Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Response to Iran's Adolf Ahmadinejad Hitler

The Iranian dictator's (and reincarnation of Adolf Hitler) letter to America (written by the DNC?).

My response to Ahmadinejad (courtesy of Johnny Cash).

IJ Watch--Local Soldier's Positive Report from Iraq Called "Different Spin"

It was a story which I'm sure was painful for the IJ to publish, let alone write.

In Wednesday's paper, Brad Breithaupt wrote about a presentation on progress in Iraq to Novato Sunrise Rotarians by a fellow member, Col. Michael Herman, who is currently stationed in Iraq. Herman, like many fellow soldiers, tells a different story from the one portrayed by the treasonous MSM who desperately wish for Iraq to become a military defeat for the United States.

Since Col. Herman's story didn't fit the Left-wing, anti-war agenda of the Marin Independent Journal, it was left for the headline writer make the story fit the IJ’s mold.

The headline was twisted from a quote from president Cheri Ross, who said the following in the IJ article.

"It was amazing to see his dedication," Ross said, adding that Herman offered "a different spin" on Iraq. "It gives me a sense that we are helping the Iraqis toward their own self-reliant government," she said.

Ross, in my mind, wasn't trying to negatively imply that Herman's story was "spin." Judging from her quote, she was encouraged by the presentation from her fellow Rotarian about the progress made in Iraq.

Leave to the Marin IJ to find a way to disparage the work done by our military in Iraq. I'm sure they'll be licking the boots of the war resister scheduled to speak Dec. 8th at College of Marin, being presented by the terrorist apologists at the Marin Appeasement & Injustice Coalition. Let there be any positive news on Iraq, like maybe we're really winning? It's all “spin” to the IJ.

Which is why the accomplishments of our military is (with the exception of the new media) like the title of Col. Herman's presentation, "The Greatest Story Never Told."

Monday, November 27, 2006

Imam Protesting Removal From Flight Admitted Ties to bin Laden, Doubted Muslims Behind 9/11

If the Marin Independent Journal covers the "pray in" protest at Washington's Reagan National Airport today, it's likely this little nugget will be left out of the story.

One of the six imams kicked off the US Airways flight last week (and leader of the "pray in"), Imam Omar Shahin, once admitted ties to Osama bin Laden and denied that Muslims were behind the attacks of September 11, 2001. He was also involved with a now defunct charity which had ties to Hamas.

For more, see Jihad Watch.

Some have theorized that this event was staged. I wouldn't doubt it, since it appears to me that groups like the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) seems to make a living off portraying Muslims as victims of "racist America" by looking for events of so-called "Islamophobia" all over the place. I yield back to my comments here on August 11, 2006.

"Note to CAIR: Many of us are tired of your antics which you continously employ when a terror attack occurs or a plot is foiled. You know, how you call your critics "Islamophobic" and try to intimidate them into silence. I don't seem to recall Jerry Falwell or any Catholic priest excusing abortion clinic bombers. We need Muslims to act as Americans first and step up to the plate by cooperating with law enforcement and Homeland Security. If all you want to do is keep intimidating Americans into silence, well, this is what I have to say to you. (see photo on original post)"

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

From M.I.M to you, all the best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving, especially to the men and women serving our nation overseas. God Bless You all!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Orgasms for Peace? Only From Aging Marin County Hippies

A few years after littering a Marin County hillside with their naked bodies spelling "PEACE" a group of hippie (s)exhibitionists are at it again.

This time, they're asking people to have an orgasm for Peace (?) on December 22.

From SF; Anti-war couple conceive new way to generate peace

Living on their houseboat off the Marin County coast, anti-war activists Donna Sheehan and her partner, Paul Reffel, concocted a way for the world to communally create a lot of peaceful vibes. They want everyone to have an orgasm on the same day.

...Having experienced the futility of petitioning international leaders through mass nudity before the Iraq war, the pair decided to ramp up their tactics.

While the Global O may sound much like other collective actions attempted over the years, the O's organizers promise something more on their Web site: "The combination of high-energy orgasmic energy combined with mindful intention may have a much greater effect than previous mass meditations and prayers."

I guess too much acid, Mary Jane and Grateful Dead back in the 1960's will make these aging hippies believe any mass absurdity they commit will result in "peace." When it comes to fighting terrorism, these people are just shooting blanks. The only thing the Global O will do is set new records for Viagra demand in the Point Reyes Station/Bolinas area.

One more thing, Ms Sheehan and Mr. Reffel, please keep your sex lives to yourselves and your clothes on in public.

P.S. Here's how you create a lasting peace (from Michelle Malkin's site).

"Jonestown" Filmmakers Ignore S.F. Media Complicity in Cult's Rise. Use Tragedy for Bush Bashing & Promoting Utopian Society

This past Saturday marks the 28th anniversary of the largest slaughter of American citizens pre-9/11 in Jonestown, Guyana. On that day, 912 Peoples Temple members (mostly from the Bay Area) were forced to (some voluntarily) drink cyanide laced Flavor-Aid on orders from their leader, the Rev. Jim Jones.

A new documentary film, Jonestown, The Life and Death of Peoples Temple, was recently screened at the Rafael Theatre in San Rafael, and other Bay Area cities. It debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival this past Spring and is slated for a run on PBS' American Experience in 2007.

While the archival footage used in the movie is worth viewing due to its historical interest, the film is, for the most part, an exercise in despair. There's no hero, only what we know will happen, the eventual destruction of peoples lives and the sense of loss among the survivors interviewed.

Several important elements of the Temple story are either glossed over or missing from the film, notably how San Francisco media was hoodwinked by the sociopathic prophet Jones. Additionally, director Stanley Nelson and writer Marcia Smith use the tragedy of the Temple to promote a Socialist style Utopian society, as well as take thinly veiled swipes at our current President.

"Does it (a Utopian society) work, I believe it does," Nelson told an audience at a Q&A session at the Rafael Theatre. Smith, who also serves on a selection board at the George Soros funded Open Society Institute, said the Temple story is a reminder to question people in authority, as well as our current leaders.

At that point, an obvious Marin County left-winger excitedly shouted "George Bush!"

Nelson acknowledged this point in an AP story earlier this year, stating "These things happen over and over again throughout history of the world. It's important that we question our leaders about who they are and where they are leading us."

"Moonbeam" Jerry Brown & Jim Jones

While the film briefly shows the influence that Peoples Temple had with the liberal San Francisco political establishment in the 1970's, (Jones held court with Walter Mondale & Roslynn Carter during the 1976 Presidential Campaign) it glosses over much damning evidence. Though footage and photos showed their association with Jones, The Rev. Cecil Williams of Glide Memorial Church and former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown refused to be interviewed for the film. Could this be due to the fact that Williams gave Jones Glide's Martin Luther King Jr. Humanitarian of the Year award in 1977? At a testimonial for Jones, Willie Brown introduced the cult leader as "a combination of Martin Luther King, Angela Davis, Albert Einstein and Chairman Mao."

The Rev. Cecil Williams & Jim Jones, circa 1977

After the 1978 massacre, Brown was quoted as saying he had "no regrets" for associating with Jones. He also criticized those who disassociated themselves, saying "They all like to say, 'Forgive me, I was wrong', but that's bulls--t. It doesn't mean a thing now, it just isn't relevant."

While late Mayor George Moscone's 1975 narrow victory to the city's highest office was credited to Temple members, no mention is made in the film about possible voter fraud that may have occured, swinging the election in Moscone's favor.

Mayor George Moscone shakes hands with Jim Jones

Completely ignored by the filmmakers is the negligence of San Francisco media and how they either refused to cover or shut down any attempt to expose Peoples Temple before the 1977 New West magazine expose.

In the audience at Rafael Theatre was Kathleen Kinsolving, whose father, Les, wrote what was to be a series of eight articles exposing Jones in 1972 for the San Francisco Examiner. The series was cancelled by the Examiner after only four stories ran due to a protest by Temple members outside the papers. She, like her father and brother earlier this year, confronted Nelson about ignoring the expose in the film. This topic was obviously one that Nelson wanted to answer quickly and then "move on" to another topic.

Kathleen and her brother, Tom, wrote an online article that details their father's desperate attempt to warn the nation about Peoples Temple. They write about how their Berkeley home was burglarized by Temple members and their father was listed as number two on a Temple hit list.

"Let all the story of this People's Temple be told. Let all the books be opened," read a note found at Jonestown. This film and a similar stage production last year falls short of that. In order to tell the whole story, some uncomfortable truths about Bay Area media and politicians must also be told in how they aided and abetted a madman's rise to a horrible end in a South American jungle.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Impeachment Resolution on School Board Agenda (?)

Today's "All About Marin" section in the Marin IJ noted that the agenda for tonight's school board meeting in Lagunitas contains a resolution calling for the impeachment of President George W. Bush.

The person behind the resolution is board Trustee Richard Sloan, who has served on the board since 1972. The IJ notes he is also a "former University of California at Berkeley activist (M.I.M. note: meaning a 1960's anti-war activist) who has never been shy about expressing his views on national and international issues."

Sloan claims Bush has violated the US Constitution and "shredded the Bill of Rights" by imprisoning Islamic terrorists at places like Guantanamo Bay.

So, basically, Trustee Sloan is sympathizing with the foreign terrorists instead of American citizens they would love to kill.

Since when is a school board meeting supposed to be a forum for national or international issues? That's what happens in a rustic enclave like Lagunitas, CA, which was populated by hippies and artists who moved into the area during the 1960's & 1970's.

Due to that "cultural shift" Lagunitas School District has been known for "alternative education" methods, including Montessori and "open classroom." It has also been branded a "failing district" by the US Department of Education due to a third of the students boycotting standardized tests.

More misadventures from public servants in Public Education.

WoolseyWatch -- Obtaining a Losing Iraq Strategy from a 1972 Loser

Sometime this week, the socialists in Congress who dub themselves the "Progressive Caucus" (led by Lynn Woolsey) will meet with the big time loser of the 1972 Presidential election, George McGovern, to ensure terrorist victory in Iraq.

According to this story on

George McGovern, the former senator and Democratic presidential candidate, said Thursday that he will meet with more than 60 members of Congress next week to recommend a strategy to remove U.S. troops from Iraq by June.

McGovern will present his recommendations before the Congressional Progressive Caucus, a 62-member group led by Reps. Lynn Woolsey (representing Marin & Sonoma counties) and Barbara Lee.

"The best way to reduce this insurgency is to get the American forces out of there," McGovern said. "That's what's driving this insurgency."

No, Senator, what is fueling the insurgency is the rhetoric coming from you, Lynn Woolsey and the Democratic party. Leaving Iraq humiliated and with our tails between our legs will also become a recruiting tool for even more terrorists.

Senator, did you forget the words of Osama bin Laden in 1998?

"We have seen in the last decade the decline of the American government and the weakness of the American soldier who is ready to wage Cold Wars and unprepared to fight long wars. This was proven in Beirut when the Marines fled after two explosions. It also proves they can run in less than 24 hours, and this was also repeated in Somalia. We are ready for all occasions. We rely on Allah."

Monday, November 13, 2006

Mel "Amnesty" Martinez Picked to Head GOP

Remember how Rush said after Rumsfeld resigned how it was going to get worse before it gets better?

Now it's getting worse, as Florida Senator Mel Martinez has been tapped to head of the GOP.

This is not good! Martinez was one proponent of amnesty for illegal aliens in a bill cosponsored by RINO Senator Schmuck Hagel. He is anything but a conservative.

If this is how Republicans think they will regain the majority, they are sadly mistaken. Now's the time for conservatives to raise their voices and take the party back from the RINOs.

There's a poll question at, Who Should Be The Chairman of the RNC?

My vote is with Michael Steele.

It's Time For Us To Fight The Democrat Appeasers

No, I haven't stayed in bed for four days like fatboy Michael Moore, depressed over the results of the 2006 election.

Depressed? I'm frightened for what the Democrat majority is planning to do to this country.

Slowly but surely, they are beginning to unveil their Contract on America, which they hid from voters who weren't paying close attention (or who didn't care).

Look at what we've seen said this past weekend. Redeployment (cut, run & surrender) from Iraq in the next 4 to 6 months, oversight (investigations) of the Administration.

So much for the "working together" garbage we heard after the election.

The Democrats are proving the point made by so many in the blogosphere. They are more interested in winning political wars than the wars against this nation's enemies.

The terrorists are celebrating after last Tuesday. Even worse, the sacrifices of those lost in the War on Terror will have been in vain, if the Bush Administration, the Republican Minority allow these far-Left Democrats to have their way and surrender to the terrorists.

It's now up to us to urge them not to surrender, that America won't settle for anything less than victory. We may have lost a battle last Tuesday, but we'll only lose the war if we do nothing to stop them.

Stop San Francisco Schools from Banning JROTC

Michelle Malkin has an item on her blog how the San Francisco Board of Education may vote to ban JROTC from campuses in the City represented by Nancy Bella-Pelosi.

Michelle points out that even the far-Left San Francisco Comicle isn't hot on the idea.

"Sorry, adults, but kids love this program as if it's family. There are 1,600 students enrolled in the classes, which fulfill physical-ed requirements. Punctuality, teamwork and camaraderie are the hallmarks. There, military drill competitions are as popular as football games. There are no weapons, just sticks and flags used in marching.

Some JROTC members go on to serve in the military, but the vast majority don't, seeing the classes as an enjoyable experience and a chance to learn new things: map-reading, leadership skills and self-discipline that goes with military-style assignments and crisp uniforms.

Myths need to be dispelled. Most students leave JROTC by their senior year, suggesting it's not much of a recruiting tool. The bills are minimal -- $1 million for salaries out of a school budget of $356 million."

There is also a list of e-mail addresses for the school board.

-- Norman Yee, president:
-- Sarah Lipson, vice president:
-- Eddie Y. Chin:
-- Dan Kelly (for background on his radical past, see our archived story):
-- Eric Mar:
-- Mark Sanchez:
-- Jill Wynns:

Monday, November 06, 2006

Terrorism Is a Joke to Bill Clinton

Need more proof that Bill (B.J.) Clinton didn't take terrorism seriously when he was president?

From the American Thinker comes this snippet from a speech that the disgraced, impeached ex-President gave at a campaign stop at Arizona State University.

“Republicans will have you believe that Democrats will tax you into the poor house and that you’ll meet a terrorist around every corner and trip over an illegal immigrant on the way there.”

Here is a link on YouTube to a video of the speech, where he also says that Iraq was a "moderate Muslim Democracy" until we attacked.

Flashback to Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace:
"At least I tried. That’s the difference in me and some, including all the right wingers who are attacking me now. They ridiculed me for trying. They had eight months to try and they didn’t."

Right! And I've got some beachfront property in Arizona to sell you!

A Democrat House = "A Contract On America"

Reality check time. If Democrats manage to win a majority in the House of Representatives tomorrow, they will usher in "A Contract On America."

1. Emboldening Islamic terrorists by surrendering the War on Terror through "redeployment" (read: cut and run) from Iraq.

2. Making it easier for future 9/11s to happen by killing the Patriot Act, revoking the NSA Terrorist Surveillance Program and giving captured terrorists more rights and protection than American citizens.

3. Closing military prisons like Club Gitmo and transferring all captured al-Queda terrorists to Federal Prisons.

4. Amnesty for illegal aliens.

5. Felons and non-citizens would be given the right to vote (Hell, while they're at it, give captured terrorists the right to vote also.)

6. Censoring political speech through the so-called "Fairness Doctrine" which would suppress Talk Radio, along with this webblog and other conservative websites.

7. Gay marriage will become law of the land and equal to traditional marriage.

8. Taxes will be raised on the working class in America, followed by redistribution of wealth.

9. Federal spending will balloon out of control, while military expenditures will be cut.

10. Higher gas prices and more depenence on foreign sources of energy, as they will refuse to drill for oil domestically, as well as build new refineries..

Finally, point number 11. A Democrat House Majority would bring endless investigations into the Bush Administration and the War on Terror, followed by impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney, plus criminal charges against other members of the administration.

You can stop this "Contract on America" from becoming reality by voting against your local Democrat tomorrow.

So, let's go!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Gold Star Families Visit Iraq

Yesterday morning, Move America Forward announced that a delegation of Gold Star Families left for a visit to Iraq to report on the progress the coalition forces are making there, despite the best efforts of the terrorist insurgents, American mainstream media, and oh yes, the Democratic Party.

On MAF's web page this morning, it announced that the families are already in Iraq.

From a MAF Press Release dated yesterday:

Under the cover of utmost secrecy, the parents of U.S. troops who died in Iraq have made a surprising and historic visit to Iraq. No other such coordinated trip to Iraq by families of fallen troops has ever taken place.

The trip comes amid new reports from The New York Times that Saddam Hussein had a nuclear weapons program under development. Some have suggested that Hussein could have been 1-2 years away from developing a usable nuclear weapon.

“The American people are shown a skewed picture of the situation in Iraq day after day by the international news media. We felt it was time to allow the families of U.S. troops who died in Iraq to come see the progress being made in Iraq and report it back to the American people,” said Melanie Morgan, Chairman of Move America Forward.

Several Gold Star Parents also voiced strong displeasure with Hanoi John Kerry, who implied that America's all-volunteer military was uneducated last Monday.

“I am spitting mad at John Kerry for insulting our troops. Duck and run was his specialty in Viet Nam,” said Gold Star Mother Debra Argel.

Joe & Jan Johnson, whose son Justin died in Sadr City, expressed their anger with Kerry: “These were grown adults we are talking about, not kids who didn’t know what they were doing. Contrary to Kerry’s belief, they made an “educated” decision to join the military, most of them after 9/11, so they knew the possibilities of going to war were pretty good and they chose to serve anyway.”

Please go to Move America Forward for updates plus links to photos, audio files and more articles on this historic event. MIM will be watching this trip with great interest.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Islamic Terrorists to Americans: Vote Democrat

WorldNetDaily has a blockbuster story about how leaders of Islamic terrorist groups are hoping for a Democrat takeover of Congress.

Quotes from the WND article (click here for entire piece):

"Of course Americans should vote Democrat," Jihad Jaara, a senior member of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades terror group and the infamous leader of the 2002 siege of Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity, told WND.

Abu Ayman, an Islamic Jihad leader in Jenin, said he is "emboldened" by those in America who compare the war in Iraq to Vietnam.

"[The mujahedeen fighters] brought the Americans to speak for the first time seriously and sincerely that Iraq is becoming a new Vietnam and that they should fix a schedule for their withdrawal from Iraq," boasted Abu Ayman.

Iraqi Nukes -- BUSH WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!

Buried in a New York Slimes story criticizing the administration for revealing too much information comes this paragraph (from LGF - Saddam Was Close to a Nuclear Bomb).

Among the dozens of documents in English were Iraqi reports written in the 1990s and in 2002 for United Nations inspectors in charge of making sure Iraq had abandoned its unconventional arms programs after the Persian Gulf war. Experts say that at the time, Mr. Hussein’s scientists were on the verge of building an atom bomb, as little as a year away.

I have three words for the liars in the Left-wing blogosphere, Joe & Valerie Wilson, "Hanoi" John Kerry, Lynn Woolsey, Barbara Check Bouncer, Howard "the Duck" Dean and all elected Democrats.


Read it and weep!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Assassination "Jokes" & Slandering the Military--Apology From Kerry Not Enough or Acceptable

John Kerry, Smearing the American Military since 1971

An Open Letter to John Kerry

As one American citizen, I do not accept your apology/non-apology you issued today via your website ("I'm sorry if you idiots in America misinterpreted my botched joke")

First of all, your so-called "apology" is insincere and cowardly, especially since you didn't have the guts to issue it in person. Furthermore, it's way too late for an apology because it's clear you're not sorry for slandering the U.S. military. Deep within your hard heart (depending if you even have one), your comments on Monday shows that you truly feel those who serve are "uneducated." It's also apparent, in their rush to get this story off the headlines, your Democrat party and the media share your feelings. We see this in how the Democrats tried to suppress the military absentee ballots and also in the seditious words of Sen. Dick Turbin and Congressman Jackoff Murtha. As for the media, all I have to do for one example is point out Marin IJ writer Paul Liberatore and comments he made earlier this year in a news article.

Demeaning the military is how you built your political career, Lurch. You joined the Navy only because you were unable to get a deferment to study in your favorite nation, France. You wrote a book in which the front cover mocked the flag raising at Iwo Jima. You used your Vietnam experience to slander all who fought in Vietnam as war criminals. Over 30 years later, repeated your 1971 slander by saying American troops in Iraq are terrorizing women and children.

The book John Kerry dosen't want America to see and his lawyers made one Veterans group remove from their website. Hey Hanoi John, you just try and make me remove this photo, a**hole!

Lurch, you proved without a shadow of a doubt you look down your nose upon those who serve our nation. The only time you were ever interested in the troops was in attempting to use the families of fallen soldiers for political purposes. The book "American Mourning" by Melanie Morgan and Catherine Moy illustrates this fact.

What a ghoulish jerk you are, Senator!

Your excuse for Monday night‘s slap at the military? It was a botched a joke. Here's some of your other "botched jokes", if anyone is sick and stupid enough to consider assassination jokes funny.

You said in November 1988,

"If [George H.W.] Bush is shot, the Secret Service has orders to shoot Dan Quayle."

How about this "botched joke" from Real Time with Bill Maher earlier this month.
"...I could have gone to 1600 Pennsylvania and killed the real bird with one stone."

Very funny, NOT!

Futhermore, I don't need a lecture about who can and cannot comment on the military, Lurch! I don't care how many Purple Hearts you received. Many soldiers received one Purple Heart for much more than getting shot in the ass with a speck of rice. Even Benedict Arnold served in the U.S. military before he became a traitor. That goes for that other traitor, Jackoff Murtha also. I remember you once said who served and who didn't should not be an issue. Oh yeah, that was when your party nominated for President a draft-dodging, dope smoking, skirt chaser who also "loathed" the military.

An apology isn't good enough from you, Senator Kerry. You've insulted our military and the families of those who've lost their sons or daughters who wore the uniform. Instead of an apology, you should be forced to resign from the U.S. Senate and should be exiled to Iran or Syria, since you're obviously on their side. Or better yet, how about Vietnam, since you're a war hero to the communist regime you aided and abetted in 1971.

The Swiftboat Veterans for Truth are right. You are Unfit for Command, as a Democrat nominee for President as well as a Senator.