Friday, February 17, 2006

Drumroll Please: The Inaugural Presentation of The Lt. Gen Russell Honore "Stuck on Stupid" Award

When MIM launched at the beginning of this year, I mentioned that we would have a weekly award to the biggest idiot in the news as chosen by our editorial staff. All we were looking for was a name for our award, and it had to be a good one. Our friends at Ankle Biting Pundits have the Judge Smails Buffoon of the Week award (by the way, did anyone let Lynn Woolsey know she was a recent recipient?) So, we decided to take a cue from them.

Our award is named after Lt. Gen Russell Honore and a famous phrase he used in dealing with the idiotic press after Hurricane Rita on September 20, 2005.

Reporter: General, a little bit more about why that's happening this time, though, and did not have that last time...

Honore: You are stuck on stupid. I'm not going to answer that question. We are going to deal with Rita.

There was a lot of competition in the news this past week for the award. Yet, a Bay Area politician is the inaugural recipient of Marooned in Marin's Lt. Gen. Russell Honore "Stuck on Stupid" Award (and he ought to love an award named after a military man). He is none other than San Francisco City Supervisor Gerardo "We Don't Need No Stinkin' Military" Sandoval.

After voting down the USS Iowa battleship as a museum for the City of San Francisco, the Board of Supervisors is collectively deserving of the Honore Award. Yet, Sandoval took stupidity above and beyond the call of duty when he stated on Fox News' Hannity & Colmes that "we should not have a military." It was even too much for liberal Alan Colmes, who put down his DNC talking points briefly to challenge Sandoval. (Transcript from

Sandoval: The United States should not have a military. All in all, we would be in much, much, much better shape.

Colmes: You've got to be kidding me. We should have no military, we should have no ability to defend ourselves; we should have no armed forces in this country?

Sandoval: Well, we shouldn't have a military that goes abroad and starts wars.

Colmes: You just said we shouldn't have a military. I don't want to give -- I'm speaking out very forcefully to you, because I don't want to give the impression that Democrats hate the military or don't want a military. We may disagree with certain wars, like the ones fought now.

Sandoval: No, but you said should we give up.

Colmes: But to say that we shouldn't have a military is absolutely absurd. It's incredible. That's a ridiculous fringe point of view.

Hannity: That's exactly what I was thinking, Alan. Welcome to San Francisco.

Sandoval: If you're saying that we don't have a right to defend ourselves that's different from we shouldn't have a military.

Colmes: What do you want to defend ourselves -- what do you want to defend ourselves with?

Sandoval: Well, you got cops. It's called the Coast Guard. There's lots of things different.
Colmes: You want to send cops to defend our shores if we're attacked? You want to send cops overseas if we're attacked? Cops?

Yes Alan, Cops? But even the City of San Francisco handcuffs its police force regularly. Look at the recent flap the Mayor of San Francisco and the politically correct police chief created over videos which made for a retirement party. Military recruiters are barred from campuses, guns have been taken away from law abiding citizens. No wonder the murder rate has gone up in the City By The Bay. Walk down certain streets and you’ll be greeted with the sour stench of urine or see human feces on the sidewalk. Yes that’s life in a “progressive” city. Nothing but a cesspool of “good intentions” gone wrong.

Sandoval has in mind another ship where the Iowa was supposed to dock, "the wreckage of the lost ship Fantasy."

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The Gentle Cricket said...

MIM, I don't think you're giving Sandoval a fair shake. You are completely distorting his view. I mean, after all, in another interview he said we have 'police officers and firemen'. That's right, firemen. Firemen. In case we are being invaded by the wild fire army of Crazy-ka-stan.