Saturday, February 04, 2006

IJ Watch -- Editorial Promotes the Lies of Mother Sheehan & Woolsey

John Walker Lindh, a.k.a "Ratboy" isn't the only traitor whom the Marin Independent Journal champions in its pages.

Along with the so-called local "Peace & Justice" groups (who are really apologists for Muslim terrorists and Socialist regimes around the world), there's so-called "Peace Mom" Cindy Sheehan, whom the IJ defends in today's editorial entitled, "Peace mom certainly didn't deserve to get the boot."

According to the IJ, it was wrong to boot Mother Sheehan from the President's State of the Union Address, claiming the Capitol Police "not only overreacted in their physical arrest of Sheehan, but they were enforcing a rule that doesn't exist." The editorial board goes on to say she "wasn't waving a placard or being disruptive. She just wore the question she has been asking for more than a year on the front of a shirt."

Wrong! According to an AP story, demonstrating in the Capitol Building is a misdemeanor. Mother Sheehan wasn't waving a placard, she was wearing one, a T-Shirt which read "2,234, how many more?" The Washington Compost also reported that she was "vocal" and "ignored instructions to close her jacket and quiet down."

The editors also promote the lies spewed forth by Sheehan and Woolsey since the incident, that Woolsey "didn't know" Sheehan was going to wear the T-Shirt.

According to some sources, Woolsey was warned that Sheehan planned to disrupt the President and was encouraged by her Democratic colleagues to give Sheehan a ticket to the SOTU. Also, Code Pink (whom Woolsey and Sheehan are active with), was one of many extreme leftist groups which promoted SOTU "get togethers" to "Drown Out Bush’s Lies.”

As with Woolsey, the IJ has once again gone out of its way to give favorable coverage to Mother Sheehan. Not once have they printed how she actually met with President Bush, before her grief was manipulated by George Soros funded groups and the Kerry Campaign during the 2004 election. Neither has the IJ printed any of Mother Sheehan's outrageous anti-American and anti-Semitic quotes.

"Now that we have decimated [Iraq], the borders are open, freedom fighters from other countries are going in."

"Am I angry? Yes, he (Casey Sheehan, her son) was killed for lies and for a PNAC [Project for a New American Century] Neo-Con agenda to benefit Israel. My son joined the Army to protect America, not Israel."

"We should not let Israel/USA invade Syria or Iran."

"You get America out of Iraq and Israel out of Palestine and you’ll stop the terrorism."

"I was raised in a country by a public school system that taught us that America was good, that America was just. America has been killing people, like my sister over here says, since we first stepped on this continent, we have been responsible for death and destruction. I passed on that bullshit to my son and my son enlisted. I’m going all over the country telling moms: 'This country is not worth dying for.'"

And then there's this telling and prophetic quote, which debunks the lie that Sheehan wasn't going to disrupt the SOTU Address:

"For the next State of the Union address, maybe the hypocrites in Congress should shamefacedly display blood-soaked hands, instead of proudly wriggling fingers stained with ink to symbolize sham Iraqi elections."

That leaves only one conclusion: the IJ Editorial Board is too blinded by their partisan contempt of George W. Bush to tell the truth about Cindy Sheehan and Lynn Woolsey's disrespect for our nation, our President and our military.

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