Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Politicizing Disease, Hurricanes, Terrorism etc.--Democrats Need A New Party Mascot

In their desperate effort to gain power at any cost, there's no issue in America that the Democrat Party will not exploit for political purposes.

Look at the list. The death and destruction from Hurricane Katrina was used to blast President Bush and Republicans as cold-hearted racists who caused destructive hurricanes due to global warming.

The "Jersey Girls" were used to blame Bush (not the terrorists) for the deaths of their husbands on 9/11. Likewise, Cindy Sheehan was used to blame Bush (not the terrorists) for the death of her son, Casey in Iraq. When they're not bashing the military, Democrat politicians have used flag draped coffins in campaign ads. The Democrat Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania, Catherine Baker Knoll, invited herself to the funeral of a soldier killed in Iraq to express opposition of the war to the bereaved family.

Diseases and government funding of embryonic stem cell research is another exploited issue. Remember the utter hatred and contempt Democrats had towards the great Ronald Reagan? His death from Alzheimer's disease was used by Hanoi John Kerry to politicize embryonic stem cell research. Democrats even had Reagan's son, Ron, speak at their 2004 National Convention.

Reagan wasn't the only person used by Democrats to promote an agenda. John "Breck Girl" Edwards outdid Benny Hinn in the phony faith healer department, stating if John Kerry were elected President, people like actor Christopher Reeve would walk again.

Now comes the advertisement for Democrat candidates by actor Michael J. Fox in several swing states. Fox, who suffers from Parkinson’s Disease, implies that Republicans who oppose government funding of embryonic stem cell research are opposed to curing Parkinson's Disease.

That is absurd!

But the bigger lie is that stem cell research is not illegal in the United States. The issue for Democrats is the government funding of the embryonic type of research. Limits have been placed on this for understandably ethical reasons. Quite simply, it amounts to a destruction of human life. It would also be a government boondoggle to the abortion industry.

Yet this has become another issue for Democrats and their PR flaks in the MSM to use in bashing Republicans and Conservatives. Rush Limbaugh has simply pointed out, from Fox's own book, how the actor has not taken his medicine for appearances testifying before Congress. However, the liberal MSM twisted one line from Rush's commentary to create the illusion Rush had personally attacked Fox, which he did not. I'm sure liberal smear merchants, like David Crock of the George Soros funded Media Matters, had a hand in passing this talking point on to their MSM allies.

The point is, liberals use people like Fox, the Jersey Girls, Sheehan, et al, in order to present "unassailable" victims to politicize tragedy, death and disease.

With that in mind, I would like to present this proposition to the Democrat Party. Perhaps it is time to change your party mascot, as the donkey is no longer an appropriate symbol of your party. May I suggest this as your new party mascot. (see below)

Our Proposed new Democrat Party mascot, the buzzard


Anonymous said...

I'm going out Halloween dressed as a democrat with at 10 gallon bucket. When they bring out the goodie bowl i'll take it all, 'for the common good'.

Vote Democratic, Pay super high taxes for a while and then die in a terrorists attack on America.

cowgirlup said...

Good argument, however, I'm still inclined to think that the Ass remains quite appropriate for the Democratic Party symbol & mascot. ;)

cowgirlup said...

Excellent argument, however, I still think the Ass remains the appropriate symbol & icon for today's Democrats. :)