Thursday, January 04, 2007

AMERICA HELD HOSTAGE -- The Democrat Controlled Congress, Day 1

Along with "the most ethical Congress" (NOT) and a "spirit of bi-partisanship (NOT NOT), Nancy Bella-Pelosi promised a busy 100 hour agenda.

The first 96 hours will be taken up by the four day coronation for Miss America Bella-Pelosi. Fundraising concerts and a "by invitation only" open house.

How oxymoronic! Democrats always protray themselves as "for the little guy." Bella-Pelosi and her Leftist ilk are showing those of us who are paying attention that they're only on your side if you have the money to donate to the DNC or her campaign.

Four days? Newt Gingrich only had a two day celebration. Remember in 2005 how all these libs complained about President Bush's inauguration? Now, they're silent.

Get ready America, for the Contract on America:

1. Emboldening Islamic terrorists by surrendering the War on Terror through "redeployment" (read: cut and run) from Iraq.

2. Making it easier for future 9/11s to happen by killing the Patriot Act, revoking the NSA Terrorist Surveillance Program and giving captured terrorists more rights and protection than American citizens.

3. Closing military prisons like Club Gitmo and transferring all captured al-Queda terrorists to Federal Prisons.

4. Amnesty for illegal aliens.

5. Felons and non-citizens would be given the right to vote (Hell, while they're at it, give captured terrorists the right to vote also.)

6. Censoring political speech through the so-called "Fairness Doctrine" which would suppress Talk Radio, along with this webblog and other conservative websites.

7. Gay marriage will become law of the land and equal to traditional marriage.

8. Taxes will be raised on the working class in America, followed by redistribution of wealth.

9. Federal spending will balloon out of control, while military expenditures will be cut.

10. Higher gas prices and more depenence on foreign sources of energy, as they will refuse to drill for oil domestically, as well as build new refineries..Finally, point number

11. A Democrat House Majority would bring endless investigations into the Bush Administration and the War on Terror, followed by impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney, plus criminal charges against other members of the administration.

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