Friday, March 17, 2006

IJ Watch -- Promoting Marin's Terrorist Apologists Once Again

In Friday's Marin section of the IJ, a story by reporter Richard Halstead is a PR piece promoting a San Rafael march by terrorist apologists protesting the third anniversary of the Iraq War.

As with all other IJ articles dealing with the War on Terrorism, Halstead's article continues to show the IJ's bias in favor of war opponents.

"I don't believe the problems of the world should be solved by killing people" Louise Aldrich, a member of the Gray Panthers of Marin, told the IJ. That is insanity! Was fighting Nazis and the Imperial Japan wrong? People like Ms. Aldrich would be the first to surrender freedom, because they don't think it's worth fighting for.

But that's not all the "enlightenment" Ms. Aldrich had to offer readers. She went on to state that this war was somehow worse because "the President went in telling lies and not being honest with the people about why it was necessary."

Here is the heart of the problem. These people are not "anti-war." They are simply "anti-Bush" and (in many cases) anti-American plus anti-military. Speaking of "lies" where was Ms. Aldrich on Dec. 16th 1998 when then-President Bill Clinton (her hero, I'm sure) said the following.

"Earlier today, I ordered America's armed forces to strike military and security targets in Iraq. They are joined by British forces. Their mission is to attack Iraq's nuclear, chemical and biological weapons programs and its military capacity to threaten its neighbors."

I don't remember Aldrich or any of these so-called "anti-war" types calling Clinton a liar. Nor did they call their beloved Marinites "Red" Lynn Woolsey and "Bouncing" Barbara Boxer liars. Both were in lock step support of Clinton's attack on Iraq,

BOXER: "The president had no choice but to act today....Anyone who questions the timing of his decision ignores the fact that we committed a month ago to act if [chief U.N. weapons inspector] Richard Butler reported that Saddam was not cooperating...These critics are blinded by political considerations."

WOOLSEY: ``I'd always prefer diplomacy over bombing, But even before the briefing tonight, I'd been on record all day long saying Saddam Hussein has proven time and again that his word is meaningless. He's a bully and he's threatening world peace....If he (Clinton) did nothing he would be accused of letting his personal problems affect his judgment....Those who are cynical, they'll find a way to criticize him one way or the other.''

Both today attack President Bush for finishing the job and seek his Impeachment. Does the term “partisan hypocrite“ come to mind for both?

Aldrich's group will be joined by the Marin Appeasement and Injustice Coalition, the sponsors of the San Rafael High School anti-military brainwashing session, profiled here in War Resistance 101 at San Rafael High School. (For more on the Appeasement & Injustice group, click here)

Halstead also mentioned another rally to be held in San Francisco tomorrow. One of the groups promoting that rally (how did this get by the IJ copy writer?) is the Party for Socialism and Liberation! When will Halstead will tell IJ readers that the main group leading the San Francisco rally, A.N.S.W.E.R., is a front group for the Stalinist Worker's World Party? It is also led by former LBJ Attorney General (and current Saddam Hussein Defense Attorney) Ramsey Clark.

On a side note. After receiving a tip, I went to the Novato School District offices and found a few fliers for the San Rafael event (mentioned earlier) still on a table in the lobby.

A receptionist in the superintendent's office said the District did not promote this event and assumed an outside group must have come in and placed it there.

Perhaps the Novato School District ought to police the desks in the lobby for material outside groups place there. It gives the impression they're promoting this radicalism. I seem to remember hearing on KSFO how one parent called San Rafael High and found out similar fliers were going to be passed out to students. The school decided not to pass them out after outraged parents called the school.

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