Saturday, June 24, 2006

For Leaking Classified Information Time & Time Again, Al-Qaeda Would Like To Present to The NY & LA Times this....

When will the abuse of power by the liberal MSM journalists stop?

Newspapers like The New York Times (All the Treason That's Fit to Print) and the Los Angeles Times are working overtime to hinder our fight against foreign terrorists, by publishing classified secrets leaked by "anonymous sources" in the highest levels of government.

It is time that the Bush Administration put a stop to this. I believe that NY Times publisher "Pinchy" Sulzberger and Executive Editor Bill Keller should be tried and imprisoned for either treason, sedition or sabatoge-take your pick. So should loose lipped members of our government who like to leak secrets because they don't like the President. And let the critics of any prosecution be damned!

Instead of going after Scooter Libby, prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald should be investingating and indicting the traitors at these newspapers as well as the real leakers in our government. This is more of a security threat than some Democrat donor who worked at a desk job at the CIA having her name in the paper.

This must stop now! The MSM is on the verge of aiding al Qaeda in carrying out another 9/11 attack, instead of preventing it.

(Posters from the World War II Posters Collection on the Northwestern University website.

Santa Rosa Says "Thank You" To Our Troops

My son and I went up to Santa Rosa on Saturday morning to join a couple hundred citizens and say "Thank You" to the men and women who are serving our nation in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Veterans from Operation Iraqi Freedom, as well as Vietnam and current active duty personnel were in attendance, as well as a cross section of North Bay citizens of all ages and backgrounds. In addtion to showing support for our troops, they show that not everyone in the Bay Area agrees with the blame-America-first, cut and run mentality of politicians like Lynn Woolsey and Barbara Boxer.

There was a play area for children, as well as tables with greeting cards that attendees could write messages of support, as well as petitions, which would be given to those serving in the Middle East. Musicians performed patriotic songs.

Specialist Evan Kubota, who served with the 579th Engineering Battalion during Operation Iraqi Freedom told the crowd how much the support of Sonoma County residents meant to him and others deployed overseas.

Melanie Morgan of KSFO-AM's morning show and Move America Forward, was there. Joining her were Deborah Johns, spokeswoman for last year’s "You Don't Speak For Me, Cindy" tour and Gold Star Father Joseph Williams of Vacaville, CA.

Johns, whose son William has signed up for his third tour of duty in Iraq, said Saddam Hussein, his sons as well as al-Qaeda in Iraq leader Abu Musab Al Zarqawi, were weapons of mass destruction and have been removed. She also mentioned how components to assemble weapons of mass destruction have been found in Iraq but this information has not been mentioned by the mainstream media.

"It is a disserve to our troops," Johns said. She also noted how CNN, ABC and SeeBS refused to run an advertisement from Kurdistan that thanked our military for liberating Iraq and getting rid of Saddam Hussein.

It is noteworthy that, with the exception of what appeared to be a reporter from the Press Democrat, I did not see any other MSM outlets, including any Bay Area television stations, covering this event, yet these same media outlets do not hestite to cover even the smallest of anti-war demonstrations.

The topic of Cindy Sheehan, the anti-American activist who has called those who killed her son Casey "freedom fighters," came up among the speakers. Johns mentioned how Sheehan has said America should "use words instead of bombs" to deal with people like Saddam Hussein or Osama bin Laden.

"These men (Hussein, bin Laden) are not wayward children who have gone astray, you cannot negotiate with them" she said.

Williams, whose son was killed in Iraq in March 2003 joined Move America Forward to counter Sheehan in Crawford Texas. In his speech, he noted many accomplishments in Iraq not mentioned by the MSM, that 47 nations have reestablished embassies in Iraq and 95 percent of Iraqi children under the age of 5 have received their first polio vaccine. Hospitals and schools have also been built throughout the nation.

Another speaker, Brigadier General Joseph Schroedel said when he was in Iraq, he heard from Iraqis that Saddam Hussein told them the Americans would "steal their lives and their money. But the only thing you stole was our hearts." He also told the story of how he saw a mud hut in Iraq with a satellite dish outside and television inside the hut. He also told of the number of Iraqis who are using cell phones. This did not happen while Hussein was in power.

Johns, Williams and Morgan said when they went to Crawford TX to counter Cindy Sheehan, they received 500-600 e-mails from parents who lost a loved one in Iraq to take down a cross bearing the name of their loved one that Sheehan and her crowd set up there. Sheehan has been asked to stop exploiting those killed in Iraq for her political purposed but she has refused. She refused to speak to Mr. Williams, saying he and other Gold Star Families who don't agree with her are "brainwashed."

Johns told of how, in February of this year, she confronted Sheehan for using the names of those killed in Iraq to further her agenda. Sheehan refused to answer Johns and the moderators abruptly ended the Q and A session.

Morgan told those in attendance that people like Sheehan, John Kerry and Jane Fonda didn't understand the values of the American people and vowed to do all she can "so that this country does not lose it's resolve" in fighting the War on Terror.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Murtha's Culture of Corruption

CNSNews has an article detailing the sordid past of the anti-war, hate-America Left's new hero, Jackoff Murtha (D-alQaeda).

Apparently, Murtha was named an unindicted co-conspiritor in the 1980 Abscam scandal, which led to the arrest of several congressmen for taking bribes from a fictitious Arab sheik.

"I'm not interested. I'm sorry... at this point." Murtha told an undercover agent posing as a representative of the sheik attempting to bribe him.

Expose the Left also has audio of the Murtha Abscam video.

WMD's Found In Iraq--Silence From MSM, SurrenderCrat Party

Yesterday, Sen. Rick Santorum and Rep. Peter Hoekstra held a press conference stating there were weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq. LGF has a link to the declassified document both lawmakers used as evidence.

Good luck finding any mention of this in the Marin Independent Journal or other MSM outlets, as well as the SurrenderCrat party (formerly known as the Democratic party).

Need more proof? How about this posting from AlphaPatriot, which also indicates Yellowcake was found in Iraq, thus proving that a bloated blowhard named Joe Wilson is a liar.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Democrat Website Mocked 9/11 Victim--Where Were Coulter's Critics Then?

Attorney, Columnist & New York Times Bestselling Author Ann Coulter has come under a lot of fire lately for comments made about four 9/11 widows in her new book Godless: The Church of Liberalism.

The Hildebeast, Hillary Rotten Clinton issued a statement denouncing Coulter's comments about the widows, known as "The Jersey Girls." Two Democrat lawmakers from New Jersey love free speech so much that they want her book banned in the state. Finally, Advertising Age outdid them all and asked Coulter to "kill herself."

Did Coulter have a valid point how the Left exploits these families losses? Yes she did. However, I think she could have made her point better, instead of saying they "enjoying their husband's deaths." In doing that, she takes herself down to the level of the Left.

Despite my disagreement with what Coulter wrote, I find it ironic to see the hypocrisy of the Democrats and their friends in the mainstream media. For all their outrage at Coulter's criticism of these four 9/11 widows, they were silent when a Democrat website mocked a 9/11 victim.

This was the homepage of on September 26, 2001.

On that day, the website used a photo of Coulter “reminiscing" about conservative author Barbara Olson, who was killed on American Airlines Flight 77. Underneath was the caption “Virulent Right Wing PRO-American Crazies Call for Holy War.” is run by a bunch of Clintoniods and Gorebots like Bob Fertik, pollster Stanley Greenberg and Greg Simon. Even supposed liberal nice guy Alan Colmes has this extremist website listed in his links on his webpage.

So, while liberals like Colmes join in on Coulter pile on, I wonder when they will find the time to express the same outrage at for mocking someone killed on 9/11.

Well? We're waiting!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

KFBK Goes Liberal--Fires Mark Williams

Marooned in Marin has dropped the link for KFBK-AM in Sacramento from our list of favorite radio stations, as they have committed the outrage of outrages by firing evening talker Mark Williams, replacing him with a liberal anti-war host.

For more, please see this letter dated May 30th from Deborah Johns and Michelle Souza of CA Marine Moms & Military Families to Jeff Holden of KFBK.

Dear Mr. Holden:

We as Marine and Military families are very sadden to learn that Mark Williams is no longer with KFBK, and further that you have decided to turn KFBK into a liberal station by replacing the Emmy Award Winning Mark Williams with liberal Bruce Maiman.

The Military families thought we could always count on KFBK for support with regards to our fundraising efforts, rallies, luncheons, deployments and homecomings for our loved ones who are serving this great Nation in the War on Terror. Obviously with KFBK becoming a liberal station with the hiring of Bruce Maiman, we know now we can no longer count on the support of KFBK for our military men and women and the families who stand behind them. We take this as a personal attack and lack of support against our military men and women and their families.

Therefore, we are calling for a boycott of KFBK and any and all of your sponsors who advertise on the Liberal Maiman show. It is our understanding that KFBK has already begun to lose sponsors with Griffin & Reed Eye Care pulling their advertising from your station. I am sure it will not be long before several other companies pull their advertising as well. We have sent this letter to all of the sponsors who advertise on that show to not support KFBK, because KFBK has turned their backs not only on Mark Williams, but on all the military and their families.

We obviously have no idea as to why you do not want to support your target market in the greater Sacramento/San Joaquin Valley and beyond, which is a conservative market nonetheless. Instead you have decided to turn KFBK into a liberal broadcast media center. Your efforts to turn a station into a liberal station would be better served in the San Francisco Bay Area. This decision was a poorly made decision and a reckless one at that.

In two nights of listening to Mr. Maiman’s show in a one hour segment he had only 3 callers. Mark Williams had 3 callers in 5 minutes with phone lines jammed when he was on the air.

Mark Williams has a far reaching, wide spread, conservative loyal listener base and we are all eagerly awaiting his return on a new station. Mr. Williams has been there for the support of our military men and women and their families. He and his lovely wife Holly have attended our luncheons, greeted our sons and daughters at the airport when they returned home from deployment. Helped us raise money for sending care packages, making condolence books and met the needs we have when our loved ones are deployed. He also had many of them on his show to tell their stories of the great things that are being done in Iraq, as well as he was very instrumental in his support of Move America Forward and the "Cindy You Don’t Speak for Me," tours with Marine Mom Deborah Johns to Crawford, TX and Washington D.C. He is truly missed on KFBK and your station has been left with a tremendous void because Mark Williams is no longer there. Our military and families knew we had a friend in Mr. Williams and that we could always count on him for support when we needed it. He will be missed by all of us.

It greatly saddens all of us that KFBK under your direction Mr. Holden has turned your backs on the support of our military and their families. We only wonder how long sponsors will continue to advertise on KFBK with the direction you are taking it in to try and turn it into a liberal media station. It is sad to know that you ran three other stations into the ground with your misguided efforts there as well and now it seems KFBK is your next victim.

Therefore, we are calling for a boycott of KFBK and any and all of your sponsors who advertise on the Liberal Maiman show. It is our understanding that KFBK has already begun to lose sponsors with Griffin & Reed Eye Care pulling their advertising from your station. We are sure it will not be long before several other companies pull their advertising as well. We have sent this letter to all of the sponsors who advertise on that show to let them know we will not support KFBK or advertisers on the Liberal Maiman show, because KFBK has turned their backs not only on Mark Williams, but on all the military and their families. We have also sent this notice to the numerous military web sites, blogs, Free, military magazines, the Bee and the hundreds of sponsors we have around the country to boycott KFBK’s liberal efforts.

Mr. Holden be advised that the military families will not support KFBK or sponsors on the Bruce Maiman show. KFBK and your reporters from his show are no longer welcome at any of our military family luncheons, homecomings, funerals and we will not grant interviews to KFBK any longer.


Michelle Souza
Co-Chair Northern CA Marine Moms & Military Families

Deborah Johns
Co-Founder Northern CA Marine Moms & Military Families

Thursday, June 08, 2006

"You Dropped A Bomb On Me...."

Al-Qaida in Iraq leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was killed yesterday by two 500 lb bombs courtesy of the United States Military! This is great news for the United States, our brave men and women in our military, President Bush and the people of Iraq.

...and it's a sad day for the MSM, Jackoff Murtha, Fortney Pete Stark, Lynn Woolsey, Harry Reid, Hanoi John Kerry, Howard Dean, Cindy Sheehan, Michael Berg, Jerry Springer (as well as HotAir America radio), the loons at the DailyKos, DUh (Democratic Underground) as well as their dear friends, the terrorists!

Congratulations to our military on a job well done!