Sunday, January 07, 2007

Patriot's "Hanging Terrorist" Effigy Targeted by Marin Human Rights Commission

The Leftist's Jihad against Pat La Tray of San Anselmo continues Tuesday night at a meeting of the Marin Human Rights Commission.

According to Sunday's "In Your Town" Section of the IJ, the commission will discuss La Tray's effigy of an Islamic terrorist hanging from a gallows with the American flag piercing the terrorist's chest. It was stolen by some Marin County Leftist from La Tray's property a few days after the original IJ story appeared.

Nowhere in the IJ's announcement of the meeting was it mentioned that the effigy was that of a terrorist. Instead, the IJ wrote the following:

"A San Anselmo man's decision to erect an effigy on his lawn depicting an Arab man hanging from the gallows will be discussed by the Marin Human Rights Commission on Tuesday at the Civic Center in San Rafael."

When was the last time the Human Rights Commission stood on the side of America in the War on Terror? Why haven't they condemned not just the acts of Islamic terrorism, but groups like CAIR who refuse to denounce terrorism committed in the name of Islam? I guess the only human rights being violated here are those of Marin's supposedly "tolerant" hot-tub liberals. They're offended by anyone who knows America's enemy isn't George W. Bush and the U.S. Military.

Mr. La Tray needs the support of fellow patriots, so I encourage those who can to come out to the meeting and show their support for him. The meeting is at 7 p.m. this Tuesday night. According to County of Marin website, the meetings are held in Room 401 of the Civic Center. The phone number, for more information is 499-6189 (please be respectful).

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