Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hillary’s Education Plantation

The Hildebeast was shrieking against school vouchers on Tuesday, claiming it would lead to taxpayer funded “White Supremacist” and “Jihadist” academies.

“Wait a minute! We're not going to send a child with taxpayers dollars to the School of Jihad. 'Well, you gave it to the Catholics, gave it to the Jews, gave it to the private secular people. You're gonna tell me I can't? I'm a taxpayer.” said Hillary.

For video, see Michelle Malkin, Hillary, Unhinged on Vouchers.

Here’s another sterling example of Leftist hypocrisy, one set of rules for them, another for the rest of us. She sent her daughter to an exclusive private school in Washington D.C., yet she would deny our right to the same. Why? Like most Democrats, she is owned lock, stock & barrel by the NEA and other teacher‘s unions.

Hillary’s tried her hand at education before. She was in charge of “education reform” as co-governor of Arkansas. According to Christopher Andersen in his book American Evita, teacher testing championed by Hillary was lax in Arkansas. Her plan implemented “multicultural” studies over history courses. Non-compliant schools would face closures. After the first year of changes (1986), ACT scores in Arkansas went down.

Many studies have shown that the people who benefit the most from school vouchers are lower-income and minority children. It seems Hillary and her party are really the ones who run a plantation when it comes to the education of poor and minorities.


The Gentle Cricket said...

Hillary is absolutely ridiculous. First of all, a "White Supremacy school" could never happen because it denies acceptance based on race, which is illegal (Remember Brown v. Board of Education, Hillary?). Second, a Jihad school simply wouldn't happen based on public opinion. In fact, Hillary, what's stopping such a school from forming right now? It certainly isn't lack of funding, and there are no current laws forbiding it. Why should vouchers help one form?

For another ridiculous analogy, check out Eugene Rant.

Anonymous said...

Who would be able to use a school voucher on a White Supremecist School or a Jihad School? School vouchers can only be used on chartered schools. There is no state in this nation that would charter a Jihad School or a White Supremecist School.
Of course I'm sure Senator Clionton knew that.
She just didn't think we did.