is hardly a man of peace. He's well known for assaulting photographers, as well as being charged with felony domestic assault against ex-wife, Madonna.

A similar rally was held in San Francisco yesterday, with crowd estimates of 1,000 to 3,000. In D.C. organizers claimed to have 100,000 in attendance, though that number is widely disputed by officials and others who viewed the rally on TV. Many on the Internet say there was a bigger crowd last week for the March for Life rally, which was mostly ignored by the MSM.

Where's this "growing discontent" with the Iraq war I keep hearing about? Certainly, the sagging attendance at these rallies don't reflect those numbers hyped by Democrats & the MSM. That doesn't stop the MSM, San Francisco Comicle or Marin Independent Journal from highlighting and hyping these anti-American rallies in their coverage.

UPDATE: Kristinn from FreeRepublic says one wounded Iraq vet was spat upon by one of the so-called "peace crowd."

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