Tuesday, January 30, 2007

U.C. Berkeley Hosts "Artwork" Which Exaggerates Abu Gharaib

Photojournalist extraordinaire Zombie attended the January 29th opening at Doe Library on the U.C. Berkeley campus of Colombian artist Francisco Botero's "artwork"exaggerating terrorist prisoner abuse at Abu Gharaib prison. Botero said he wanted to create a modern "Guernica," which was a painting by Pablo Picasso depicting the Nazi bombing of a Spanish town during the Spanish Civil War.

Link to Zombie's page. Here's a sample of the "artwork"

Little Green Footballs, the source for this item, did an earlier post in April 2005 about the artist.

He told The Associated Press that he became so upset by prisoner abuse at Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison that he felt compelled to produce works that would graphically depict it.

“I, like everyone else, was shocked by the barbarity, especially because the United States is supposed to be this model of compassion,” he said in an interview from his art studio in Paris.

Of course, being Berkeley, anything attacking America is welcome.

Two Reports Support Victory in Iraq

Here are two reports on Iraq which contradict the absurdity of the Baker Surrender Group. Because both reports call for victory in Iraq, all bets are that you will not hear them mentioned by the MSM.

Today, the Citizens Report on Iraq was released (go here to download). According to their press release, the report states:

"...that progress is being made in Iraq; there are large areas of Iraq that are safe and prospering; that the enemy is being killed and wounded in astounding proportion to American casualties; that the reporting on Iraq by the dominant media is universally despised as inaccurate and misleading by those fighting for Free Iraq -- Americans and Iraqis alike; that the so-called antiwar movement, including the organizers of this past weekend's protest in Washington, is led by terrorist supporting Marxists as part of a global alliance seeking America's defeat in the Global War on Terror and that a prominent White House correspondent (the pro-Palestinian Helen Thomas M.I.M. note) has allied herself with one of these groups."

This follows another report released recently entitled "A Brighter Future for Iraq" released by the Gold Star Families Iraq Survey Group. They visited Iraq at the beginning of November on a trip organized by Move America Forward.

From the introduction:

"The authors of this report believe that winning the war in Iraq – not “solving the problems” of Iraq – is essential to the United States commitment to the war against terrorism. Defeat in Iraq, which we define as an immediate or near-immediate withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq, would have devastating geopolitical consequences, embolden Islamic terrorist groups and send the message that the United States lacks the will to see through its commitment to defeat those who employ terrorism, bloodshed, fear and violence to advance oppression and tyranny." (Emphasis mine)

Sunday, January 28, 2007

WoolseyWatch--Speaks To Anti-American Crowd in Washington D.C.

Some Applaud When Marin's Taliban Mentioned By Former Justice Dept. Attorney

As mentioned on Wednesday, Lynn Woolsey spoke at a supposed anti-war rally yesterday in Washington D.C., along with Hanoi Jane Fonda, plus other washed-up celebrities and rabble-rousers. The rally was sponsored by United for Peace & Justice, a group led by pro-Castro socialist Leslie Cagan.

Woolsey said, “We are not going to stop until we end George Bush’s immoral Iraqi War. Americans do not want to send their children into the middle of a civil war.” She did not have to answer her support of Democrat Bill Clinton's 1998 bombing of Iraq, as well as voting for the 1998 Iraq Liberation Act (previously documented here).

I say "supposed anti-war" rally because the crowd which Woolsey, et al spoke to was more of an anti-American rally than a "peace rally." There were signs in the crowd stating "9/11 Was An Inside Job" and others equating George W. Bush with Adolf Hitler. (see photos below)

Note "9-11 Was An Inside Job" sign behind unknown speaker

Sign in Back Reads "Worst Tyrants Ever: Hitler & Bush." Hey Lynn, are you proud to hang out with this group?

Additionally, one of Woolsey's former constituents, John Walker Lindh (a.k.a "Ratboy" or "The Marin Taliban") received some applause when Josselyn Radock, a former Justice Dept attorney, told of how she worked on his case. Little Green Footballs has a link to video highlights of the Washington rally, which includes the spattering of applause when Johnny Jihad's name was mentioned, as well as a crapper named Bedouin telling the crowd "Islam means peace."

Some applauded when Jesselyn Radack mentioned Marin Taliban John Walker Lindh

Other speakers included Susan Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Code Pinko Women for Appeasement. In late 2004, the group gave $600,000 in aid to Iraqi terrorist insurgents holed p in Fallujah, Iraq. Benjamin once lived in Cuba and stated she felt like she'd "died and gone to heaven." Benjamin shrieked to the crowd, "Women say, 'pull out!'"

Another speaker was Woolsey constituent, Sean Penn, who lives in the wealthy Marin hamlet of Ross, CA with wife Robin Wright. Penn once advocated in 2001 to a London Guardian reporter "taking arms against the government." Penn also is hardly a man of peace. He's well known for assaulting photographers, as well as being charged with felony domestic assault against ex-wife, Madonna.

A similar rally was held in San Francisco yesterday, with crowd estimates of 1,000 to 3,000. In D.C. organizers claimed to have 100,000 in attendance, though that number is widely disputed by officials and others who viewed the rally on TV. Many on the Internet say there was a bigger crowd last week for the March for Life rally, which was mostly ignored by the MSM.

Where's this "growing discontent" with the Iraq war I keep hearing about? Certainly, the sagging attendance at these rallies don't reflect those numbers hyped by Democrats & the MSM. That doesn't stop the MSM, San Francisco Comicle or Marin Independent Journal from highlighting and hyping these anti-American rallies in their coverage.

UPDATE: Kristinn from FreeRepublic says one wounded Iraq vet was spat upon by one of the so-called "peace crowd."

Send A Loud Message to Republicans Who Plan To Vote With Dems Against Iraq Reinforcements

I invite you to sign The NRSC (National Republican Senatorial Committee) Pledge. I did.

Here is the petition language:

If the United States Senate passes a resolution, non-binding or otherwise, that criticizes the commitment of additional troops to Iraq that General Petraeus has asked for and that the president has pledged, and if the Senate does so after the testimony of General Petraeus on January 23 that such a resolution will be an encouragement to the enemy, I will not contribute to any Republican senator who voted for the resolution. Further, if any Republican senator who votes for such a resolution is a candidate for re-election in 2008, I will not contribute to the National Republican Senatorial Committee unless the Chairman of that Committee, Senator Ensign, commits in writing that none of the funds of the NRSC will go to support the re-election of any senator supporting the non-binding resolution.

As of 4:05 p.m. Sunday, 28, 407 have signed the pledge. Here is the link to The NRSC Pledge.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

WoolseyWatch--Protesting War with Hanoi Jane on Saturday

This Saturday in Washington D.C., Lynn Woolsey will protest the Iraq War with her radical congressional cohort Maxine Waters (defender of the L.A. Riot thugs)...

...and Hanoi Jane Fonda.

They will gather at the Navy Memorial in Washington D.C. as part of a supposed anti-war rally held by United for Peace & Justice, a group whose co-chairperson, Leslie Cagan, is a pro-Castro socialist.

For those who don't know (or don't remember) Fonda once said "If you understood what communism was, you would hope, you would pray on your knees that we would some day become communist. . . . I, a socialist, think that we should strive toward a socialist society, all the way to communism." In 1972, she toured North Vietnam, sat on a NVA anti-aircraft gun and did propaganda broadcasts on Radio Hanoi. Among her other misadventures was an anti-war road show entitled "FTA" (F**k The Army), formed with Donald Sutherland with the intent of encouraging desertion.

Others who will take part in this anti-American hatefest include (from Michelle Malkin): Susan Sarandon, Rhea Perlman (Cheers), Eve Ensler (award-winning author of "The Vagina Monologues"), Mimi Kennedy (the hippie mom on Dharma & Greg), Q'orianka Kilcher (The New World), plus the Co-founders of Code Pinko. UFPJ notes on its website that "other co-sponsors include: National Organization for Women, V-Day, WAND, Feminist Majority, Feminist Peace Network and WATER. Don't forget your PINK!"

Quite a "pinko" bunch Lynn hangs out with.

Hey Congress: How About A Resolution Supporting Victory and Supporting The Troops?

As noted earlier, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee passed a resolution stating disapproval with President Bush sending reinforcements to Iraq. Such a bill is slated to head to the Senate, where useful idiots known as pantywaist Republicans (John Warner, George "Crybaby"Voinavich, Gordon Smith, Sam Brownback, Schmuck Hagel, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins) said they will vote for it. A similar resolution has been discussed in the House.

Here's a noble idea. How about a resolution supporting victory in Iraq as well as the War on Terror, as well as supporting our troops?

The halls of Congress on both sides of the aisle appear to be filled with too many "representatives" and "Senators" who are more concerned with getting themselves re-elected instead of the best interests of the country. They remind me of Gov. Hedley Lamarr, (Mel Brooks' character in Blazing Saddles) who said, "We've got to protect our phoney baloney jobs here gentlemen! Immediately! Immediately!" Self-interest for RINO Republicans, plus lingering partisan resentment over Election 2000 and Clinton's impeachment for Democrats have eroded the tradition of "politics stops at the water's edge."

Despite what the mainstream liberal media, Democrat partisans and RINO's will say, a defeat in Iraq is not a defeat for George Bush. It will be a defeat for America. It will mean that another generation will have to fight an even bloodier and costlier war, in both lives and treasure, because it was inconvenient for today's so-called "leaders" to act upon. It will mean another terrorist attack(s), possibly of an even greater magnitude than 9/11.

Though I've been very disappointed as of late in his domestic agenda and the cave-ins to the Democrats, the war against Isalmofascism is where I am behind President Bush 100 percent. We are in a fight similar to the struggle against Nazism, Fascism and Imperial Japan over 60 years ago.

I hear liberals say how they are concerned about America's image to the world. Quite frankly I don't give a damn what the rest of the world thinks of us. When it comes to world opinion, I want the terrorists, plus the nations who aid and abet them to FEAR us! What the Senate will do, in passing this dissenting resolution towards the President, will send two messages. To the terrorists-we are divided and don't take your threat seriously. Secondly, the Senate will have the audacity to tell our brave men and women overseas that they don't support them or their mission.

Liberals also love to talk about "sacrifice" when it comes to this war we are fighting. How about this libs; do you want to sacrifice? Why don't you Support our Troops and their mission for once in your lives, dammit! Because how safe we will be over here will depend if we achieve victory over there.

Crybaby Kerry Cries on Senate Floor Announcing He Won't Run in 2008

"There are powerful reasons to want to continue that fight now. But I've concluded that this isn't the time for me to mount a presidential campaign. It is the time to put my energy to work as part of the majority in the Senate, to do all I can to end this war and strengthen our security. The people of Massachusetts have given me an incredible privilege to serve, and I intend to work here to change a policy in Iraq that threatens all that I have cared about and fought for since I came home from Vietnam."
Spare me the phony crocodile tears, Lurch! It's not enough that your efforts to aid the North Vietnamese led to a bloodbath in Southeast Asia. Now you want to help create another genocide in the Middle East. You don't care about "strengthening our security," you don't care about victory in the War on Terrorism and you sure as hell don't care about the troops. All you've cared about since Vietnam is humiliating America and giving aid and comfort to our enemies.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Doesn't Support The Troops or Victory in Iraq

The Democrat-led Senate Foreign Relations Committee, along with pantywaist Republican (in Name Only) Schmuck Hagel voted in a non-binding resoultion that President Bush's plan to send reinforcements to Iraq is "not in the national interest."

MSNBC.com: Senate panel approves nonbinding measure opposing Bush's Iraq plan

Judging by this vote and the Democrat response (sit on hands, no applause) to the President when he mentioned the words "victory in Iraq," it appears that these lawmakers see victory as "not in the national interest."

Congratulations, you've shown America not only you don't support victory, but that you also don't support the troops.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mikey Stark Smacked Down on CNN!

Mike Stark, the liberal stalker who is part of the cabal (along with "Spocko" and the liar, David Crock) attempting to silence KSFO, was smacked down on CNN today by Dan Riehl.

See video and transcript at Noel Sheppard's blog at Newsbusters.org. Seems that Mikey, who claims to "champion the First Amendment," bragged pre-show about how he'd wipe the floor with his opponent. According to Sheppard, Stark and the lib bloggosphere have been silent after the interview.

Last Fall, Stark (like a pathetic little liberal crybaby) whined about being wrestled to the ground by George Allen's staffers after he asked if the the former VA Senator had spit in his ex-wife's face. Seems there's more to the story than what he was willing to share. In the process of getting to Sen. Allen, Stark shoved an Allen volunteer. Here's video from YouTube.

Little Mikey, who was so offended by the commentary on KSFO, enjoyed airing profanity live on FOX News (see below).

What a jerk!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

WoolseyWatch--Introduces Bill Calling for Surrender In Iraq

Keeping her promise to her radical constituents who keep sending her to Congress, Lynn Woolsey introduced a bill calling for the U.S. to "withdraw" (read: surrender) in Iraq in six months, plus prohibiting further funds except for "redeployment."

Joining her in introducing the "Surrender in Iraq" Bill were two other radical House members, Barbara Lee of Berkeley and Maxine Waters of L.A. Fourteen other Democrats added their names to the bill.

Woolsey voted against a November 2005 Republican resolution calling for the immediate withdrawal from Iraq, a bill many Democrats called a political trick. In comments made to the Marin IJ, however, it is clear that politics and how Iraq will affect Democrats is the driving force behind Woolsey's bill.

"It is clear to me and to many that if 2008 comes around and we have not dealt with Iraq, it will be too late for any Democratic candidate or Democratic Congress," she told the IJ.

True to form as a "blame-America-first" Democrat, Woolsey insists America's presence in Iraq, not the actions of Iran or Syria, is causing the violence.

If funds are not cut off, Woolsey claims the lives of more U.S. troops and Iraqis will be at risk. But what she doesn't realize is any premature withdrawal from Iraq will cause a slaughter reminiscent of what happened in South Vietnam/Cambodia from 1975 to 1978.

Add to that how our withdrawal from Iraq will become a recruiting tool for more Islamic terrorists and give them a large supply of oil to blackmail the West.

Mark Hill of the Marin County Republican Party told the IJ Woolsey's bill was "irresponsible," stating, "I think that Lynn Woolsey needs to join the global landscape in terms of foreign policy and understand that we've been attacked once already by a global organization intent on the destruction of America."

Amen! But Woolsey also needs to be called to the carpet for using our brave men and women in Iraq as political pawns in her desire to put party ahead of country. She shows the depths that the Democrat party has sank to in order to become a party of treason.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Anti-Semites, White Supremacists Embrace Jimmah Carter's Book of Hatred

Jimmah Carter has been stirring up nothing but trouble with his book “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid” these days. Members of the Carter Center have resigned in protest and Carter has refused to debate attorney Alan Dershowitz who (despite his insane Leftism) is a staunch supporter of Israel.

Now, according to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), Carter’s pro-Palestinian tome has become a hit among white Supremacists in America and anti-Semites in the Middle East. Carter’s accusation about the “Israel lobby” stifling debate in America have also been embraced by these wacko groups, many of whom could pass as rejects from the set of the movie Deliverance.

“Jimmy Carter's book and especially his suggestion that he is under attack by a powerful Jewish lobby is candy for white supremacists and the Arab media, who exploit it to perpetuate conspiracy theories about evil and controlling Jews," ADL National Director Abraham H. Foxman said in a press release. "While we know President Carter never intended this kind of reaction, it shows how his use of loaded terms and classic stereotypes of Jewish power have created a sensation among anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers the world over.”

The ADL has also monitored posts on white supremacist websites, plus reactions by Arab media and pro-Palestinian groups. Here’s a sample of the hateful garbage they found.

From Vanguard News Network - 1/5/07
"Look at the total control of the media that jews have. One man, a former president, writes a book in support of the truth and of the Palestinians and it's a national stink! Think about how absurd that is. It's a madhouse, a madhouse!"

From Aryan Nations Forum - 12/16/06 (complete with misspellings)
"did anyone happen to see jimmy carter on jacob lenstein(aka jay leno)? he knows whats going on with the kikes. he was promoteing his new book PEACE NOT APARTIED: IN PALESTINE. he was actually defending the palestinians i could not believe it. ...and true to jew form, he is now being attacked and accused of plagerism. thats what the kikes do, instead owning up to the truth they just falsely slander and blackball him. thats what a filthy dirty kike does. in this country it is only acceptable to hate white people and arabs. these dity parisites must be erraticated, such like a tape worm. white power."

From Stormfront - 12/8/06
“Naming the Jew looks like it might be on the verge of becoming contagious. Pretty soon it'll be cool again to tell Zionist Jews what you really think of them."

The following is an example of Arab Press critique (see here for more), appearing in Ar-Rai- Jordan, "Read Jimmy's Carter Article…and Look for his book," Mohammad Kharob, December 10, 2006:

"The American Jews and Zionists moved forward with their known intellectual terrorism that they have spread all over the American arena and on the entire world, especially in Europe, where they condemn anyone opposing Israel or even criticizing it to political assassination."

Jimmah the Born Again Hypocrite is far from being the "peacemaker" he has tried to establish himself as. Instead, he is currently pouring more fuel on the fires of anti-Semetism. He should have taken a lesson in how to behave as ex-President from the late Gerald Ford. That lesson being “sit down and shut up!”

Saturday, January 13, 2007

WoolseyWatch -- Danger Ahead as Pelosi Names Woolsey to Foreign Affairs Committee

Due most certainly to her partisan opposition to the war in Iraq, Nancy Bella-Pelosi has named Lynn Woolsey to the important Foreign Affairs Committee. This assignment gives Woolsey more oversight over the war, a dangerous scenario for us who believe in victory over terrorists instead of appeasing them.

She was quoted in the Marin IJ as saying:

"I want to reach out to other countries in peace rather than through the barrel of a gun. War should be a last resort. We need to talk to Third World countries instead of bullying them."

In 1998, when Democrat Bill Clinton was President, Lynn sang a different tune. She voted for the 1998 Iraq Liberation Act and (like her colleague, Barbara Boxer) supported Clinton's December 1998 strike against Iraq. She told the Santa Rosa Press Democrat on December 17, 1998:
"I'd always prefer diplomacy over bombing, But even before the briefing tonight, I'd been on record all day long saying Saddam Hussein has proven time and again that his word is meaningless. He's a bully and he's threatening world peace. If he (Clinton) did nothing he would be accused of letting his personal problems affect his judgment,. Those who are cynical, they'll find a way to criticize him one way or the other.''

Raphael Darr of the Marin Human Rights Commission (which to date is ignoring my request for the results of their January 9 meeting) was overjoyed by Woolsey's appointment, telling the IJ, "I am happy to see anyone on that committee who is opposed to the war."

That tells me much about what the "Human Rights Commission" stands for right there.

Woolsey's response to Islamofascist terrorism is known as the Sensible Multilateral American Response to Terrorism - SMART. This proposal. probably written at Fantasyland, stresses national security through diplomacy.

I can hear the terrorists laughing at that proposal. Diplomacy did a great job stopping the attack on September 11, 2001.

Other not-so-brilliant ideas Lynn has been noted for include writing a letter of reference (on Congressional stationery) for the rapist of a 17 year old Terra Linda girl, voting twice against resolutions remembering the victims of 9/11 and voting against a resolution condemning a French town naming a street after convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Woolsey is also a member of the Progressive Caucus; Democrat House members who are to the Left of Karl Marx.

"Bouncing" Barbara Boxer Cares About The Children.....NOT!

After watching "Bouncing" Barbara Boxer's mean spirited episode with Condoleezza Rice the other day, I remembered a letter I wrote Boxer a month ago after receiving a constituent e-mail about "redeployment" from Iraq.

This is part of what I wrote the Senator:

"Redeploying" (also known as "cut and run") from Iraq is not the answer. You will leave an oil rich nation to be swallowed up by terrorist groups. They will use oil as a means of blackmail against the West, especially since liberals like yourself are hell bent on no energy exploration. What that means is a more dangerous world for my 2 1/2 year old son and his generation, because the threat of terrorism was "An Inconvenient Truth" for too many on both sides of the isle in Washington to face.

I also said:

...It's interesting that you once supported action against Iraq in December 1998. You said "The president had no choice but to act today. Anyone who questions the timing of his decision ignores the fact that we committed a month ago to act if [chief U.N. weapons inspector] Richard Butler reported that Saddam was not cooperating. These critics are blinded by political considerations,"

I supported action against Iraq then as I still do now. What's changed with you, Ms. Boxer? It appears you and your party are the ones "blinded by political considerations."

Suffice to say, the Senator did not share my concerns for my son's future. In reply, I only received a form letter which was simply a regurgitation of her "appeasement at any price" talking points, completely ignoring my concerns. It was almost as if she flipped me off by mail.

Sen. Boxer, Secretary Rice may not have any children, but you certainly don't care about your constituents who want our children to have a future where they don't have to face fanatical Islamofascist terrorists.

Please don't use our children as your political pawns to show off for the lights and the TV cameras.

I may not agree with everything she's done as Secretary of State, but Ms. Rice shows how she is a person of intelligence and class. You've shown yourself to be like most Leftists. You talk a good game of compassion, but when the surface is scratched, you're just downright mean spirited and nasty.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

I Support Melanie, Lee, O.V. & Sussman Against Liberal Smear Campaign

NOTE 1/13/07 - On yesterday's special broadcast to address these issues, Mike Stark claimed he was not affiliated with Air America. He lied. Here's proof from the Richmond-Times Dispatch: "Air America hires student in Allen flap"

I want to take this time to publicly state my full, utmost support to someone who has become a friend of this blog, Melanie Morgan, as well as her fellow hosts Lee Rodgers, Officer Vic and Brian Sussman. They have become targets of an orchestrated Liberal smear assault that seeks to silence their conservative voices from Bay Area radio.

Who is behind this effort at political censorship? See this post from FreeRepublic.com. It involves a local blogger named Spocko and liberal smear merchants like Mike Stark, (harasser of Sen. George Allen), and admitted liar David Crock of Media Matters for America (funded in part by George Soros). According to the FR poster, these libs have been engineering a "blogswarm," an effort to go after advertisers of KSFO and get them to pull their advertising due to the supposed "hate speech" they claim is broadcast on the station.

For more on this, please tune in tomorrow from noon to 3 p.m. From the KSFO website:

Lee Rodgers, Melanie Morgan, Officer Vic and Brian Sussman will address issues and concerns prompted by misleading information about the station on the Internet and in the mainstream media. The broadcast will air on KSFO Radio starting at 12 noon on Friday, January 12, 2007 and will continue as long as anyone has relevant questions of our hosts.

Both friends and critics of the station are invited to participate. Members of the news media and the blogging community will be encouraged to participate, as well.

Make no mistake, this attack on KSFO is not about so-called "hate speech." I believe this is the first attempt by these liberals and their allies to silence conservative voices by targeting their advertising, thus driving them from the air. This will also lead to (as predicted earlier in "A Contract On America") a Democrat attempt to censor conservatism via a new version of The Fairness Doctrine.

What no member of the MSM covering this story will pick up on is the hypocrisy and double standard of people like Spocko, Stark and Crock. Their concern about "hate speech" is as phony as a $3 bill. It's another smear phrase to use against conservatives whom they cannot intellectually defeat. Their silence was deafening when Airhead America's Randi Rhodes' show contained not one but two specific assassination threats toward President Bush. They were also silent when Ted Rall celebrated the death of Ronald Reagan and called Condolezza Rice a "house nigga" in one of his "cartoons." That's not even the tip of the iceberg.

Liberals like Spocko, Stark and Crock always like to lecture the rest of us about "free expression" or "the right to dissent." Their little publicity stunt at the expense of KSFO's listeners and advertisers is another example that it is the Left which seeks to suppress dissenting voices. These Lefties are the people Orwell warned us about in "1984."

To all local conservatives who read this, let us band together and show out support to our friends at KSFO against this attempt by the Left to censor conservatism in the Bay Area.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

IJ Watch--Trolling for Local Reaction to Bush Speech Before It's Given

Perusing the Marin IJ Website, I noticed that the newspaper is asking for local reaction to President Bush's speech tonight about Iraq.

In a notice posted at 11:14 a.m. PST on January 10th, the IJ asked for reaction to the speech, plus name, address and phone number to be sent to reporter Jennifer Upshaw. Bush's speech is scheduled for 6 p.m. PST.

I e-mailed Jennifer and asked her what the rush was to getting local reaction. I guess they're trolling for comments by Marin's hate-America first crowd. Without the benefit of a crystal ball, I can tell already what quotes will appear in tommorrow's IJ in reaction to the speech.

"Troops out now"

"No more troops, bring them home"

"Impeach Bush and Cheney"

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Patriot's "Hanging Terrorist" Effigy Targeted by Marin Human Rights Commission

The Leftist's Jihad against Pat La Tray of San Anselmo continues Tuesday night at a meeting of the Marin Human Rights Commission.

According to Sunday's "In Your Town" Section of the IJ, the commission will discuss La Tray's effigy of an Islamic terrorist hanging from a gallows with the American flag piercing the terrorist's chest. It was stolen by some Marin County Leftist from La Tray's property a few days after the original IJ story appeared.

Nowhere in the IJ's announcement of the meeting was it mentioned that the effigy was that of a terrorist. Instead, the IJ wrote the following:

"A San Anselmo man's decision to erect an effigy on his lawn depicting an Arab man hanging from the gallows will be discussed by the Marin Human Rights Commission on Tuesday at the Civic Center in San Rafael."

When was the last time the Human Rights Commission stood on the side of America in the War on Terror? Why haven't they condemned not just the acts of Islamic terrorism, but groups like CAIR who refuse to denounce terrorism committed in the name of Islam? I guess the only human rights being violated here are those of Marin's supposedly "tolerant" hot-tub liberals. They're offended by anyone who knows America's enemy isn't George W. Bush and the U.S. Military.

Mr. La Tray needs the support of fellow patriots, so I encourage those who can to come out to the meeting and show their support for him. The meeting is at 7 p.m. this Tuesday night. According to County of Marin website, the meetings are held in Room 401 of the Civic Center. The phone number, for more information is 499-6189 (please be respectful).

Boxer's Refusal of Award Blamed For Death Threat to CAIR Leader

I never in a million years thought I'd applaud something former Marin resident "Bouncing" Barbara Boxer did, when she rescinded an award from Basim Elkarra, head of CAIR's (Council on American Islamic Relations) Sacramento chapter due to the group's ties to terrorism.

Now, Elkarra says he's received a death threat and is blaming.....Barbara Boxer.

From KCBS, via LGF.

The executive director of the Sacramento chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations said he believes a death threat against him was fueled by Senator Barbara Boxer’s actions.

Boxer had commended Basim Elkarra’s chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations for the group’s efforts to improve relations between Christians, Jews, minority groups and the FBI. Her officer later rescinded the award after investigating an on-line report that accused Elkarra’s group of terrorist sympathies.

CAIR maintains it opposes terrorist activities and Elkarra said the people Boxer gathered her information from are extremists themselves, but anti-Muslim.

"She was quoting from these individuals from Florida who have these hate and extreme right-wing Websites and she also consulted with anti-Muslim bigots. It's really unfortunately she didn't contact us and see our side of the story."

Elkarra received his death threat through e-mail, and the FBI is now conducting an investigation.

Elkarra also complained about a video by music group Stuck Mojo which he claims calls for "Open Season" on Muslims. But the songwriter, Rich Ward, explained it in a post on his forum (excerpted here).

"Call me an alarmist, but this is not about Iraq or the so called "War On Terrorism", this is about a worldwide movement that is compelled by spiritual teachings to convert us or kill us. It's not about Israel or America, if it was then why is this virus present in Algeria, Sudan, Somalia, Indonesia, the former Soviet Union, the Philippines, India, France, Spain and 1.5 million dead in Darfur. But I thought this whole thing was about Israel and America. Then why are Buddhist and Hindu temples set on fire and the followers of these peaceful religions attacked?

....Why is it a news story for MONTHS when a Catholic Priest molests a child. NO ONE is afraid of offending Catholics by suggesting that the Catholic church was coordinating an effort to protect these morally deviant Priest. But God forbid we discuss the fact that NOT ALL Muslims are terrorists, but that ALMOST ALL terrorists ARE Muslim. Under Sharia law (look it up), women are stoned to death for being in a relationship with a Christian or for leaving the Islamic faith. If a woman is raped, under Sharia law she has to produce have FOUR witnesses to the rape that will testify on her behalf or no charges can be made. Under Sharia law, homosexuals are stoned to death. Say it out LOUD! Under Sharia law, HOMOSEXUALS ARE STONED TO DEATH! Gotta love that religion of tolerance and peace!"

"This video is NOT attacking Islam. This video is NOT lumping all followers of Islam in with the terrorists. No one in the Stuck Mojo organization is a racist or a bigot, but I refuse to ignore these events so as to keep from offending anyone."

It appears that CAIR is up to their usual tricks of "playing the victim." This is not condoning death threats in any way, which, if one was sent, should rightfully be investigated and the perpitrator punished. What is a problem is CAIR's responses to legitimate criticism of its group and their ties to radical Islam. It's not just the "extreme right-wing" which has been the source of criticism either. Two of the most radical Leftist Senators, Schmucky Schumer and "Little" Dick Durbin said the following:

DURBIN: "[CAIR is] unusual in its extreme rhetoric and its associations with groups that are suspect"

SCHUMER "we know [CAIR] has ties to terrorism...intimate links with Hamas"

If CAIR really cares about better relations with Americans, they should attack the radicals in their own religion and not Americans who are rightfully concerned about their safety and security in a post 9/11 world.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

IJ Watch -- IJ Editors To Woolsey: Force America to Surrender in Iraq

Two days after "Welfare Mom" Lynn Woolsey dictated her Surrender in Iraq priority to the IJ's Brad Breithaupt, the IJ editorial board told her "You go girl" in their Thursday editorial entitled Woolsey's Chance to Step Forward.

Now that the Democrats have taken control of Congress, the IJ editors state it is time for her and the so-called "Progressive" (read Socialist) Caucus to deliver. They agree with Woolsey that Democrats "won the election because of the war" and that the exit from Iraq would be "bloody."

The IJ's hostility to the War on Terror is nothing new. They've shown it in previous editorials as well as favorable news coverage to supposed "anti-war" activists. When they had the opportunity to hear from a soldier currently stationed in Iraq, they headlined it as "different spin."

Where do the IJ Editors reside, Fantasyland? They're as delusional as Cindy Sheehan. First of all, Democrats did not win control of the Congress because of the war. They won, in large part, due to voters angry at Republicans who refused to govern as conservatives. In at least 10 races, Democrats won for running to the right of the Republican. While most people have grown war weary, if you rely on polls, many do not want a hasty retreat from Iraq. Many of us (myself included) who still support the war are frustrated at the atrocious job President Bush has done in rallying the nation behind the war effort. That includes the Administration's reluctance to engage and defeat fifth columnists like Woolsey, Sheehan and MSM outlets like the Marin IJ who are engaged daily in the sabotage of the troops' morale.

We're constantly reminded about "the lessons of Vietnam." Democrats like Woolsey and the IJ editors have not learned those lessons. For America and the Coalition troops to withdraw without victory would result in a bloodbath akin to what occurred in Vietnam and Cambodia after Saigon fell in 1975. Surrender in Iraq would give the Islamic terrorists a propaganda tool for more recruitment and a large supply of oil to blackmail the rest of the world.

For those reasons, it is important to secure nothing less than victory in Iraq, which is also part of the War on Terror. If we don't, the next generation will have to head back to that area and pay an even heavier price in lives and treasure.

RINO Arnold Plans Universal Health Care for All Caleefornia Children (including Illegal Aliens)

From the Sacramento Bee comes this little gem: Governor Plans Health Care for All Children.

"Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will call for universal insurance for California children in the health care proposal he unveils next week -- but isn't likely to suggest a way to pay for it, advocates who have been briefed on the plan said Wednesday.

...The governor vetoed a Democratic bill that would have done a similar expansion of children's coverage in 2005, saying the $300 million price tag was too high. But he has said he believes all children should be covered and last year proposed extra funds in the budget to help more children obtain insurance. That proposal was dropped because Republicans in the Legislature opposed using the money to cover the children of undocumented immigrants. Schwarzenegger, a Republican (In Name Only or RINO), has said he supports coverage for undocumented children."

What's up with the Governator? Has he been hanging out with Uncle Ted too much serving as his designated driver?

For those interested in stating their (polite) opposition to this absurdity, you can contact the Governator's office by phone: 916-445-2841, fax: 916-445-4633 or e-mail him at http://www.govmail.ca.gov. Schwarzenkennedy needs to be reminded that he was elected in the 2003 Recall Election (and re-elected) primarily due to his tough stand on illegal immigration. Giving free health care (paid for by you and me, of course) to the children of illegal aliens is only going to act as a magnet to attract more illegals to the State.

AMERICA HELD HOSTAGE -- The Democrat Controlled Congress, Day 1

Along with "the most ethical Congress" (NOT) and a "spirit of bi-partisanship (NOT NOT), Nancy Bella-Pelosi promised a busy 100 hour agenda.

The first 96 hours will be taken up by the four day coronation for Miss America Bella-Pelosi. Fundraising concerts and a "by invitation only" open house.

How oxymoronic! Democrats always protray themselves as "for the little guy." Bella-Pelosi and her Leftist ilk are showing those of us who are paying attention that they're only on your side if you have the money to donate to the DNC or her campaign.

Four days? Newt Gingrich only had a two day celebration. Remember in 2005 how all these libs complained about President Bush's inauguration? Now, they're silent.

Get ready America, for the Contract on America:

1. Emboldening Islamic terrorists by surrendering the War on Terror through "redeployment" (read: cut and run) from Iraq.

2. Making it easier for future 9/11s to happen by killing the Patriot Act, revoking the NSA Terrorist Surveillance Program and giving captured terrorists more rights and protection than American citizens.

3. Closing military prisons like Club Gitmo and transferring all captured al-Queda terrorists to Federal Prisons.

4. Amnesty for illegal aliens.

5. Felons and non-citizens would be given the right to vote (Hell, while they're at it, give captured terrorists the right to vote also.)

6. Censoring political speech through the so-called "Fairness Doctrine" which would suppress Talk Radio, along with this webblog and other conservative websites.

7. Gay marriage will become law of the land and equal to traditional marriage.

8. Taxes will be raised on the working class in America, followed by redistribution of wealth.

9. Federal spending will balloon out of control, while military expenditures will be cut.

10. Higher gas prices and more depenence on foreign sources of energy, as they will refuse to drill for oil domestically, as well as build new refineries..Finally, point number

11. A Democrat House Majority would bring endless investigations into the Bush Administration and the War on Terror, followed by impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney, plus criminal charges against other members of the administration.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

WoolseyWatch / IJ Watch -- IJ Regurgitates Woolsey's Talking Points on Ending (Surrendering) Iraq War

In yesterday's Marin IJ section entitled All About Marin, Brad Breithaupt conducted a softball interview with Lynn Woolsey, who says her priority for her eighth term in Congress is ending the War in Iraq, which in reality means surrendering to the Islamic terrorists.

If Breithaupt had done his job as a journalist, maybe he would have asked "Welfare Mom" Woolsey some tough questions, like the following.

In December 1998, when America bombed Iraq over Weapons of Mass Destruction, you stated your support for then-President Clinton's use of military action. You also said the following "If he (Clinton) did nothing he would be accused of letting his personal problems affect his judgment. Those who are cynical, they'll find a way to criticize him one way or the other.'' Earlier that year, you also voted in favor of the Iraqi Liberation Act of 1998. What has changed in the last eight years to cause your flip-flop on the Iraq War? Aren't you the one being cynical while trying to find a way to criticize the current administration "one way or the other?"

Can you, without blaming Republicans, explain why you have voted the past two years against resolutions remembering the 9/11 victims and offering support to those fighting the War on Terrorism? Do you want America to win the War on Terrorism?

Last month, you voted against a resolution condemning the town of St. Denis, France, for naming a street in honor of convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal. Why do you continously take the side of criminals and terrorists instead of their victims? Do you believe, as you stated in your letter of reference for child rapist Stewart Pearson in 2003, that Abu-Jamal "has a promising life ahead of him?"

As much as Woolsey claims President Bush can't take criticism, it's obvious she is the one who is afraid to take the tough questions.

Happy New Year -- We're Back!

Happy 2007 to all! Thank you again for your support and readership over the last year and I'm looking forward to doing more in 2007!

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