Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sheehan Supporter to Mother of Fallen Soldier: "Did they go out & kill & rape & sodomize some children in front of their parents?"

Parents of soldiers in Iraq came to counter Cindy Sheehan last night at Fresno State, stating Sheehan did not speak for them.

Among them was Robin Butterfield of Clovis, whose son, Anthony, was killed on July 29th.

Video from KMPH-TV in Fresno (click here) shows one pathetic little creep from Peace Fresno mocking these parents.

"How many people lost someone in the military? Well his heart. Did they go out and kill and rape and sodomize some children in front of their parents?" said the terrorist apologist from Peace Fresno.

These so-called "peace activists" claim they "support the troops but not the war." This video proves that statement is nothing but a lie. Not only do they hate the military, they hate this country.

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Anonymous said...

Surely there is someone in Fresno that can find this creep and modify the shape of his head with a baseball bat, and then stick the broken bat where the sun don't shine.