Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

In four hours and 15 minutes (at least here on the East Coast), 2007 will become 2008.

Many thanks to all for your support in 2007. I wish you all a Happy New Year. Have fun and, most importantly, be careful this evening.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Note To Cindy Sheehan & BDS Crowd: Stay Away From Rose Bowl Parade

Michelle Malkin notes today that Mama Moonbat Cindy Sheehan, the Impeach Bush/Cheney crowd and 9/11 deniers are all planning to crash the Tournament of Roses Parade so they can have a public BDS temper tantrum.

The desperation is so thick with Cindy and her comrades. Bush has one more year left in office and their friends the terrorists are losing in Iraq. Time for a public spectacle where thousands of people and network TV cameras are located.

One word of advice to Mama Moonbat and her deranged audience. Stay away from the Rose Bowl parade. You're not wanted there because this day is not about you.

Does it cross your mind the amount of time, blood, sweat and tears that go into planning the parade, the building and designing of floats? How about the presentation of your marching band to the Rose Bowl committee for consideration? How about the composition of a piece of music for the band to play? How about the fundraising, the endless months of music rehearsal and marching practice to prepare for that five mile march down Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena? I know the feeling, after marching with my high school band in the Tournament of Roses Parade 21 years ago this Tuesday. It's a once in a lifetime experience to march with a great marching band (or ride a float) in front of thousands along the route and millions more on TV. Unfortunately, you fools are so selfish that you want to ruin this event for those participating in and watching it, all for the sake of your misguided and failed political ideology.

This parade is not about you or your extreme, blame America first agenda. It is supposed to be for those people who've worked hard to participate in it and those who've camped out along the route to enjoy the festivities. Just because you have a certain political opinion doesn't give you the right to crash an event others worked hard to participate in.

So stay away from the Rose Bowl Parade. Do not ruin this memorable event for those legitimate parade participants for another selfish display of your blather.

And if you come to try and cause a scene, I hope Pasadena's finest are there to prevent it and haul you away!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Austrailian Taliban Refuses To Apologize; Reason Alone Not To Commute Lindh's Sentence

David Hicks, the Australian traitor who fought with the Taliban and al-Queda, refused to apologize for aligning himself with Islamic terrorists, according to Australia's Herald Sun.
"In March this year, Hicks pleaded guilty to providing material support for terrorism at a US military hearing at Guantanamo Bay. He was sentenced to seven years jail, with all but nine months suspended, and was returned to Australia in May to serve the remainder of the custodial term, which expired yesterday.

...Hicks made no apology for his actions in a statement read by his lawyer outside the prison after his client had left.

Asked if Hicks felt he had anything to be sorry for, his father, Terry, said: 'I don't think so.'

Mr Hicks later refused to say if Hicks was sorry for training with al-Qaida and serving alongside the Taliban.

'I think that's probably irrelevant now. He's out,' he said.

The snub sparked anger among terror victims and their families. Bali bomb survivor Therese Fox said it was a further insult to terror victims.

'We've had so many insults as victims of terrorism that this is just another one. You become desensitised to it,' Ms Fox said.

She said the Bali bombers and the terror groups Hicks served with all had evil in common.

'I put them all in the same group. I think they're all evil,' she said."

Why mention this story? Because David Hicks is used by the LA Slimes Editorial Page, plus the parents and lawyer of Marin Taliban John Walker Lindh (aka Johnny Jihad) to rationalize commutation of his 20 year prison term.

If, God forbid, some President foolishly decides to commute his sentence, this scene in Australia will be repeated here. Johnny Jihad, his liberal parents and lawyer will not apologize to this nation for his treason. They'll selfishly trek back to Marin County with their snotty noses stuck high in the air while the family of a real American like Mike Spann will never again see their son/husband/father.

David Hicks is an example why John Walker Lindh should not be released from prison, because he's not sorry for committing treason against this nation.


As a side note, anti-Americanism must run in the Lindh family. Johnny's cousin, Thomas Maguire (now known as Musa Abdun Nur Maguire), makes the Muslim speaker circuit (along with terror supporters and 9/11 deniers) while rallying for his jailed cousin, whom he calls an "authentic American hero." Maguire took the time in 2003 to write the following letter to the London Independent.
Sir: As an American increasingly disgusted with the political environment of my native land, I have a plea for the British public. Please, take us back! With the victory of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the California governor's race, it is now clear that the experiment of American democracy has failed. We are dangerously adrift, amusing ourselves with tough-guy contests and military tantrums. There's nothing we could use more than a dignified, matriarchal Queen to calm our violent insecurity. Please forgive our little rebellion. Your prodigal son has returned.

Musa Maquire
Austin, Texas USA

Moonbats Burn Flags In Massachusetts & Bush Boyhood Home in Texas

The hateful Leftist moonbats who preach about "peace & love" have been playing with fire.


In Massachusetts, 65 year old Douglas Wight was arrested and charged with setting fire to an American flag in Northampton, per CBS 3.
"Police say Wight burned the flag that was hanging from a tree on someones property in Northampton and left a note for police that was titled "our American flag is now a symbol of shame." His anti-war letter was identical to ones left at flag burnings in other towns. Within the last month, the flag at the Greenfield post office was lowered and lit on fire in a dumpster behind the building. Newly hung flags on a Mass Pike overpass in Palmer were burned, and a note was left in Amherst when a flag was stolen. Police think Wight intended to burn it. Wight is charged with burning land, trees and vandalizing property.

Witnesses at the Palmer burning reported seeing a silver pickup truck leave the scene. That description, along with the notes and footprints, led police to Wight. Wight told police he has been staying with friends in Northampton and has no permanent address. His lawyer told police he was a school teacher in New Jersey and a political activist, and he is not a flight risk."

And in Odessa, Texas, arson is suspected in a fire at the boyhood home of President Bush and his parents.
"A home where President George W. Bush lived as a young boy with his parents in Odessa, Texas, and that is now part of a presidential museum there was damaged on Thursday by a fire that investigators blamed on arson.

"I can tell you it has been determined that it was intentionally set, but I cannot discuss anything about evidence or possible suspects because this is an ongoing criminal investigation," said city of Odessa spokeswoman Andrea Goodson.

...The then 2-year-old Bush lived in the two-bedroom home from September 1948 to April 1949 with his father, former President George Bush, then a trainee for an oil company, and his mother, Barbara Bush."

If I were a betting man, I'd bet when the suspect is found for the Odessa fire, it will (like in Massachusetts) be some deranged anti-war Leftist with an accute case of BDS.

Friday, December 28, 2007

One Day After Releasing Photo Of Her With Bhutto, Hillary Attacks Obama For "Politicizing This Tragedy

One day after the Hildabeast, Hillary Clinton said of knowing assassinated former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto "over many years," she is attacking her rival, Barack Hussein Obama for politicizing Bhutto's assassination.

(CNN) – Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Friday accused the camp of rival Barack Obama of politicizing the death of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.

"I just regret that [Obama and his chief strategist] would be politicizing this tragedy, and especially at a time when we do need to figure out a way forward," Clinton said Friday in an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer.

What a hypocrite! Recall that yesterday the Broom Hillary Camp issued a photo with her and Chelsea. She also stated the following:

"I came to know Mrs. Bhutto over many years, during her tenures as Prime Minister and during her years in exile."

Even that claim is questionable, according to Sweetness and Light, who compared what Hillary wrote about Bhutto in her book, Lying History.

Hillary to Obama: "Hands Off! Only I, Evita of New York, can politicize this tragedy, because I'm entitled to be the Democrat nominee!"

Marin's Moonbat Sean Penn & Wife Robin Wright Divorcing

UPDATE: 12/29 has copies of the divorce documents filed by Penn on December 7th (later dismissed) and Wright on December 21. "Irreconcilable differences" were cited in both documents for divorce. Separation date was listed as November 30 and December 1 respectively.

E Online, via Yahoo News reports that moonbat Sean Penn and wife Robin Wright Penn are divorcing after 11 years of marriage.
"Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn are entering a State of Divorce.

The Hollywood twosome, who fell in love on the set of the 1990 thriller State of Grace and later married, are seeking a divorce after 11 years together, according to People.

Penn's longtime publicist, Mara Buxbaum, did not provide details on the split.

The 47-year-old actor-director and the 41-year-old Wright began dating a year or so after Penn ended his four-year union to Madonna in 1989.

The couple quickly hit it off and moved in together in 1991. They had two children, 16-year-old Dylan Frances and 14-year-old Hopper Jack, and finally tied the knot in 1996."

Will have to see what circumstances led to the split. Could it have been Penn's constant political activism? There's been rumors over the years about alleged infidelity on the part of Sean Penn. According to Wikipedia, Penn dated singer/songwriter Jewel Kilcher during one separation from Wright in the 1990s. Penn's infidelity allegations are also evidenced by this 1999 piece.
"...Robin Wright would not have felt so right after hearing the news that her husband Sean Penn has been stomping around the Big Apple with an unidentified blond model. The Daily News reports seeing the two leaving a party together at the downtown club, Life (that's Leonardo Di's favorite hangout, natch)."
My thoughts are with the couple's two teenage children.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Chris Dodd & Liberals Exploit Bhutto Assassination For Sessions of Bush Derangement Syndrome

UPDATE-9:50A.M. EST: Chris Dodd, Democrat Presidential Candidate (and one half of the Kennedy/Dodd waitress sandwich team) shamelessly joined the nutroots in blaming President Bush for Bhutto's assassination.
"This is a prime example of the administration not knowing where the real priorities are. By focusing on Iraq and Iran, we haven't paid attention to Pakistan and we're paying the price for that today," he said, according to Gazette Online-Iowa Caucus.

Dodd's moonbat status is without question. Here he is refusing to distance himself from the Daily Kooks website after they posted a sexually graphic photo of Joe Lieberman giving fellatio to President Bush.

For Chris Dodd, the Democrat websites and the far-Left, yesterday's tragedy was another opportunity to vent their hate towards the President of the United States, instead of the Islamofascists who wish to destroy Western Culture.


Leave it to the liberal moonbats, whose reaction to any event (power outage, hurricane, flood, assassination, etc) is BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome)

On DUh (Democrat Underground), posted under the thread "Pakistan's Bhutto Assassinated" were the following comments:

TOJ (1000+ posts) Thu Dec-27-07 12:08 PM
206. This would be a good time to have a dissident TV network here
"What is the Bush administration's involvement in this tragedy?"
"Looks like Dick Cheney just stumbled on another excuse for a trillion dollar Halliburton windfall"
"With Mr. Bush's approval rating at its lowest level ever, this tragedy is sure to help him"
"With Rudy Giuliani's presidential campaign on life support, another front on the so-called War On Terror is just what he needs"
"With Rudy Ghouliani attempting to make political hay from this murder, will the leading Dem candidates call him on this shameless behavior"
Ah, after the revolution, hen the people own the media again.

Lint Head (1000+ posts) Thu Dec-27-07 12:53 PM
220. The death of Bhutto is in the interest of the criminals that occupy our precious White House. Bhutto coming back into the picture when she did was a thorn in the side of President Pervez Musharraf and his allies in the Bush administration. Marshall (sic) law is what Cheney and Bush want in this country and may get it now that the world will be destabilized. There will be major military 'put downs' in Pakistan. They are already saying it is Al Qaeda and the right wing nut jobs are going to frame this and play it to their advantage. Bhutto was a populist as are many of our own Democrat candidates. I'm afraid that some conservative Democrats will believe the propaganda and lies that will come out of this from the mouths of the traitors occupying our White House our.

Aviation Pro (1000+ posts) Thu Dec-27-07 01:07 PM
228. Next stop, nuclear conflaguration in the region....way to go Motherfucker George Bush, way to prop up a rogue regime. Tell me, when the demons are ripping your flesh apart and plunging their razor studded phallics into every open orifice of your body will you still be wearing that idiotic, moronic, brain-dead grin on your face, you fuck.

SyntaxError (345 posts) Thu Dec-27-07 02:31
266. hah everything is Al Qeada...I find it funny how everything gets blamed on them... even in areas in which there as been terrorism for decades...I find it even more annoying how people actually buy into it too... I don't even consider myself to be some extreme cynic either.... I just can't stand bullshit.

defendandprotect (1000+ posts) Thu Dec-27-07 01:00 PM
225. Except Islamic extremists, Taliban/AlQaeda are all US/CIA financed operations ---

saigon68 (1000+ posts) Thu Dec-27-07 09:52 AM
109. Now Cheney's Halliburton can enter the Country...Look at your wallets getting picked clean

On Huffington Post were the following comments:

amanda85: How long will it take for Little George to point the finger toward the mythical Al Qaeda? They must be the dumbest terrorists in the world, as they always do big favours to Bush, you know, like eliminating political enemies...

Destin: Right now it looks like Bush's buddies in A.Q. are now gonna make the legal authorities forget all about those destroyed CIA tapes. Now we'll never get to the bottom of who was lying and who gave the orders that they be destroyed. Damn the bad luck, but it's odd that with today's tragic news, Bush is still able to give a hefty smile.

eddieinc97: If...... Alberto didn't coverup Dumb-bya's DUI. The world would be a better place.

lisakaz: Indeed, and by that score, if radical Muslims and al Qaeda types killed Bhutto, it can be traced back to Bu$h's folly

syllepsis: Bush never had enough time to devote to Pakistan and Afghanistan despite their being the natural epicenter of any Global War on Terror. Sadly, neither has oil to compare with the 'Axis of Evil.' Bush is going to pay for his neglect in the worst way, and I wish Congress would set this country on the right track by IMPEACHING him before he drags the whole nation down with him. Because it's obvious that Bush is driving us off a cliff.

Americano: Of cause (sic) one has to blame the Bush admin. Bhutto returned to Pakistan by the encouragement of the Bush admin. The Bush team, again under estimating the political explosive dynamics present in Pakistan led to this assassination. We are presently supporting a dictator and we expected him to share power. This is lunacy.

There's even a thread on a conspiracy website Godlyke Productions: Is Bush behind the Bhutto Assassination, to Cover Up 9/11.

And I haven't even had time to dive into the cesspool called Daily Kooks yet.

Al Queda Claims Responsibility For Bhutto Assassination

The Religion of Peace struck again with violence today, as al-Queda has claimed responsibility for the assassination of former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto this morning.

Bhutto was shot at a rally this morning ahead of the January 8 election in Pakistan. The assassin later blew himself up, killing 20 people (AP via Yahoo news).

Could al-Queda have their sights set on Pakistan, after being routed from Iraq? Already, some are fearing the onset of a civil war in Pakistan, which is unsettling, as Pakistan is a nuclear power. The last thing the United States or the world needs is a nuclear powered nation falling into the hands of al-Queda and other Islamic extremists.

This is going to be the area to keep our eyes on in the next few days.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Did You Know The Following Facts About Kwanzaa?

Today marks the beginning of Kwanzaa, a holiday promoted on its website as "an African American and Pan-African holiday celebrated by millions throughout the world African community." Additionally, many on the Left have embraced the "holiday" out of political correctness.

Did you know the true origins of Kwanzaa have nothing to do with Africa? Instead, it is rooted in the radical 1960's black power movement and Marxism. Additionally, do you know about the criminal history of the man who founded Kwanzaa?

Kwanzaa was founded in 1966 by Ron Karenga, (a.k.a. Ron Everett), who is currently a Professor and chairman of the Department of Black Studies at California State University, Long Beach. He was a founder of the black militant group United Slaves at UCLA, which was involved in the murder of two Black Panthers in 1969. He was imprisoned in 1971 "for torturing two black women by whipping them with electrical cords and beating them with a karate baton after stripping them naked. He placed in the mouth of one of the victims a hot soldering iron, also scarring her face with the device. He put one of her big toes in a vise, plus detergent and running water in both their mouths."

Karenga told the Washington ComPost the following about Kwanzaa:

"People think it's African, but it's not. I came up with Kwanzaa because black people in this country wouldn't celebrate it if they knew it was American. Also, I put it around Christmas because I knew that's when a lot of bloods would be partying."
Blogger La Shawn Barber noted that Karenga once said the following about Christianity:

Belief in spooks who threaten us if we don’t worship them and demand we turn over our destiny and daily lives must be categorized as spookism and condemned.”
Kwanzaa's seven principles, Umoja (Unity), Kujichagulia (self-determination), Ujima (collective work and responsibility), Ujamaa (cooperative economics), Nia (purpose), Kuumba (creativity), and Imani (faith), were also adopted by the Symbionese Liberation Army, the Bay Area Leftist terrorist group that abducted Patty Hearst in 1974.

SLA General Field Marshall Cinque Says "Happy Kwanzaa!"

In his WorldNetDaily column, Les Kinsolving recalled a debate with Karenga in the 1960's. For two other perspectives on Kwanzaa, see "Kwanzaa is for Pagans" by La Shawn Barber and "Kwanzaa — Racist Holiday from Hell" by The Rev. Jessie Lee Peterson of B.O.N.D.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

First Reports & Photos From MAF Trip To Iraq

Go to Move America Forward's website and also Melanie for reports and photos of their trip to in Iraq in which they delivered Christmas cards to the troops.

MAF blogger Danny posted tonight a "first look at the situation on the ground." I recommend reading if for a detailed view of Baghdad not seen in the media. There was a really moving story of a meeting between an Iraqi citizen, Barkat, and Debbie Lee, whose son was the first Navy Seal killed in Iraq.
"Debbie told Barkat about Marc, her son and Navy Seal who was killed in Ramadi, and Barkat expressed his condolences. He said, 'God willing, there will be no more violence in the future.' Barkat actually knew about the changes that had taken place in Ramadi and said that, 'we appreciate your sacrifice for our country, if you go to any resident they will say we appreciate what you did for our neighborhood, for our country.'”

On her website, Mel told a story from miliblogger Matt Sanchez which is worth noting on how the locals are sick of the al-Queda terrorists.

"Matt reports we are winning the war(s), and it's quite sensational (in a good way.) He gave me a specific example of a village that had been dominated by Al Quada when he was there just over a year ago. This time, he saw a terrorist stroll boldly through town, asking the locals for the best place to plant a bomb.

Big, big mistake.

The villagers grabbed him and beat him nearly to death, and the only reason he wasn't killed is because U.S. soldiers saved him from the fast lane to hell. Someone should e-mail Congressman Jim Moran the news. That dope thinks our troops are 'ethnically cleansing Baghdad'.

When I hear insane drivel like that coming from politicans, I want to hog-tie these people and dump them into Iraq so they can use their own eyes to see the truth. Why would Moran possibly believe that? Does he want it to be true? Is he so blinded by partisan politics he can't or won't be honest? So many questions, so little time."
Well I'd be honored to pass this information on to Congressman Moron for you, Mel, especially since he and his staff at both his offices are in absolute denial about his insult to our troops. When I called both offices Friday, his aides claimed he was not referring to our troops when he stated "we are ethnically cleansing Baghdad." (His Alexandria office hung up on me when I also reminded them about his anti-Semitic comments.)

Just who was he talking about then? It wasn't the Washington Redskins or the Red Cross. He's too much of a coward to admit his insult to our military. Far from being a man of peace, Moron is a bully who has a habit of picking on people who aren't his own size (like his ex-wife and 8 year olds who admire his car).

God Bless our military in Iraq and Afghanistan this Christmas, and also those in the MAF delegation who are spending their Holiday away from their families to bring Christmas cheer from home.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Vanessa Redgrave Loves Al-Queda

Guess whose come to the rescue of an al-Queda prisoner released from Guantanamo Bay?

Not "Jihad" Jane Fonda, but her British counterpart, Vanessa Redgrave, according to the UK Telegraph.

The actress, who once denounced "...a small bunch of Zionist hoodlums - whose behavior is an insult to the stature of Jews all over the world" for picketing the 1977 Oscars, paid half of the $50,000 pound bail for Jamil el-Banna. Though released, el-Banna is wanted on Spain for terrorism charges. He is also accused of distributing extremist propaganda produced by Osama bin Laden and helped run the Islamic Alliance, a terror cell which recruits jihadists in Afghanistan and Indonesia.

Vanessa the terrorist lover said, "It is a profound honour and I am glad to be alive to be able to do this. Guantanamo Bay is a concentration camp. It is a disgrace that these men have been kept there all these years."

What does she know about living in a concentration camp? These terrorist scum get better treatment at Club Gitmo than they deserve.

Should her terrorist buddy whom she helped release be found to be involved in a future terrorist attack where innocents are killed, Redgrave should be arrested as an accessory to terrorism.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Cindy Sheehan Rubs Elbows With White Supremacist

While perusing one of my favorite websites,, I saw this photo from a Ft. Worth Texas rally for Ron Paul of Cindy Sheehan and Jaime Kelso.

Who is Jamie Kelso you ask?

Kelso is a senior moderator for Stormfront, a white supremacist website. He is also an aide to another nutbar, former KKK member David Duke. Pictured below are Duke and Kelso at the National Air & Space Museum in Washington D.C. (photo from WorldNetDaily). Kelso is a supporter of the supposed Republican Ron Paul's (aka RuPaul) presidential campaign. A recent post from Little Green Footballs shows photos of Paul with the owner of the Stormfront hate site, Don Black and Black's son. The photos were allegedly taken by Kelso.

Duke and Kelso have been open supporters of Cindy Sheehan, something ignored by the liberal MSM. In an August 2005 article for WorldNetDaily, Joe Kovacs wrote:

"Members of are tossing their figurative hoods into the mix, as they invite supporters to come to Camp Casey to 'let the world know that white patriots were first and loudest to protest this war for Israel.'"

"We don't want leftist Johnny-come-latelys who are misleadingly protesting this war – as if the war is about oil (not true), or as if it's right-wing patriots who launched this war (not true) – to hijack the issue from us,' writes James Kelso, senior moderator of Stormfront.

'We want to challenge these leftists with the fact that their leftist leaders, like Hillary Clinton, are on the same war-for-Israel team as the cowardly Republicans who have been bought and paid for in the Senate, House, White House and media by the Jewish Neocon political machine.'"

On a posting last September at an antiwar blog, Kelso wrote the following:

"...On Sept. 1, 2007 I got to see Cindy Sheehan again, after last seeing her at Camp Casey in Crawford, Texas. Many of us Paul supporters were in Cindy Sheehan’s peace rally on the lawn outside the Fort Worth Convention Center. Cindy Sheehan and other peace activists gave praise from the peace rally stage to both Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich. Thank goodness for the integrity of Cindy Sheehan and Ron Paul.

In 2005, Kelso partner in hate, David Duke, wrote the following about Mama Moonbat:

"Cindy Sheehan, a mother who lost a son in the Iraq War, is determined to prevent other mothers and fathers from experiencing the same loss.

Courageously she has gone to Texas near the ranch of President Bush and braved the elements and a hostile Jewish supremacist media to demand a meeting with him and a good explanation why her son and other’s sons and daughters must die and be disfigured in a war for Israel rather than for America.

...Cindy Sheehan has a lot to be angry about. Her son was betrayed and his life lost by government officials who treasonably created and continue a war for Israel and the Jewish supremacist agenda rather than that of the United States.

We stand with Cindy Sheehan and the memory of her son which should spur all truly patriotic Americans to demand an end to this war for Israel, this war against America, the Iraq War."

There's been a noted element of anti-Semitism in these supposed anti-war rallies. Now here's another element, that their anointed leader has support from neo-Nazi white supremacists.

The silence from the media and Sheehan's left-wing Democrat supporters is deafening!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Rep. Jim (Moron) Moran--US Troops "Ethnically Clensing Baghdad"

UPDATE: From, Liberal MSM has ignored Jim Moron's treasonous comment.

From Gathering of Eagles: Vets for Freedom condemn Moron for stating US Troops are "ethically cleansing Baghdad."
"Vets for Freedom condemns the recent comments by Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA) on the floor of the House of Representatives in which he stated that American troops “ethnically cleansed Baghdad.” The United Nations, along with the rest of the civilized world, commonly refers to ethnic cleansing as genocide.

'Once again, Congressman Moran demonstrates how far from reality he has fallen', said Executive Director for Vets for Freedom and Iraq Army Veteran, Pete Hegseth. 'Jim Moran has a long history of putting his foot in his mouth, but this time he has gone to far. The men and women who make up our nations military are decent and honorable citizens who bravely serve to fight our enemies who threaten our national security. Insinuating that they are war criminals is despicable.' He continued, 'I call on all Members of Congress to follow Vets for Freedom in our condemnation of these irresponsible accusations, as well as on the constituents of the 8th District of Virginia to stand up to such nonsense and support the men and women whose very sacrifice allows Moran to run his mouth.' "
I personally called Moron's Washington office this morning. When asked if he would apologize for his statement, the aide responded that he did not say the troops are "ethnically cleansing Baghdad," but that we as a nation are.

Talk about parsing your words.

When asked what proof Moron had for making such as statement, the aide was silent, then said that was just his view after visiting Iraq.

Here's the contact numbers if you want to call or fax Rep. Moron and demand an apology for his statement:

Washington DC:
Phone: (202) 225-4376Fax: (202) 225-0017

Alexandria & Reston VA offices:
Phone: (703) 971-4700Fax: (703) 922-9436


Harry Reid & Nancy Pelosi aren't the only "evil ones" in Congress. Let me introduce you to Jim Moran, aka Jim Moron of Northern Virginia.

This member of the Party of Treason said the following on the floor of the House yesterday.

"Sure, there's less violence, but that's because we've ethnically cleansed most of Baghdad."

Edward Morrissey at Captain's Quarters said the following of Moron:

"Of course, such an allegation is absurd on its face. Refugees streaming back to the capital put lie to such a scurrilous charge. In the next breath, Moran notes that the Sunnis stopped fighting us and started fighting al-Qaeda. Would they have likely made a choice to support the side committing genocide -- or did they recognize who the real genocidal maniacs are?"

Did anyone note to this treasonous fool that our troops found a torture complex and the remains of 26 people? The people doing the torturing and killing in this facility were none other than the Democrats friends: al-Queda in Iraq.

Jim Moron is a bully with a bad tempter. He is quoted in Capitol Hill Blue as saying "I like to hit people." His reputation follows him. Moron is alleged to have attacked an 8 year old African-American child in his hometown of Alexandria, VA. In addition, he's threatened fellow Congressmen with violence. In 1999, his then wife divorced him, one day after she called police, alleging he had pushed her.

"He's always boiling," Sam Asrets, a former Alexandria activist, said in the Capitol Hill Blue story. "He knows he can get away with this because there's never any accountability. He gets breaks that ordinary people don't get. Had he learned early on that there would be punishment for his behavior, he would have been a lot better off."

Moron also has an anti-Semitic streak, which he's displayed at least twice. In March 2003, he said, "If it were not for the strong support of the Jewish community for this war with Iraq, we would not be doing this. The leaders of the Jewish community are influential enough that they could change the direction of where this is going, and I think they should." More recently, he went on another rampage against "Da Jooos" in the Leftist rag Tikkun, while also employing the "rich Jew" stereotype:
"Jewish Americans, as a voting bloc and as an influence on American foreign policy, are overwhelmingly opposed to the war," more than any other ethnic group. "But AIPAC is the most powerful lobby and has pushed this war from the beginning. I don’t think they represent the mainstream of American Jewish thinking at all, but because they are so well organized, and their members are extraordinarily powerful—most of them are quite wealthy—they have been able to exert power."
And I'm also embarrassed to say this jerk my new representative in Congress. Lord have mercy! I've gone from being represented by one traitor (Lynn Woolsey) to another (Jim Moron).

Jim Moron needs to apologize and I hope that the people in my new home area will band together and throw this jerk out of office. Anyone who dares to insult our military and accuse them of atrocities without any evidence whatsoever are traitors and have absolutely no business serving as elected representatives of this nation.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Johnny Jihad's Leftist Parents Petition Again For His Clemency

Taking advantage of the passage of time from the events of September 11, 2001, the parents and Democrat activist lawyer of the traitor from Marin County John Walker Lindh are, for the fourth time, petitioning for clemency.

Attorney James Brosnahan said the 20 year deal Lindh accepted in 2002 was the best he could do after the attacks of 9/11. Brosnahan said in an AP story (linked from the Marin IJ) "The mood of the country has changed dramatically. We are still feeling the effects of 9/11, but we aren't as fearful as we were. I think the mood is better." Among Brosnahan's other clients were the criminal fund raiser for Hillary Clinton, Norman Hsu. Brosnahan was also behind the 1992 indictment of former Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger relating to the Iran Contra scandal. The indictment came the weekend before the 1992 Presidential election and days after the attorney made a donation to the Bill Clinton for President campaign. Brosnahan is also a big donor to the Democrat Party.

Both of Lindh's parents have tried to sugarcoat little Johnny's excursion with Osama and his murderous bunch while on his so-called religious quest. Mama Marilyn Walker said, "His only offense was serving in the army of Afghanistan. He's admitted this was a mistake on his part."

Though not quoted in the AP article, Frank Lindh wrote the following back in 2006.
"... it's clear that the United States really made a mistake in treating Taliban footsoldiers and the Afghan army as if they were al Qaeda terrorists. This was unjust in the eyes of the whole world, but especially among Muslims. And finally, I hope you will indulge me when I say that the mistreatment and the imprisonment of John Lindh was and is a human rights violation. It was based purely on an emotional response to the 9/11 attacks, and not on an objective assessment of John's case."

Frank Lindh's tone is clearly blame America first and sympathetic with the treatment of al-Queda terrorists. No wonder Johnny Jihad did what he did. He had two permissive liberal Marin County parents who passed onto him their warped 1960's anti-establishment ideas. Why not do something if it feels good? After all, Daddy wasn't a real man in that he left his wife and kids to find himself with his lover.

But Frank Lindh is misleading people about how supposedly harmless his little Johnny Jihad is. Robert Young Pelton is a CNN reporter who discovered and interviewed Johnny Jihad. He's been besmirched by Frank Lindh and says Lindh's legal team "smear(ed) me in public as an agent of the government and harass(ed) me in private. They waste $64,000 of CNN’s money and work the media to present me as a greedy story-hungry freelance." He wrote, in part:
"Quite simply, in my opinion, Lindh was a terrorist, a member of what we call al Qaeda, and a man who chose to stay with killers even though he was afforded numerous opportunities to separate himself from his murderous associates. Twenty years in jail may be a blessing compared to how many of his friends have been dealt with since.

Frank Lindh cannot be blamed either for the emotions behind his need to reinvent history or for doing what he can to get his son out of jail. But he is lying. His son did not “love America”: He fought for bin Laden, against us. His son is not “honest”: He lied to his parents and others. His son is not a “decent” young man: He trained to be a murderer. His son went to kill strangers in a stranger land. A spiritual quest? What part of grenades and AK 47s can be described as spiritual? What part of patriotism is eating bin Laden’s food, listening to Usama’s droning hate-filled speeches against America, and sitting obediently within strangling distance of our greatest single enemy?"

The father of the CIA agent killed in a prison uprising shortly after interviewing Lindh, Johnny Spann, wrote the following rebuttal to Frank Lindh's attempt to sugarcoat his son's treason (key excerpts below).
"*John Walker Lindh was a member of, and trained with Al Queda...Lindh was not allowed to join the Taliban, because he did not speak any of their languages like Dari or Postum, and was not a Afghan. But was allowed to join and train with the Al Queda.

*John Walker Lindh trained at Al Farooq - Osama Bin Laden’s terrorist training camp - and has officially stated that he met and talked to Bin Laden more than once while in this training. He also stated he spent time at Bin Laden’s guest house.

*John Walker Lindh stated that he had knowledge of the plans for the 9-11 attacks against the U.S. He stated that he knew that Al Queda members had been sent to the United States to carry out suicide missions. He stated that he had also been told about the 9-11 attacks on America, but chose to stay and continue to fight with the Al Queda terrorists.

*John Walker Lindh surrendered with the other terrorist Al Queda fighters at Kundus. He did not let anyone know that he was American, or that he wanted to leave. (He) was transported to Qala I Jangi Fortress and stayed in the basement house, also known as the Pink House. The revolt was planned that night while at the Pink House.

*Sunday morning, November 25, 2001, my son...Micheal Spann attempted to question John Walker Lindh. He would not talk to his fellow Americans, and yet another opportunity went by to tell someone whom he was and that he needed help. John Walker Lindh also did not inform Mike Spann, or any other American there, about the planned revolt. If that information had been shared it would have saved my son's life.

The Spann family will never their son, and Michael Spann's wife and children will never see their father and husband again. Does any of this penetrate the skulls of Frank and Marilyn Lindh, who selfishly put their traitorous son's freedom over the memory of a hero like Michael Spann?

John Walker Lindh, aka Johnny Jihad, doesn't deserve clemency. Even 61.8% of IJ respondents are against clemency, according to their online poll. The only people who want Johnny Jihad freed are America hating Leftists in Marin County and around the nation. Personally, I agree with the 38 percent of a jury pool whom attorney Brosnahan polled who said the little rat bastard should be executed.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dr. Evil Reid Says It Again: "Al Queda Has Regrouped, American People Are Losing"

What a jerk! Dr. Evil Harry Reid is at it again, per The Politico, linked from Gateway Pundit (who has the video).
"Tired of Republican crowing about winning on Iraq funding, the budget battle and the energy bill, Reid (D-Nev.) shot back on Tuesday afternoon.

'We hear a lot of Republicans boasting ... because of their unprecedented obstruction,' Reid said. Indeed, Republicans have gotten their way in the battle over spending, have forced Democrats to jettison rollbacks of tax breaks for oil companies, and have beaten back attempts to pay for expanded children's health care programs with a tobacco tax increase. Even though they're in the minority, the GOP, backed by President Bush, has used the filibuster to block Democratic priorities over and over this fall.

'Who's winning?' Reid asked a group of reporters. 'Big Oil, Big Tobacco. ... Al Qaeda has regrouped and is able to fight a civil war in Iraq. ... The American people are losing.'"

First, it's "Do Nothing" Nancy with her snide comment that Republicans "like this war," which she has yet to apologize for. Now, Dr. Evil comes out regurgitating his "we're losing" mantra from last April, even as the situation is improving in Iraq. Not only that, he's recycling the lies he told about Rush Limbaugh this past September, never once admitting the "phony soldiers" Rush talked about were, indeed, phony soldiers who never served in Iraq. It's one thing to insult our military by telling them they're losing, it's another to stand up for those who've been proven liars about supposed military service.

Reid isn't just treasonous and evil. He's a classless, bitter, sore loser who is now clearly "stuck on stupid." He is exactly the person whom the great General George S. Patton said he "wouldn't give a hoot in Hell" about (see video below).

Clinton-Appointed Judge Orders Hearing On Destroyed CIA Tapes

From FOX News.
"WASHINGTON — A federal judge has ordered a hearing on whether the Bush administration violated a court order by destroying CIA interrogation videos of two Al Qaeda suspects.

U.S. District Judge Henry H. Kennedy rejected calls from the Justice Department to stay out of the matter. He ordered lawyers to appear before him Friday morning.

In June 2005, Kennedy ordered the administration to safeguard "all evidence and information regarding the torture, mistreatment, and abuse of detainees now at the United States Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay."

Five months later, the CIA destroyed the interrogation videos. The recordings involved suspected terrorists Abu Zubaydah and Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri. The Justice Department argued that the videos weren't covered by the order because the two men were being held in secret CIA prisons overseas, not at the Guantanamo Bay prison."

Judge Henry Kennedy was appointed to the District Court in September 1997, during the Bill "I Pursued Bin Laden" Clinton Administration. Today's decision isn't the first time Judge Kennedy has ruled on the side of the terrorists. As Gateway Pundit points out, Kennedy ruled in 2006 that the Administration needed to release documents related to the terrorist surveillance program. He also blocked the transfer of 13 Yemenis from Club Gitmo to other countries in order to allow them to challenge the transfer.

Something to think about in 2008. Do we want a President who will appoint liberal judges like Judge Kennedy? Think about that in the voting booth, or if you decide to stay home on Election Day in protest.

Border Fence Gutted To Pay For Increased Domestic Spending & Attorneys For Illegals

Showing that securing our borders ranks low on Congress' list of priorities, funding for a double-tier border fence was cut from the spending bill approved by Congress last night.

From the Washington Times:
"Congress last night passed a giant new spending bill that undermines current plans for a U.S.-Mexico border fence, allowing the Homeland Security Department to build a single-tier barrier rather than the two-tier version that has worked in California.

The spending bill, written by Democrats and passed 253-154 with mostly their votes, surrenders to President Bush's budget demands, meeting his spending limit with a $515 billion bill to fund most of the federal government and setting up votes to pay for the Iraq war. But Democrats reached his goal in part by slashing his defense and foreign-aid priorities to pay for added domestic spending.

"...'The fact that this was buried in a bloated, 3,500-page omnibus speaks volumes about the Democrats' unserious approach on border security and illegal immigration," said House Minority Leader John A. Boehner, Ohio Republican. "Gutting the Secure Fence Act will make our borders less secure, but it's consistent with the pattern of behavior we've seen all year from this majority.'"

So, in other words, using tax dollars to buy votes ranks higher than securing our borders and defending our nation, according to the Party of Treason.

Some Republicans, like Texas' Kay Bailey Hutchison, aided and abetted the cutting of the border fence.
"House Democrats said they were just adopting the Senate version, which was backed by a bipartisan group of border-state senators and passed the Senate several times this year.

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, the Texas Republican who has led the charge to change the 2006 law, said she wants to give Homeland Security more flexibility and wants local officials and landowners to be consulted."

Some Republicans, like Kay Bailey Hutchison, need to wise up. Securing our borders is a winning issue among all Americans. If they show they're strong and don't try to play both sides of the issue, they will clean house, as well as hold on to the White House.

If not, I hope they're content to stay in the minority.

UPDATE: Susan Jones at CNSNews notes that besides trimming the border fence, the Democrat bill provides $10 million in funding for attorneys of illegal immigrants.

"Along with those, you'll even find language gutting a Senate-passed provision encouraging English in the workplace. And as we continue to cull through the text, that may prove to be just the tip of the iceberg," said House Republican Whip Roy Blunt.

Reinventing The Wheel....(Hillary's Image That Is!)

Faced with poll numbers sinking faster than the Titanic, she kicked off her likeability tour, which could be called the "I'm not the (rhymes with rich) you think I am" media tour. I managed to catch several of clips of her morning show appearances last night and her desperation is obvious. The remarketing campaign also involves a website, "The Hillary I know" and appearances on the various morning shows with "normal folks" behind her eating breakfast (Hot Air, via Michelle Malkin). Despite trying to look normal, she looked too made up to the point of looking like her cheeks and forehead were suntanned. She sounded too robotic, the answer to each question seemed to be "the endorsement I received in the Des Moines Register," "I have experience," and the latest version of her famous cackle.

I couldn't help but wonder if the Hillary morning show blitz was actually filmed in a Burger King, due to the number of whoppers she told.

Speaking of "The Hillary I Know" she conveniently left out these recollections of her, which Gateway Pundit posted as a reminder of the Hillary she does her best to hide and deny.

"Where is the G-damn f**king flag? I want the G-damn f**king flag up every f**king morning at f**king sunrise."
(From the book "Inside The White House" by Ronald Kessler, p. 244 - Hillary to the staff at the Arkansas Governor's mansion on Labor Day, 1991)

"You sold out, you mother f**ker! You sold out!"
From the book "Inside" by Joseph Califano, p. 213 - Hillary yelling at Democrat lawyer.

F**k off! It's enough that I have to see you shit-kickers every day, I'm not going to talk to you too!! Just do your G*damn job and keep your mouth shut."
(From the book "American Evita" by Christopher Anderson, p. 90 - Hillary to her State Trooper bodyguards after one of them greeted her with "Good morning."

"You f**king idiot."
(From the book "Crossfire" p. 84 - Hillary to a State Trooper who was driving her to an event.)

"If you want to remain on this detail, get your f**king ass over here and grab those bags!"
(From the book "The First Partner" p. 259 - Hillary to a Secret Service Agent who was reluctant to carry her luggage because he wanted to keep his hands free in case of an incident.)

"Get f**ked! Get the f**k out of my way!!! Get out of my face!!!"
(From the book "Hillary's Scheme" p. 89 - Hillary's various comments to her Secret Service detail agents.)

photo from zombietime

"Stay the f**k back, stay the f**k away from me! Don't come within ten yards of me, or else! Just f**king do as I say, Okay!!!?"
(From the book "Unlimited Access", by Clinton FBI Agent in Charge, Gary Aldrige, p. 139 - Hillary screaming at her Secret Service detail.)

"Why do I have to keep proving to people that I am not a liar?!"
(From the book "The Survivor," by John Harris, p. 382 - Hillary in her 2000 Senate campaign)

"Where's the miserable c*ck sucker?"
(From the book "The Truth About Hillary" by Edward Klein, p. 5 - Hillary shouting at a Secret Service officer)

"Put this on the ground! I left my sunglasses in the limo. I need those sunglasses. We need to go back!"
(From the book "Dereliction of Duty" p. 71-72 - Hillary to Marine One helicopter pilot to turn back while en route to Air Force One.)

"A right-wing network was after his presidency...including perverting the Constitution."
(To Barbara Walters about the Republicans who impeached her husband; 20/20, ABC 6/8/2003.)

"What are you doing inviting these people into my home? These people are our enemies! They are trying to destroy us!"
(From the book "The Survivor" by John Harris, p. 99 - Hillary screaming to an aide, when she found out that some Republicans had been invited to the Clinton White House)

"Come on Bill, put your dick up! You can't f**k her here!!"
(From the book "Inside The White House" by Ronald Kessler, p. 243 - Hillary to Gov. Clinton when she spots him talking with an attractive female at an Arkansas political rally)

Her chat yesterday with David Gregory (of all people) didn't do much to help her "likeability."

Saturday, December 15, 2007

RuPaul's Limp Blimp

Ron Paul, Marin County's favorite Republican (due to his blame America first rhetoric) came up with a campaign gimmick--a blimp.

Instead of flying to a big money event in Boston, "Ron Paul's Blimp" was scheduled to fly into Columbia, South Carolina, for another fundraiser on Sunday.

Will the blimp make it? Apparently, it was grounded in North Carolina today, due to weather.

There's an unconfirmed rumor that the Paul Campaign went with the generic slogan "Ron Paul Blimp" after they found out the name Led Zeppelin was already taken!

Speaking of which, that looked like a great concert in London!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Washington Ballet Makes Serviceman's Dream Come True

This is a touching story I first read about this week in the Reston Times, but appeared originally in The Washington Post.
"'Hi, Daddy. I miss you. Enjoy the show.'

This wasn't just a ballet. It was a serviceman's wish come true. Lt. Col. Frank Johnston didn't want to miss his daughter Isabelle's debut, so the Washington Ballet arranged for its opening-night show to be videotaped and broadcast over the Pentagon's airwaves to troops not only in Iraq but around the world. Artistic Director Septime Webre brought the dimpled 7-year-old onstage before the curtain rose to tell her story, and to read a message from Johnston, who wrote that he would be gratefully watching the tape "as a father, but also as a representative for all the other fathers and mothers deployed overseas this Christmas season that will miss many other firsts."

Detected amid the hearty applause that followed this singularly emotional introduction, a sniffle or two. Can you blame us?"

I can't blame you!

Kudos to the Washington Ballet and The Pentagon for not only spreading some Christmas cheer to our troops from home, but making a father's wish come true.

Pelosi Hypocrisy: No Apolgy For "Republicans Like This War;" But Demanded Cheney Apology Earlier This Year

A day after commenting that Republicans "like this war" and want it to continue, no apology to America and our military has come from the lips of "Do Nothing" Nancy Pelosi.

I even called her DC office this morning and the only thing the aide at the other end could do was send me to voice mail.

Pelosi sang a different tune this past February after Vice President Dick Cheney made the following statement:
"I think if we were to do what Speaker Pelosi and Congressman Murtha are suggesting, all we will do is validate the Al Qaeda strategy. The Al Qaeda strategy is to break the will of the American people ... try to persuade us to throw in the towel and come home, and then they win because we quit."

The truth of the Cheney's comment obviously hurt, because Nancy got her panties in a knot and phoned the White House, demanding an apology.

Now that the surge has proved to be a success, it has "become a problem" for the defeatist Pelosi and the Party of Treason. In her anger, she lashes out at those of us who want our troops to succeed and win the war.

Well??????? We're waiting for your apology Nancy! Buck up and be a big girl.

MAF Surpasses Goal Of Cards For Troops

Two big thumbs up to Move America Forward and to thousands of Americans who have sent in Christmas/Haunakah greeting cards for our troops in Iraq.

The goal was 100,000 greeting cards, they've easily surpassed that goal, with Vice President and Mrs. Cheney signing the 100,000th card, writes Melanie Morgan in her excellent WorldNetDaily column.

She also writes of her confrontation with a couple of smelly hippie Code Pinko protesters outside "Do Nothing" Nancy Pelosi's office on Wednesday.

Before heading to Iraq to deliver the cards to the troops, MAF will host a patriotic concert this evening at Lincoln Center in Washington D.C., along with stops this weekend in Philadelphia and New York City. By the time the Honoring Our Heroes at the Holidays tour ends, I wouldn't be surprised if the number of cards exceeds 200,000!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Apologize, Nancy, For Your Pete Stark Moment!

Nancy Bella-Pelosi had her Pete Stark moment earlier today, as pointed out by the National Republican Congressional Committee (from Michelle Malkin's blog).

"With plummeting approval ratings and no legislative accomplishments to point to, Nancy Pelosi is melting down in the final days of the first session of the 110th Congress. Military success on the ground in Iraq also seems to be agitating the San Francisco Speaker who appears to be despondent over the fact that General Petraeus’ surge is working.

In a press conference today, Pelosi’s frustration manifested itself:

'They like this war. They want this war to continue...' (Press Conference, 12/13/07)"
Is Pelosi so delusional to think anyone in their right minds likes war? Hearken to the words of one of our greatest generals, Douglas MacArthur, who said in his farewell address to West Point:

"...the soldier above all other people prays for peace, for he must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war. But always in our ears ring the ominous words of Plato, that wisest of all philosophers: 'Only the dead have seen the end of war.'"
What Pelosi mistakenly refers to as "liking war," is really how the American people want the troops to achieve victory over the Islamofascist enemy who attacked this nation. Victory by our troops, the very concept Pelosi and the Party of Treason don't support and have tried to deny them.
Maybe if Nancy Pelosi listened to the American people instead of Cindy Sheehan,, Code Pinko and her anti-military town of San Francisco, she'd understand that.

Gen. MacArthur had other words delivered to Congress in 1951 which are apropos to the situation we face today. If he were alive today, he would deliver this same message to the Pelosi led Congress.

"But once war is forced upon us, there is no other alternative than to apply every available means to bring it to a swift end. War's very object is victory, not prolonged indecision. In war there is no substitute for victory....for history teaches with unmistakable emphasis that appeasement but begets new
and bloodier war
. It points to no single instance where this end has justified that means, where appeasement has led to more than a sham peace. Like blackmail, it lays the basis for new and successively greater demands until, as in blackmail, violence becomes the only other alternative."
Shame on you, Nancy! You owe this nation and our troops an apology for your slap in the face to their service.

House of Representatives Sides With Terrorists, Bans Waterboarding Terrorists

Proving that they care more about the comfort of terrorists than the safety and security of American citizens, a mostly Democrat majority in the House of Representatives voted to ban the use of waterboarding as an interrogation method against al-Queda terrorists.

The vote was 222-199. Only 5 RINO's joined 217 Democrats in siding with the terrorists.

Contrary to the claims of the liberals, who call it "torture," waterboarding has rarely been used but has worked in breaking these captured al-Queda types and obtaining valuble information.

To the Democrats and these WCW Revolutionary Communist Party types who dress up like imprisoned Gitmo terrorist detainees: waterboarding is NOT torture.

This is torture (see below). Pass this along to your liberal friends who call waterboarding "torture."

This is a photo from the video tape of Nicholas Berg, an American citizen, as he was beheaded by the terrorists the liberals like to protect. For all the uproar about Abu Gharib, Gitmo and waterboarding, I didn't hear ONE DAMN WORD of condemnation by Democrats, CAIR or the Left against these Islamofascist bastards who ended this poor man's life in such a horrific way. At least one of these men, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, was killed last year by our forces and is currently rotting in the hottest corner of Hell.

God forbid if another terrorist attack on United States soil happens and kills thousands of American citizens. If it is found out that the attack could have stopped had waterboarding not been banned, the hands of 217 Democrats and 5 RINOs will be drenched in blood. PR Firm Represents Group Behind "Cheney Would Be Dead" Ad

Fenton Communications, the folks who brought you and "Mama Moonbat" Cindy Sheehan, is also representing the group behind the "Cheney Would Be Dead" ad campaign mentioned here earlier this week.

This vicious ad was sponsored by the California Nurses Association and the National Nurses Organizing Committee and ran in Iowa newspapers this past Monday. For more on David Fenton's radical past, see Jennifer Verner's article "Red Army" which appeared on in 2004.

When they're not promoting groups who root for the Islamofascist terrorists, calling our generals "traitors," hijacking a mother's grief for their hate of the military, Fenton Communications is promoting the death of the vice president for the sake of promoting socialized medicine.

And these are the same libs and far-Leftists who would be screaming "hate speech" if anyone dared to joke about Bill Clinton's heart condition.

Illegal Alien Sets Fire To US Flag On San Rafael Mission Cross

The Marin IJ reported this morning that a man was arrested Tuesday afternoon after dousing the American flag with cognac and set it on fire on an 8 foot cross at San Raphael church.

In addition to being booked on suspicion of arson and vandalizing a place of worship, Roger Jesus Estrella-Suarez, 29, was being held on a no-bail federal immigration hold pending review of his citizenship.

According to the IJ, San Rafael Police Sgt. Jonathan Bean said Estrella-Suarez saw the five-cornered stars on the flag and " thought it was the sign of the devil."
"Bean said Estrella-Suarez stole the flag from a residence, bought a bottle of Hennessy cognac at a liquor store, soaked the flag and lit it, perhaps hoping to exorcise the demons.

'(He) had a fixation on the five-pointed star,' Bean said."

The Rev. Paul Rossi said there wasn't much damage to the cross.

"The wood looked maybe a little darker on the top or something, maybe that was from a little bit of the fire, but it's fine. I can't see any difference than it was the day before."

It's surprising that the City of San Rafael is even investigating the immigration status of Estrella-Suarez, after Mayor Al Bozo assured illegal aliens fearing deportation after ICE raids earlier this year that San Rafael "would not enforce immigration law."

Ironically, it was on the steps of Mission San Rafael that faith leaders (including the far-Left Episcopal Church) pleaded for suspension of ICE raids against illegal aliens in Marin County. One of the speakers was Fr. Rossi, who (according to "told the crowd that people of faith should view the immigration question as one not only of law, but as an issue of morality."

This desecration of our nation's flag and the possible destruction of the historic Mission could have been avoided, had it not been for local elected officials and religious leaders pandering to immigration lawbreakers.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

WoolseyWatch--"No" To Christmas, "Yes" To Ramadan

Who, in their right mind, could be against a resolution "recognizing the importance of Christmas and the Christian faith?"

How about Lynn Woolsey and eight other members of the Party of Treason (Democrats) ?

That's right, according to Michelle Malkin. Woolsey, who has also voted against resolutions remembering the 9/11 victims and another condemning a French town who named a street after cop killer Mumia abu Jamal. Woolsey also wrote a letter on behalf of the rapist of a 17 year old Terra Linda girl.

Here's the kicker. While she votes against a resolution which recognizes importance of Christmas and condemns bigotry against Christians, Woolsey recently voted for resolutions honoring the Islamic holiday of Ramadan and the Hindu holiday of Diwali.

Lynn Woolsey can be described as anti-military, anti-American, anti-victory and anti-Christian or pro-Islam, pro-rapist, pro-cop killer and pro-terrorist.

Someone needs to send that scrooge a stocking full of coal this year.

Shame on The Pro-Impeachment Santa Rosa City Council!

The Santa Rosa City Council, under pressure from the shrill far-Left, voted 5-1 to approve a resolution calling for the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney (Santa Rosa Press Democrat, linked from Michelle Malkin).

Santa Rosa Mayor Bob Blanchard rightfully refused to sign the petition, saying it was not city business. Lee Pierce signed on behalf of the city council. Past city council members were stunned at the approval of the resolution, according to the Press Democrat.
"Ting Guggiana, a councilman from 1970-82, said the council has evolved to be more liberal and partisan.

'We'd have never touched it in a hundred years,' Guggiana said. 'It's just ridiculous. What does it mean?'

John Downey, who served from 1968-76, said the council should rigorously stick to 'running the business of the city.'

'They should be above politics and certainly above any national debate,' Downey said.

...At the council meeting Tuesday night, speakers, some wearing buttons and T-shirts calling for impeachment, cited a litany of alleged offenses by the Bush administration, some dealing with the Iraq war and responses to the 9/11 attacks, others involving domestic policy and environmental issues."

Were any of these people in attendance, pushing for impeachment (flashback to Santa Rosa Support our Troops rally 2007)?

Interestingly, the Press Democrat notes that six of the seven city council members belong to the "Party of Treason," the Democrat Party. Mayor Thompson does not list party affiliation per county records.

Instead of listening to groups that sympathize with Islamic terrorists while spewing 9/11 conspiracy theories and hate for the military, why doesn't the City of Santa Rosa do anything about the gang violence in that town? They're too busy undermining this nation's sovereignty by voting to accept the use of Mexico's Matricular Consular Cards. Neither will they stand against Sonoma County's sanctuary policy towards illegal aliens. All this while gang violence has escalated in Santa Rosa and other parts of the county. When was the last time the city council passed a resolution supporting the troops or showing up at any of the Support our Troops rallies there.

Because, being mostly Democrats, they don't support the troops.

If anybody needs to be impeached, it is the five city council members of Santa Rosa who are puppets of the most extreme Left-wing, anti-American element of their community.

Let the Santa Rosa City Council know how you feel:

Vice Mayor Lee Pierce:

Susan Gorin:

Veronica Jacobi,

Carol Dean:

John Sawyer:

Shame on you five!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

For 1,258th Time, "Dr. Evil" Reid Sides With The Terrorists

As has come to be expected, "Dr. Evil," Harry Reid has jumped on the "attack the CIA" bandwagon over the destroyed interrogation tapes.“The CIA, the Justice Department, the Bush White House and every American should know that if these investigations encounter resistance or are unable to find the truth, I will not hesitate to add my voice to those calling for a special counsel,” the evil one said about an investigation into the destruction of the tapes. He added "This damage to our moral authority will matter to the history books, but more importantly, it matters right now. It puts our troops at greater risk if captured. It impairs our relationships with nations who ought to be our allies. It impedes our ability to fight an effective war on terror.”

It's interesting how Reid and the phony Democrats were so concerned about the leaking of an alleged covert CIA operative who is just a liberal political hack. However, when it comes to real covert agents, these libs want to see those videotaped interrogations as well as the covert agent conducting them.

This isn't about "damage to our moral authority" or "putting our troops at greater risk" because Reid has proven he doesn't give a damn about the troops. He only cares about the troops when he can use them as political pawns, like he tried (and failed) to do against Rush Limbaugh. I'm getting sick of these Democrat pantywaists complaining about "torture" and our "image." If there's an attack and one of these al-Queda we captured knows about it, I want the scumbag terrorist tortured! Simple! It may save my life or the life of a friend, relative or fellow countryman. Once again, Harry Reid and his Party of Treason cares more about the comfort of terrorists than they do the security and safety of American citizens. Just like the Democrat Party proves it's on the side of criminals by attempting to end the death penalty in New Jersey.

If Harry Reid is so concerned about putting our troops at risk, alienating our allies and effectively fighting the War on Terror, he needs to look in the mirror at his reflection and see the source of the problem.

Nurses Union--Cheney Would Be Dead Without Socialized Medicine

The liberal hate mongering, CDS (Cheney Derangement Syndrome) continues, this time from the California Nurses Association and National Nurses Organizing Committee, who are acting like members of the Daily Kooks or Du(h) Democrat blogs.

From their blog: Dick Cheney Would Probably Be Dead W/O Government Financed Healthcaer (sic).

Posted by Shum Preston on December 10, 2007 - 11:54am
One more irony about the healthcare crisis: the politicians in charge of fixing it…are guaranteed healthcare through a system that is not just “single-payer” (in terms of being financed by the government instead of insurance companies), but beyond is actually government-run.

Nurses are running ads today in 10 Iowa newspapers pointing out that this means that Dick Cheney, with his heart trouble, would probably be dead now if he were an ordinary American forced to search for cardiac care in a thicket of mercenary insurers and heartless HMOs. Cheney gets guaranteed healthcare; we get squat.

In the first place, Shrum Preston, if Dick Cheney weren't the vice president, he'd probably have his own healthcare because the man worked for a living! What a concept!

Rightfully, Cheney's spokeswoman called the ad "outrageous," as, in typical liberal fashion, the liberal union says it is Bush and Cheney who are "outrageous."

"What's outrageous is we have an administration that sits on its hands while we have 47 million people who are uninsured ... This administration has ignored this health care crisis," says Charles Idelson, spokesman for the California Nurses Association and the National Nurses Organizing Committee. "They're indifferent to pain and suffering."

Of course, this kind of mean-spirited rhetoric would be spewed from the mouth of an extreme Left winger like Mr. Idelson. Need proof of his ideology? OpenSecrets shows the Oakland resident has donated to Ralph Nader's campaign. Even a RINO like Arnold Schwarzenkennedy is not liberal enough for Idelson, who fawned over the washed up actor Warren Beatty's activism against the Governator.

Why doesn't Mr. Idelson be a man and address the problems with socialized medicine and how it is no free lunch? Because it's easier for a liberal to spew hate than to face facts.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

WaCoPo--Congress Knew About Supposed "Torture" In 2002 & Didn't Object

Saw this front page headline in the Compost at the store this evening, "Hill Briefed On Waterboarding in 2002." Apparently for all the selective moral outrage directed towards the Bush Administration and the CIA in recent days, no one, not even Nancy Bella-Pelosi, objected to supposed torture methods like "waterboarding."

"Among the techniques described, said two officials present, was waterboarding, a practice that years later would be condemned as torture by Democrats and some Republicans (RINOs) on Capitol Hill. But on that day, no objections were raised. Instead, at least two lawmakers in the room asked the CIA to push harder, two U.S. officials said."

"...Yet long before "waterboarding" entered the public discourse, the CIA gave key legislative overseers about 30 private briefings, some of which included descriptions of that technique and other harsh interrogation methods, according to interviews with multiple U.S. officials with firsthand knowledge.

With one known exception, no formal objections were raised by the lawmakers briefed about the harsh methods during the two years in which waterboarding was employed, from 2002 to 2003, said Democrats and Republicans with direct knowledge of the matter. The lawmakers who held oversight roles during the period included Pelosi and Rep. Jane Harman (D-Calif.) and Sens. Bob Graham (D-Fla.) and John D. Rockefeller IV (D-W.Va.), as well as Rep. Porter J. Goss (R-Fla.) and Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan)."

Like the leaked NSA program, as well as other secrets which have been broken by the liberal MSM, isn't it interesting that not one Congressperson raised objections? Instead, all the phony outrage occurred after these stories broke.

It's one thing to get mad at liberal traitors like the Chappaquiddick lifeguard Teddy Kennedy and "Tiny" Dick Turbin. Right now I'm more ticked off at the Administration and many RINO Republicans (John McLame, Mike Huckabee) who clearly don't have the balls to fight them. These Democrats who keep calling for investigation after investigation should not be appeased anymore. No more investigations! Expose these liberals for who they are--opportunistic, partisan blowhards in love with their own voices who run down our efforts to defeat Islamofascism for the sake of political gain.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Sean Penn Calls For Execution of Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld & Rice. Why Doesn't The Secret Service Pay Spicoli A Visit?

The Democrat assault on the Bush Administration and the War on Terror continued on Pearl Harbor Day. In this instance, the culprit was the best friend of Saddam Hussein, the Iranian regime and Hugo Chavez: Sean Penn (whom I'm renaming Sean Penn-Laden because of his history of treason).

Speaking at SFSU as an endorsement for UFO Candidate, Dennis Kookcinich, Penn-Laden said:

"While I'm not a proponent of the Death Penalty, existing law provides that the likes of Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld and Rice, if found guilty, could have hoods thrown over their heads, their hands bound, facing a 12-man rifle corps executing death by firing squad."

Marin's Sean Penn-Laden "hates" the death penalty but loves anti-American dictators who glorify Fidel Castro's executioner, Che Guevara.

Being the intellectual lightweight he is, Penn-Laden (who resides in the wealthy Marin County hamlet of Ross) could not explain what crime the current administration committed that would be cause for execution. It was the typical liberal hate speech the actor, who once advocated the overthrow of the government, is known for. In a 2001 London Guardian interview, Penn-Laden said smilingly of his role in The Assassination of Richard Nixon, "That's a good story." In the same interview, he said of the late Ronald Reagan:
"I am not disturbed by Ronald Reagan's Alzheimer's. You know, there's not a lot of cleaner pictures of karma in the world. I mean, it's not a very Christian way of thinking - I do stray sometimes. But I go right from him mocking the farm worker and eating grapes on television during the boycott to him dribbling today. And I feel a sense of justice."
Since his speech was a paid for by the Kookcinich campaign and was sponsored by the SFSU College Democrats, where is the apology from these Democrats for this assassination rhetoric? Can you imagine the howls from liberals and the media if someone, speaking on behalf of a Republican candidate, called for the execution of any prominent Democrat? Keep in mind that, at SFSU, flags of Islamic terrorist groups are protected property and Communist front groups can attack a 9/11 Memorial ceremony.

If anyone is guilty of a crime, it is Sean Penn-Laden, who travels the world aiding and abetting anti-American dictators. If I'm not mistaken, that's called treason. As far as I'm concerned, he should be sent away to Guantanamo Bay prison. Then I'd feel a sense of justice.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Code Pinkos Planning More Donations To Terrorists?

It appears that the vile group Code Pinko may be reprising their role in donating money and aid to the Islamofascist terrorists in Iraq, as they did in late 2004.

Kristinn at FreeRepublic notes the following:
"Several weeks ago, Code Pink announced that it was soliciting money to send to Nineveh province to aid "Iraqi orphans, widows and internally displaced people."

It just so happens that Nineveh province is where al Qaeda and Iraqi insurgents have recently regrouped after having been routed from Anbar province and Baghdad.

Code Pink says it will not name who they are dealing with in Iraq because "They work under the radar so we need to keep them anonymous..."

A message from Code Pink's contact in Iraq states, "Our organization has succeeded in opening a new branch in the north in Nineveh Province. We now have five branches. We also have arranged a special medical clinic that provides free services for widows & orphans in Abu-Ghraib. We have enough funds to run this clinic for three months and hope to receive more financial assistance to keep it going. We are walking a long and difficult road in Iraq and try to focus on the good we can do for people here so we don't feel hopeless. Thank you to the women of CODEPINK for your continuous work to bring freedom and peace to my country."

Clinics that cater to widows and orphans are not normally operated 'under the radar', unless those operating them are using them for nefarious purposes.

Given that Code Pink rejects the legitimacy of the freely elected Iraqi government and has endorsed the terrorists trying to destroy that government, there can be little doubt that Code Pink is once again funneling aid to our terrorist enemies in Iraq so that they can continue to kill American soldiers and free Iraqis.

Code Pink's statement on its fundraiser: "When you donate to CODEPINK this week, half the proceeds will go toward assisting Iraqi women and children, and half will go toward funding our continuing actions on Capitol Hill. Your donation will work to end the occupation and help repair the awful damage this military misadventure has wrought."

Questions. Will "Nostrilitis" Henry Waxman aid them in getting the shipment through, like he did in 2004? Lynn Woolsey, are you proud of affiliating yourself with this bunch of traitors?

Since Congress is so eager to hold investigations, why not hold an investigation with subpoenas against Code Pinko for treason during a time of war? Where are these funds and who are they going to? For that matter, why doesn't the Justice Department hold an investigation into treason for the groups founders as well as their aiders and abettors in Congress.

Either way, this needs to be investigated.