Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Two Reports Support Victory in Iraq

Here are two reports on Iraq which contradict the absurdity of the Baker Surrender Group. Because both reports call for victory in Iraq, all bets are that you will not hear them mentioned by the MSM.

Today, the Citizens Report on Iraq was released (go here to download). According to their press release, the report states:

"...that progress is being made in Iraq; there are large areas of Iraq that are safe and prospering; that the enemy is being killed and wounded in astounding proportion to American casualties; that the reporting on Iraq by the dominant media is universally despised as inaccurate and misleading by those fighting for Free Iraq -- Americans and Iraqis alike; that the so-called antiwar movement, including the organizers of this past weekend's protest in Washington, is led by terrorist supporting Marxists as part of a global alliance seeking America's defeat in the Global War on Terror and that a prominent White House correspondent (the pro-Palestinian Helen Thomas M.I.M. note) has allied herself with one of these groups."

This follows another report released recently entitled "A Brighter Future for Iraq" released by the Gold Star Families Iraq Survey Group. They visited Iraq at the beginning of November on a trip organized by Move America Forward.

From the introduction:

"The authors of this report believe that winning the war in Iraq – not “solving the problems” of Iraq – is essential to the United States commitment to the war against terrorism. Defeat in Iraq, which we define as an immediate or near-immediate withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq, would have devastating geopolitical consequences, embolden Islamic terrorist groups and send the message that the United States lacks the will to see through its commitment to defeat those who employ terrorism, bloodshed, fear and violence to advance oppression and tyranny." (Emphasis mine)

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