Wednesday, February 22, 2006

IJ Watch -- More Anti-Death Penalty Bias

As they did for the execution of Clarence Ray Allen last month, and "Tookie" Williams in December, the Marin Independent Journal continues its obvious anti-death penalty bias in coverage of executions at San Quentin prison.

This time, it is for the planned execution of Michael Morales, which was delayed after the prison was unable to meet a court order for a medical professional to give him the fatal dose. It is uncertain when his execution will be carried out.

The IJ ran a photo of someone from the appeasement group Peace Novato in Tuesday's paper. They followed up on Wednesday with a photo of two death penalty opponents reacting to the delay under the photo caption Happy For Delay. Another photo on page A7 is of a Gandhi doll set up by Jes Richardson, who founded "The Gandhi Peace Brigade."

Besides the photos, there were also the plethora of quotes from opponents.

One of those interviewed was an aging hippie named Buff Whitman-Bradley, who is frequently quoted by the IJ due to his affiliation with the Marin Peace & Justice Coalition.

"For them to announce a basically improvised, last-minute way to kill this guy was pretty ghoulish," he said.

Well Buff, did you hear how your friend Mr. Morales killed his victim, a 17 year-old girl, Terri Winchell? He raped her, smashed her head in with a hammer and stabbed her in the heart. Why aren't you saying that Winchell's murder was "pretty ghoulish?"

That is the warped mind of Whitman-Bradley and his ilk. The perpetrator is the victim. Then again, he and his group are neither for peace or justice. They (like other so-called "peace" groups) are only apologists for Islamic & Palestinian terrorists, socialist dictators & brutal murderers. The MP&JC's response after September 11 was to hold protests Friday afternoon at the corner of 3rd & Irwin in San Rafael, CA. They'd hold signs denouncing military action against al-Queda while playing The Internationale on a portable stereo.

Lost in legal circus surrounding the murderer Morales are the victims of this horrible crime, the family of Terri Winchell.

"I'm totally disillusioned with the justice system," said her mother, Barbara Christian. "We've been waiting 25 years with the expectancy that he is gonna pay for his crimes. It feels like we just got punched in the stomach."

For a great insight into this miscarriage of justice, see Justice Has Gone NUMB In California by Patrick Hurley in

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